AmerAsian Son meets Father for 1st Time and Father shares wife with him

I want to give a little background to the story. I was in Vietnam and while I was there I had a steady girlfriend. I was only 17 when I was there and did not care. Years later I find out I have a son. Here is the story of him meeting me and my wife who is 12 years younger than I am. (Intro is a bit long)

I had been gone for two days and returned home and was unpacking, when I hear the doorbell ring. I hear my wife, Amelia, go answer the door. I hear a few seconds later to come down that there is someone here to see me. I grumble to myself and say I will be a minute. I quickly change into a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt, wanting to be comfortable and not really caring about someone coming to visit me. I am hoping to get rid of them and have a little fun with Amelia.

I was a bit shocked when I saw my wife of over 30 years talking to a man, who had his back to me, like she was totally taken by him. I saw that look in her eyes that she gets when she is sexually attracted to someone, which has only happened a few times in our married life. I am looking at Amelia with her head tilted a little to one side a big smile on her face and her eyes are very large and kind of glassy looking. I am thinking to myself – well you old fat fuck you have not been able to get her to look like that in a long while. I make a noise and they both turn to me and I stop a bit shocked by what I see. I am looking at a person who has a very strong resemblance to me.

Amelia breaks the silence and says I would like you to meet your son. Shock of shocks! Meet my son; normally it should be the other way around. I introduced myself and he introduced himself and gave me his story. I thought of all the chances of someone looking like me and having been born in the same place as I have been stationed and having pictures of me when I was 17 in Vietnam was not very likely.

I spent most of my time around Dong Ha and met Lan who was picking rice in one of the paddies we were going through. Lan had called out to me as I was going to go on one of the other mounds that were surrounding the paddies. She was telling me not to go there because it was bad. I did not understand a lot of Vietnamese at the time, but I knew bad. I called her to some to me and she acted like she could not come and I told our ARVN companion I wanted her to come to and meet me. I saw she was very good looking and talked to her about what was bad in the area. Lan said she was afraid and I said come with us like we are forcing you to come and that way the others will not know you are helping us. I said I was going to make a point and grabbed her by the hair and acted like I was pulling very hard and told her to scream very loudly, which she did.

I lived with her in a small apartment for the next year and I left. I never saw her again. Quan told me about his life and childhood and that he was raised later in life by his grandparents, because Lan had died after the fall of the south and the reprisals against the people who did not cooperate. Lan said she was going to get a way out of the country and leave, but it never happened.

Quan relayed how he was able to learn quickly and some of the people who had influence liked him and helped him get a better education and get better jobs. He said even though Vietnam is still communist there is still a free market that exist and thrives.

Now here he was standing in my living room and my wife was mesmerized by him. Amelia commented that we looked so much alike it was like having twins that one was younger and more fit. I said I needed a drink and asked if anyone else would like one. Amelia said she would like a mojito. I looked at her and asked how much and she replied you better make it a big one. I made her the drink and brought back two beers and two shots of Irish whiskey.

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