Amanda Finds Angel

It’s Friday I’m about to leave for a much needed two week vacation, and I haven’t got anything done in the office for days. All I can do is stare at this brochure of Belize, my tickets, and a note saying, ‘CONGRATULATIONS, AMANDA SCOTT, GRAND PRIZE WINNER TO A DELUXE RAIN FOREST RETREAT!!!’

For the life of me I couldn’t remember entering a contest, and certainly nothing to Belize. I knew they spoke English, and it was near Mexico, but that’s it.

“Mandy, Mandy, Mandy!”

Christ, it’s Bill, my boss, the only hillbilly here who can get away with calling me anything but Amanda, and not get my foot up his ass. “Knock, knock.” He raps on my open door, with just his head around the corner. Thick, black-rimmed glasses, freckle-faced, red hair with a constant cowlick, he looked like he was a nerd, because he was. “Mandy, we’re all gonna miss ya. But, go have yarself a good ol’ time, and when ya’ll get back I want yar head in the game.”

As usual he imparted his little pearl of wisdom and left. Ah, to be the CEO’s son. Also as expected my secretary Gwen popped in giggling. “Busted, told you don’t worry where it came from, just go, have fun. Hell, I say you nail the co-pilot on the way there.” I roll my eyes, and she waggled her hand. “Fine, nail a couple of flight attendants, females of course. Better yet, fuck all of them.” She laughs her ass off at her little joke.

“Darlin’, go away.”

“Hey,” five-ten, big boned, this busty blonde, didn’t understand ‘go away,’ “I scheduled your wax job yesterday hun, and know how you get.” She patted just above her crotch. “That’s why I don’t do more than trim mine, can you see me hornier than I am?”

“No sweetie, heaven forbid.”

“Besides,” she wiggled her butt, “I’m a natural blonde, and it’s my duty to show it off. Bet you’re not wearing panties, are you sweetie pie?”

“Gw-wen, you want to get your horny butt back to work? You know I shave, went to the spa for a facial, manicure and pedicure. Now, I need to get this done, and only have an hour, back to work.” She was a great secretary, but I think she could smell a woman’s arousal from half a block, and was usually right, especially in my case. Her favorite saying, ‘I like dick, but I love pussy,’ and always on the prowl for both.

“No, I don’t want to go to work.” Closing the door, she grinned. “Hun, I could take the squirm out o’ my lil’ honey pie in half an hour. Will let you concentrate on work, dawlin.’ What? It will.” I give her another eye roll, this one accompanied with a sigh. “What? Don’t care if you shaved or waxed, we both know you ain’t wearing panties so that saves some time, and I’ll get every inch o’ your delicious five-six, tight, sexy body quivering. And what I could do to your big titties and bald pussy is probably a crime in half the states.”

Put the paper down, and looked up. “What have I told you about work and relationships?”

“Fine,” she stuck her nose in the air, “I’ll quit the damn job.” Gwen winked. “Got my emergency strap-on in my purse, and this great anal dildo. Honey pie, I’ll bend your hot butt over the desk, and give you a handful of quickies, dping you while pulling your hair.” She licked her lips slowly, and so seductively. “Hun, I’ll have those sexy hazel eyes rolling in the back of your head. You done know I suck a mean clit, told ya’ll enuff times, cutie pie.”

This got me laughing. “You just aren’t going to quit are you?”

“Not til I get you over the desk, a time or three, and taste your loveliness.” Grinning she held up her hands. “Fine, did you remember to pack your traveling kit, and bring fresh batteries?”

“Yes mother.”

Gwen wiggled her eyebrows. “What about that ‘weapon of ass destruction’ I gave you for Christmas?”

“Right,” I snorted, “like I’m going to get that through airline security. I’ll be fine with my travel kit.”

“Okay,” Gwen held up a finger, “hun, one word about Corozal, ‘commercial free zone,’ no tariffs, no taxes, selling to ya’ll wholesale. Check it out.”

“Yes mother, dear.” I waved her away. “Go file something.”

“Right, you’re on vacation, boss lady,” she giggled, “only thing I’m fucking filing the next two weeks is my damn nails. Most the time I’m going to be spending in the secretary pool, why do you think I brought my toys?” She winked. “There’s this scrumptious petite redhead I’m gonna get a taste of,” she sighed, “little hottie just don’t know it yet. Asked her if she shaved, then told her I didn’t care, bald or furry I’d lick her like an all-day lollipop. She’s a bit scared, but pretty interested, you know my nose, it knows.” Rubbing her hands together and licking her lips Gwen headed back out the door.

