Am i a Fat girl lover

I am an 18 year old senior in high school that is looking forward to graduating. I have had more than my share of pussy, but have noticed a problem. Most girls can’t handle my 11 1/2 inch cock. In fact, it seems that the only chicks that can are the older women I’ve banged or fat girls. I have decided that from now on, I won’t even go for the skinny little bitches, but get my lovin’ from big girls and older women that know how to fuck! Let me tell you the situation that clinched it for me.
I was putting the moves on a girlfrom school named Stephanie. She was so hot it hurt to look at her. She is tall and thin with pert little titties and a perfect ass. Her face is like a supermodel. Well, we had gotten to the point where we were ready to fuck and when I put my cock in her hot little pussy, she could only handle the head.”Ouch, that hurts!” she cried. “It’s okay baby,” I said,”I’ll take it nice and slow.” I tried to gently give her a little more but could not get more than the head in before she would whine about it hurting. “I’m sorry, but that thing is WAY too big!” she said,”It’s twice as big as any I’ve ever had!” “Maybe this will help,” I said as I spread her pussy open and licked her clit. I thought if I got her pussy wetter, it might work. Her pussy was not the best smelling or tasting one I have ever eaten, but she was the best looking chick I had ever been with, so I overlooked it. She came in a couple of minutes and her pussy was sloppy wet so I quickly slipped my cock inside. This time I got about 2 1/2 or 3 inches in before she stopped me. “It’s not going to work, Brian, it’s too thick!” she said. I told her I would not put any more in and just use the tip. She agreed and I started to fuck her with 3 inches of my 11 1/2 inch cock. This was fine with her but I didn’t get a whole lot of sensation. I tried to kiss her but she made a face and turned her head. “You still have my juice on your mouth.” she said. FUCK! A few minutes into it she came again. She finished her orgasm and I went for it. I shoved my cock as far as I could up her dripping snatch. At about 5 inches she screamed,”OUCH, take it out! I’m getting sore!” I took it out and asked her to suck me off so I could come too.”Not after it’s been in here!” she said, pointing to her pussy. She went and got a towel and jacked me off into it. I saw her make another face and wipe her hand off because a little cum dripped on it.”God, Stephanie it won’t hurt you! It’s just cum!” I said. “I know but it’s sort of gross! I don’t see how girls can swallow this stuff!” she replied.”Look at all that sticky sperm!” she said as she wadded up the towel. I didn’t tell her that usually I cum a lot more than that, but I really wasn’t that turned on by her anymore. Just then the phone rang. It was Susan, her best friend. She was a cute girl, on the heavy side with long brown hair, big tits and a plump ass. She had a little bit of a belly, but like I say she was cute. She reminds me of Shannon Dougherty. She wanted us to go to the movies and out to eat with her. After she hung up, she said,”You know what the best thing about being her friend? I look so much better when I stand next to her because she’s so fat! Did you know she’s still a virgin? Guys don’t like fat girls!” She stood up and bent over and spread her tight little pussy for me,”You know I’m the best thing you’ve ever seen!” she said. She was hot, but I was really getting sick of her childishness.
