Amber Gets Anal For Her 21st Birthday

Amber stood nervously before the apartment door. She had just moved to Chicago from a small town in Indiana little less than a year ago and her new group of friends had been frequently telling her over the last few weeks that they had a tradition whenever someone in their group turned twenty one. They wouldn’t give any details and only laughed mischievously when she asked about it. Tonight was Amber’s twenty-first birthday, and even though she had her reservations about their intentions, she was arriving at her friend Shelby’s apartment that evening at 8 pm as requested.

As she waited for Shelby to answer, nervously chewing her full bottom lip, she caught sight of herself in one of the mirrors decorating the hall. Her big green eyes quickly scanned her 5’6″ frame. She was in good shape, she thought, her hands smoothing down her sides. Her 34C breasts were high and firm, her waist was narrow and her stomach was flat. Her ass sat high and firm atop long athletic legs. She tossed her long blonde hair and turned to the door as it opened.

The group of eight girls greeted her warmly as she entered the apartment, shoving a drink into her hand and relieving her of the bag of clothes she had brought with her. “You won’t need these. We already have an outfit for you,” one of them declared.

Amber was flattered and excited that they were going to dress her. She had always felt rather plain around her more worldly and glamorous friends. She had meant to buy some more sophisticated clothes but found the big city to be very expensive and hadn’t managed it quite yet.

Maybe tonight was going to be more like a coming out party for her, she thought. They were going to turn this country girl into a socialite. They ordered her into the shower.

After she had emerged from her shower wrapped in a towel, they pulled her into the bedroom, laughing. She was given another drink, which they encouraged her to down quickly. There was an excited tension in the room and Amber was coasting on the vibe.

Suddenly they pushed her down on the bed, holding down her arms and legs. Startled and a little frightened, she tried to get up, but they were holding her fast. Shelby pulled the towel open and the other girls spread her legs apart further.

“What are you doing?” she cried fearfully.

“Just relax,” Shelby said, gently petting the blonde hair of her pussy. She produced a can of shaving foam and a razor. “We’re just going to shave you, so no squirming,” she giggled.

To Amber’s amazement, she did just that. Shelby sprayed her pussy with foam and very gently and carefully shaved away every hair between her thighs. She watched with wonder as her pussy lips emerged from their covering, and having never been shaved before, she delighted in the cool air touching her bare flesh.

Her nervous laughter when Shelby was done was cut short though as she was quickly rolled over and again pinned down. Her towel was taken away entirely and her hips roughly pulled in the air.

“Now what?” Amber asked concerned.

“You’ll see,” they giggled.

Again Shelby was in charge and she felt the older girl gently caressing her ass. What the hell is going on, Amber thought, scared by this turn of events. Shelby gently pulled her ass cheeks apart. “Such a tight little asshole,” she murmured stroking her rosebud.

Amber jolted as something cold was squirted onto her asshole. “What are you doing?” she cried out, getting genuinely concerned.

The girls only laughed as she felt something pressing at her asshole. “No,” she cried.

“Yes,” the replied in unison as the dildo pushed its way into her ass. Shelby was slow and gentle and Amber experienced only a minimum of pain as the toy was pushed all the way into her ass. Shelby began to gently pump it in and out of her and Amber found that she was enjoying her first anal penetration.

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