Had no idea why I put up with her, now she’s really got me stirred up, and I notice I’m indeed squirming. Glancing at the cover picture I was thinking about Pete, my last boyfriend, how nice it’d be to go on vacation with someone. Um-m, a real dream, athletic build, dark hair, eyes, and complexion to match, he looked like he worked out constantly, which he did. The man had two gym memberships, played softball at least three days a week, plus always driving all over hell and back to enter horsyshoe throwing contests.

I enjoyed the outdoors, didn’t mind going camping, fishing, hiking with him, or watching his games. No, it was a sex thing that finally did us in. He got me off, but I called him Plain Pete, it was always the same thing. Probably better I go the vacation alone, and this was some sort of retreat with plenty of people and activities, no doubt new folks to meet.

This triggered a memory of my last sexual encounter, have no idea his name, or what he looked like. Last Friday night us girls are having a drink at a newly opened bar, staying a bit later than planned, and drinking a bit heavier. He came up behind me when I was headed for the bathroom, but took a wrong turn. He cupped my breasts, and nibbled on my ear. “I love big titties, and you’ve got absolutely marvelous ones. Um-m, long, wavy auburn hair gets me hard,” he sniffed my neck, “and Candies for Women gets me even harder.” He had me pinned face first in the corner. “Take your panties off.”


“You heard me,” his hands between the wall and me he was rolling my hard nipples between fingers and thumbs, smelling my hair, kissing my neck, “take your panties off, so I can fuck you.” This hallway was damn near pitch black, music is loud, it’s late, and I don’t think anyone is going to hear me screaming, even if I wanted to. “Come on,” he kissed the side of my mouth, running his tongue between my lips, “we both know you want this, and will enjoy it.”

Because of the combination of too much Jagermeister and my horniness I take my panties off, which was a lot harder than needed to be, seeing as he wouldn’t let me out of the corner. “Give them to me.” I hand him my panties, and he sniffs them. “Yep, horny as damn hell, but lil’ lady, I’m about to fuck it right outta you. Come on, hike up the back of your skirt, and get hold o’ your clit.”

I do as told, and pinching my nipples he slides a very thick cock into me. Christ, I’m hot, and have no idea how much I’m going to get, but then his body is pressed against mine. He grabs my hips, and with no leverage I’m pressed flat against the wall. I’m guessing he’s eight or nine inches, and he fucks the hell out of me, hard, even bruised my forehead, but did I ever cum.

This stranger shot his sperm deep into me, and I just lay up against the wall panting. When I turned around he’s gone, along with my best black lace thong. Forgot about peeing, and stagger out trying to see if I can find the prick with my panties. I brace myself against the doorway, scanning the room. He had a bit of stubble, but a full moustache, and shoulder length hair. Something else, smelt of my favorite cologne, Burberry, plus a big silver ring on his right hand, middle finger. Boots, during a music lull I heard heels walking away, and he wore a cowboy hat. Hell, that was half the assholes here. Had to be a black hat, that cut out a quarter, and another quarter had no thick moustache. Place is packed, and I’ve got it whittled down to twenty men.

Should’ve given him a back kick in the nuts, and might’ve if I’d known he was going to steal my favorite panties. All those years of playing soccer I could’ve nailed him easy, but there was something about the whole situation, so… I’m leaning against the doorway trying to run it through my head, the feelings, the cause of… Had I flirted with someone too much, was it one of those who bought me a drink.

“Hun,” Gwen shook my arm, “you okay?”

“Yeah sweetie,” I tried to chuckle, “one too many Jagers.”

“I’ll say,” she brushed my skirt down, “honey pie, you kinda did a half-ass job in the can. You do know you’re leaking, and where are your panties?”

“I just got fucked, and someone took them.”

“Um-m, is he still there?” Her big blue eyes lit up, and she rubbed my back. “Hun, you want to take me back there, and I’ll clean you up.”

“Gwen, this isn’t funny, I was practically raped.” I snorted. “Hell, no practically about it, I was fucking raped.”

“Okay sweetie,” Gwen kissed me on the cheek, “are you hurt? Do I need to take you to the hospital, or cops?”

“No, I’m not hurt, and I don’t need ridiculed by the cops.” I looked around the room. “Don’t even have a decent description of him. He was leaning over me, so maybe six feet, decent build, moustache, cowboy hat, boots, and at least an eight-inch, thick cock. You think that’ll fly?”