We met Susan and went to some stupid chick flick and then to a little diner to get some grub. I really liked Susan and we talked a lot while Stephanie just tried to look sexy for every guy that she saw. Stephanie was constanly making comments about Susan’s weight like, “Are you sure you want a lrge milkshake?” and “Wow, did you eat all those fries?” It kind of pissed me off. I offered to take Susan home after I dropped Stephanie off. When we got to her house I walked her to the door.”Susan, I think I am starting to like you….a lot” I said and kissed her.”What about Stephanie?” she asked. “Fuck that self centered little bitch!” I said. “Yeah, she has been getting on my nerves with all the comments on my weight problem,” she said.”What problem” I said and kissed her again. “She wishes her tits were half as big as yours!” I said and gently squeezed them, “Let’s go inside, my parents are gone and the won’t be home until about 2:00 in the morning. Since it was onlt 10:00, I figured that would give us a couple of hours to fool around. We went to her bedroom and had our clothes off in no time.”Oh my god your dick is huge! Do you think it will fit?” she said. “Do you want it to?” I asked. “Of course!” she said. “Where there’s a will, theres a way!” I told her and proceeded to suck her big melons. Her tits were big but her nipples were small and pointy. She jumped every time I flicked them with my tongue. I licked my way down her tummy to her inviting little hairy hole. It smelled and tasted so much sweeter than any other pussy I have ever had. I found her clit and nibbled and licked it until her big body was quaking with an orgasm. I moved up and put the head of my cock on her pussy lips “Are you ready?” I asked. “Fuck me!” she replied with a big smile and kissed me and licked her pussy juice off of my chin. I gave her a few inches and I felt her tense up so I just pumped for a while until she got used to it. I fed a few more inches to her and fucked her with about half of my cock for a while. She loved it. “Oh my God this feels so good! MMMMM baby, fuck me!” After a while I gave her a few more inches and fucked her with about 8 or so inches of cock. That is when she went wild. “HOLY FUCK I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!!” she shouted and I mfelt her hot pussy juice spray out of her cunt as she came. “STICK THAT WHOLE COCK IN NOW!!!!” she shouted and I did. She screamed “OH GOD YES FASTER FASTER FASTER..” she said over and over as I tried to go faster. She came a few more times(fat girls seem to be multi-orgasmic more than skinny bitches) and I felt myself getting ready to cum. “Oh yeah Susan, I’m gonna cum!” I told her. “Shoot it in my face Brian!” she said and I pulled my cock out and she grabbed it and started jacking me off.”Cum all over my face baby! Let me see that big cock shoot……” and thats the scene that her mom and dad walked into. We were so into our fucking that we didn’t here them come in the house and up the stairs. They opened her bedroom door and turned on the light just in time to watch my 11 1/2 inch cock shooy cum on their daughters face. Susan never stopped jacking me off and I came harder than I ever have before. I think having an audience, turned me on! I must have spurted 10 times as her mom and dad stood there with their mouths wide open, speechless. When I was done cumming, Susan got up and ran past her parents with cum all over her face and hair and tits and went into the bathroom and shut the door. Her dad followed her shouting all the way. Her mom just stood there, staring at my still hard cock. I looked at the pillow where Susans head had been and saw cum all over it. I gathered up my clothes but before I put on my boxers, I pinched my cock at the base and squezed out the excess cum still in my shft onto the pillow. Her mom raised her eyebrows and smiled. She seemed to be enjoying the show so I shook my cock out like after a piss. It was softening up now and was probably only 7 or 8 inches long. As I waggled it I said,”I don’t want it to drip in my pants.” I shook it for about 10 seconds. Her mom never took her eyes off of my cock. I got dressed and started to walk out. As I walked by her mom,who still hadn’t said a word, I noticed that a big blob of cum had dripped of Susan’s face or tits and landed on her mom’s left tit, which by the way was enormous.”Whoops, I think she got some of my semen on you ma’am.” I said in my best Eddie Haskel voice and actually scraped it off with my index finger. It was right over her nipple which I felt and was hard as a rock.”I can see where Susan gets her good looks from,” I whipered in her ear, whith my lips touching up against her ear lobe. “Yo
ur hus
band is a very lucky man to have such a beautiful, hot woman like you.” I squeezed past her through the doorway which wasn’t easy because she was probably over 250 pounds. What can I say, Fat women were really starting to turn me on. As i squeezed by her I made sure my cock rubbed up against her big belly and my arm brushed her massive tits. She was blushing like crazy and I whispered, “I hope I see you again.” I walked down the hall and passed her old man who was still yelling into the bathroom. “Good night Susan!” I said as I turned to go down the stairs. I looked back and her mom was watching me so I winked and ran down the stairs.

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