Amanda Finds Angel

It’s Friday I’m about to leave for a much needed two week vacation, and I haven’t got anything done in the office for days. All I can do is stare at this brochure of Belize, my tickets, and a note saying, ‘CONGRATULATIONS, AMANDA SCOTT, GRAND PRIZE WINNER TO A DELUXE RAIN FOREST RETREAT!!!’

For the life of me I couldn’t remember entering a contest, and certainly nothing to Belize. I knew they spoke English, and it was near Mexico, but that’s it.

“Mandy, Mandy, Mandy!”

Christ, it’s Bill, my boss, the only hillbilly here who can get away with calling me anything but Amanda, and not get my foot up his ass. “Knock, knock.” He raps on my open door, with just his head around the corner. Thick, black-rimmed glasses, freckle-faced, red hair with a constant cowlick, he looked like he was a nerd, because he was. “Mandy, we’re all gonna miss ya. But, go have yarself a good ol’ time, and when ya’ll get back I want yar head in the game.”

As usual he imparted his little pearl of wisdom and left. Ah, to be the CEO’s son. Also as expected my secretary Gwen popped in giggling. “Busted, told you don’t worry where it came from, just go, have fun. Hell, I say you nail the co-pilot on the way there.” I roll my eyes, and she waggled her hand. “Fine, nail a couple of flight attendants, females of course. Better yet, fuck all of them.” She laughs her ass off at her little joke.

“Darlin’, go away.”

“Hey,” five-ten, big boned, this busty blonde, didn’t understand ‘go away,’ “I scheduled your wax job yesterday hun, and know how you get.” She patted just above her crotch. “That’s why I don’t do more than trim mine, can you see me hornier than I am?”

“No sweetie, heaven forbid.”

“Besides,” she wiggled her butt, “I’m a natural blonde, and it’s my duty to show it off. Bet you’re not wearing panties, are you sweetie pie?”

“Gw-wen, you want to get your horny butt back to work? You know I shave, went to the spa for a facial, manicure and pedicure. Now, I need to get this done, and only have an hour, back to work.” She was a great secretary, but I think she could smell a woman’s arousal from half a block, and was usually right, especially in my case. Her favorite saying, ‘I like dick, but I love pussy,’ and always on the prowl for both.

“No, I don’t want to go to work.” Closing the door, she grinned. “Hun, I could take the squirm out o’ my lil’ honey pie in half an hour. Will let you concentrate on work, dawlin.’ What? It will.” I give her another eye roll, this one accompanied with a sigh. “What? Don’t care if you shaved or waxed, we both know you ain’t wearing panties so that saves some time, and I’ll get every inch o’ your delicious five-six, tight, sexy body quivering. And what I could do to your big titties and bald pussy is probably a crime in half the states.”

Put the paper down, and looked up. “What have I told you about work and relationships?”

“Fine,” she stuck her nose in the air, “I’ll quit the damn job.” Gwen winked. “Got my emergency strap-on in my purse, and this great anal dildo. Honey pie, I’ll bend your hot butt over the desk, and give you a handful of quickies, dping you while pulling your hair.” She licked her lips slowly, and so seductively. “Hun, I’ll have those sexy hazel eyes rolling in the back of your head. You done know I suck a mean clit, told ya’ll enuff times, cutie pie.”

This got me laughing. “You just aren’t going to quit are you?”

“Not til I get you over the desk, a time or three, and taste your loveliness.” Grinning she held up her hands. “Fine, did you remember to pack your traveling kit, and bring fresh batteries?”

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