“No,” she giggled, “but I’d like to do the search, a personal man-hunt even.”

I’m trying to remember it again, but all I keep flashing to was how good it felt, how exciting.

“Hun,” Gwen snapped her fingers, “wake up sweetie, your car is on the way.” She came in the office, and picked up my bags. “Should be here by the time we get down there.”

Was no car, it was a limo, and I glanced at Gwen, who rolled her eyes. “Hey, boss lady, you’re going in style. You ever get ate in a limo?”


“Want me to ride to the airport with you?” She grinned. “I can catch a cab back, and in between change that answer.”

“You know, sweetheart,” I swatted her, “was half wishing I could take you along, but you’d just pester me to damn death.”

“Hey, I’m not wasting a trip to Belize with you,” she leered at my crotch, “wouldn’t be able to see a damn thing with your thighs acting as blinders the entire two weeks.”

Laughing I hug her, and cupping my butt she kissed me. “I want you getting laid, boss lady, and when ya’ll get back you can tell me all about it. Might even have me a new job, then I can show you how it’s properly done, sweetie.”

“You better not quit on me, or lil’ darlin’ I’ll beat your ass.”

“Oh,” Gwen snickered, “there’s a real incentive, luv. Hell, make room in the limo for me, ya’ll can beat my ass the whole way there.”

“Go away.” I blew her a kiss, and waved as the limo pulled away from the curb.

Was a flight to Houston, and I figured a prop plane to Belize. Imagine my surprise when I’m met at the gate be a young man, who takes me bags, then drives me to a private hangar, where a small Lear jet is sitting. A middle-aged man in a uniform stood at the steps. “Good afternoon Lady Angel, I’m Captain Anderson. We’ll be taking off as soon as we get clearance from the tower, and have clear weather to Corozal.”

“Ah,” I handed him my pass, “I’m Amanda, not royalty, or Angel.”

“Yes,” he smiled, “Mr. Dark said you would say that.” He took out a picture, and gave it to me. “As you can see that’s you, Lady Angel, girl with the hazel eyes.” He was middle aged, handsome, clean-shaven and wearing Burberry. Not exactly a custom scent, but not something you ran across every day either.

“Well,” I half snickered, “that’s me, but I’m Amanda.”

“Yes Lady Angel, but I’m afraid Mr. Dark left specific instructions, you are to be addressed as Lady Angel.” He held out his hand. “Would you like to come aboard now, Lady Angel?”

“Ah, yes.” Except for a cute, young flight attendant, there are no other people on the plane. Are not even seats, just two tables with three overstuffed, almost lounge chairs. “Captain Anderson, where are the rest of your passengers?”

“Lady Angel, you are the only passenger this evening.” He motioned to the young lady. “Beverly, here will get you anything you desire.”

“Hello Lady Angel.” Beverly grinned, she’s wearing a skimpy little uniform, and with such a hot body she could’ve been a model. She sits across from me, and slowly spreads her legs letting me see she’s a true redhead. I look up, and she smiles, picking up the lid off a plate. “To start with we have a Caesar Salad, your rib-eye will be done shortly, grilled, with mushrooms, no onions, no peppers, no sauces, medium rare, right Lady Angel?”

“Ah,” I can’t believe it, my favorite foods, minus the ones I don’t like, a bottle of Jagermeister is on the table, and where did the Captain get that photo, “yes, that’ll be great, Beverly, thank you.”

“Also have corn on the cob, a potato, and/or dinner roll.”

“Just the corn and roll, please.”

“Yes Lady Angel, would you care for something besides Jagermeister?” Beverly puckered her lips and raised an eyebrow. “For desert, dark chocolate truffles,” she pointed at a small container, “for the flight, dark chocolate M&M’s, along with an assortment of nuts, chocolate covered, and me, any way you want me, Lady Angel.”

“Um-m, ice water would be nice.” She smiled, and seeing as all these were my favorites, well except for girls, they were fine I just liked bigger titties. I held up a finger. “Excuse me, Beverly, how did you know what to serve?”

“Oh, it was Mr. Dark’s explicit instructions, Lady Angel. Except for me, I saw your picture, loved your eyes and volunteered.” She smiled, showing off her perfect teeth and cute dimples. “We have a wide range of music to select from, but Mr. Dark requested your song to be played first. Would you care for anything else?”

“My song? Well, I guess fine.” With just my fingertips I rubbed my forehead. “Ah yes, there’s something else, could you please tell me who Mr. Dark is?”

