Always fun in the bookstore

I was in Sarasota lately ad visited a good bookstore.
I sucked 5 cocks and was enjoying my fun sucking cocks and fingering men and eating their cum. There we some tasty men around that day, one older guy was uncut and enjoyed fucking my mouth with his foredkinned cock till he shot a sweet load of cum down my throat. He was a bout 6inches and nice size for being throat fucked by, nice balls to play with as well.

Things got a bit slow for a while after him then this spanish guy came in and I looked at him and immediately offered my self up to him. We took a booth and started touching as e watched a good fuck flic, I undressed and he saw I was wearing panties as usual for me. He started feeling me up and I unzipped him and pulled ouit his hard 7inch cut cock. It was very nice looking and hard mmmmmmmmmmmm. SO Iset about sucking his cock for a bit and getting him even harder. And he asked you like my cock and I said oh nyes and he had his hand in my ass and asked if I liked to be fucked . Of course I piurred a yes please fuck me hard and deep with that lovely cock of yours. He kept playing with my ass and cunthole so I asked if his wife let him ass fuck her and he said no. I said thats too bad and he said yes as he liked to fuck ass very much. He was rock hard and throbbing by this time and I turned and bent and offered my ass cunt to him. He had a bit of difficulty getting to my cunthole at first butt I guided him in and his head pop inot my asscunt with a thrill.
He stopped and held it there fr a minute and then pushed it further into me as I pushed back onto his lovely hard cock. He asked if I wanted it all and I said fuck me deep with cock till your balls hit my hole babay fuck me hard and deep.. SO he started poundiong his cock into my asscunt holding onto my hips and ramming his cock into me as I moaned and begged for more telling to fuck my cunt with his hard cock, saying more, more, more. We were bothinmg sweating and getting hotter and hotter as he fucked me and I encouraged him to fuck me deeper each time. He pulled out all of a sudden and I felt empty and turned to look at him and he was smiling and still very hard and I asked what was wrong. He said nothing was wrong and did zI like him fucking me and said yes I loved him fucking my ass cunt with his hard cock and wanted him to fuck me more. That I wanted him to fuck me like he fucked hois wifes cunt and that I was the ass she wouldnt let him have for that cum filled cock. I kissed his cheat and nibbled his ears as ZI stroked his hard cock and told him how I wanted to be fucked hard by him to use me as his bitch for hios need. As i did this I felt his cock throbbing and jerking in my hand. I offered my tits to him and he nibbled on them nad bit me and made me hornier for his hard fucking cock full of warm cum.

Now I reallyu wanted him back in me and fucking me to completion and shooting his cum deep in my ass cunt. I turned and bent and he was pushing his cock in me in a flash and started fucking me with hard fast deep strokes as I again moaned and begged him to fuck me harder and harder and fuck me with all of his cock in me. My cunt wanted his cock and was greedy for for it as he kept fucking me as hard as he could and I gave him all ther encouragement I could voice. He kept this up frop about 20-30 minutes and I was in heaven with cock lust and desire when he suddenly rammed himself deep in me and held himslef all the way in my asscunt adn I felt him shoot his load in me. He stayed in me for several more minutes and slowly fell out of me. He was cleaning his cock and I was standing there feeling him cum leak out of my cunt and down my legs as he finished cleaing himslef and got dressed.
I stood ther for several more minutes enjoying the warm glow of having been bareback fucked full fo cum by a really nice hard cock. Then I slowly cleaned a bit off me and put my pantiens and shorts back on and slowly exited the booth and watched all the other guys looking me knowing that they knew I had been fucked for over 45 minutes by the spanish guy and I just smiled at them as I left with my ass full of lovely warm cum

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