“Well, Lady Angel, Mr. Dark is Mr. Dark.” She handed me a cd, and another photo. “Track six, Lady Angel, and I don’t blame him dedicating the song to you. Your eyes are beautiful, if you cared to be pleasured after dinner let me know, I’m quite good at it, and following orders.” I raised an eyebrow, and she smiled. “It wasn’t Mr. Dark’s instruction, but he gave me permission to do so if I so pleased, and I so please.”

“I see,” I sigh, and smiled, “thank you, Beverly. Think I’ll let my meal digest a bit, but thank you.” The music starts up, cd is ‘One Way Ticket To Hell… And Back,’ by Darkness, and track called, ‘Hazel Eyes.’ Starts off as on orchestra piece, then a single guitar, and the singer singing falsetto, with the refrain, ‘girl with the hazel eyes, aaaah-aah!’ I think it has something to do with a Scottish girl, and play it again, but it holds no special meaning to me.

This was getting stranger by the minute, two women hitting on me, well Gwen was always hitting on me, wishing to take me to the bright side, as she calls it. But, damn this little hottie is constantly touching me, showing me herself, smiling and flirting, then admitted she wanted me. I’ve done a thing or two with ladies in a group situation, but I’m not gay, or even bi, really.

Pick up the pictures and no way did I ever remember getting my picture taken at either site. The one Beverly handed me was obviously taken in front of a Starbuck’s, I’ve got a coffee and muffin in hand, no doubt headed for work, because I don’t eat muffins or drink coffee, unless I’ve had a bad night, or I mean good night, bad morning. By the look on my face this isn’t the case, so I’m taking these to Gwen, she loved coffee and a muffin for breakfast. The other picture I’ve no idea where it’s taken, but I’m wearing different clothes, and looks later in the day.

I replay the song, concentrating hard, still all I can make out through the accent is, ‘girl with the hazel eyes, aaaah-aah!’ Although I like the tune, but don’t believe I’ve heard it before. Pick up the cd, and my thumb covers up part of the band name, Mr. Dark, Darkness, can’t be a coincidence.

Eat my truffles, and down another shot of Jager. Anyone who knew me so well to plan all this, why would they think I liked women. I wanted to hit the bottle of Jagermeister hard, but my last experience after doing so convinced me to ask Beverly for more water.

She brought the ice water to my table, then requested, “Might I sit, Lady Angel?”

“Of course, Beverly,” she never asked before, “make yourself comfortable, care to join me in an M&M or two?”

“Thank you, Lady Angel.” She takes off her top, no bra, bright pink hard and pierced nipples contrasting nicely against her pale skin. Beverly stands, just long enough for the rest of her outfit to hit the floor, and she has a clit ring. Now except for her shoes my flight attendant is calmly sitting across from me naked as a jaybird.

“Beverly,” I look around for a hidden camera, “my name is Amanda, do you fly a lot of people around, and give them new names?”

“No Lady Angel, we only fly those Mr. Dark wishes us too.” Beverly starts running her finger up and down her slit. “Do you mind?” She doesn’t wait for an answer, and starts fingering her pussy. Eyes closed, head back, one hand doing her nipple rings my flight attendant is going to town on herself.

Decide this is getting too weird, slip out of my seat, and quietly go up to the Captain’s cabin. He and the co-pilot have their pants down to their knees, and are jacking each other off. My first thought, Gwen is behind this whole thing, but where’s she going to get this kinda money. My second is, hope we’re on auto-pilot.

I go back and have a shot of Jager, while Beverly is having an orgasm. Licking her fingers, she looks at me. “Thank you Lady Angel, it was the greatest, hope you have a long reign.”

Heard a lot of after-orgasm goofy talk, but this was a first, and all I can think of to say is, “You’re welcome, certainly looked good, and I hope so too.”

“Oh you will, those beautiful eyes do not lie.” She takes a deep breath, and pointed out the window. “Reason I sat was to point out Corozal Town, as you can see a coastal town. We’ll be swinging east and making our approach from the south. East of the town are the ruins of Santa Rita, one of many ancient Mayan sites, there is also Cerros another site, which is a day trip. As you can see there are plenty of fields below, they’re sugar cane, and a fine rum is produced in Corozal. I strongly suggest you swim in only designated areas, nothing brackish, crocodiles are a native animal here.”

“Good to know.” Beverly makes no move to put on her clothes, and I passed her more M&Ms. “Looks like it’s hemmed in by jungle.”

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