All girl Party

Carly and Tina were both very excited. It had been a rough time, moving from where they grew up, to a new city on the other side of the country. Leaving all their friends behind had been the roughest part. Both of them being 16 year old fraternal twins, they hated the thought of trying to make new friends, in a whole new place. But they had been embraced by Chelsea, who was the same age as them. She seemed to be real nice and welcoming, and had invited them to a combination party/sleepover at her place, so they could meet her friends. When her parents had met Chelsea, and quizzed her about the party, Chelsea had won them over. She promised them that there would be NO boys, or drugs, or alcohol. Her parents had allowed them to go, and here they were, knocking on Chelsea’s door. The door swung open, and Chelsea opened it, smiling.

“Carly, Tina, SO glad you could make it! Come in!”, she said.

They entered, and Chelsea closed the door. Neither of the girls noticed that she engaged the deadbolt lock.

“The party’s in the living room, follow me”, Chelsea said.

They could hear the music, as Chelsea led them to the doors, she opened it, and ushered Carly and Tina inside. They took two steps in, and halted. Both girls could hardly believe what they were seeing. A group of 19 girls, all around the same age as them, were waiting for them. Nothing strange about that, no, it was the fact that all of them were totally nude. Not only that, all of them were sporting stiff, hard, strap on dildos. As Chelsea locked the doors, she joined the group, and pulled away her clothes and strapped on a dildo, a big, black dildo, ready for action.

“Wha…Wha…What’s going on?” Tina gasped.

Carly was clinging to her, shaking with fear. Tina was also very scared, but she did her best not to reveal how scared she was.

“This is our party, what we didn’t tell your parents was that it’s a sex party. We were truthful when we said there would be no boys, it’s going to be an all girl gang bang! And you two are the guests of honor!” Chelsea grinned.

“But….But …but we’re still virgins!”, Tina gasped.

“Virgins, wow, what a bonus!” Chelsea chuckled, “Well ladies, after tonight, you’ll no longer be virgins! OK girls, as the leader of the party, I’m gonna get to deflower the one of my choice. And I want to bust Tina’s sweet looking cherry! And Amy, you can do the honors on Carly, and pluck hers!”

Amy, standing next to Chelsea, sporting a thick pink strap on, chuckled and said, “It will be my pleasure, I assure you!”

“OK, Tina and Carly, this is how it goes down. We have you locked in, no one else is here, and no one else will be here this weekend. We can either do it easy, or we can do it the hard way. But make no mistake, we will take your virginity, it’s up to you whether you let us take you the easy way, or we take you by force. If you give in, and let us take you easy, I am sure that you will find out that you will like it a lot. On the other hand, we can be very forceful”, Chelsea said, in a quiet, very serious voice.

Tina and Carly were talking quietly to themselves. Chelsea hoped they’d go along with it, she wanted to take Tina’s innocence with her cooperation. And, she knew that once they’d had a taste of lesbian sex, they’d love it.

Tina said, “You win, we’ll do whatever you want us to do, just, please be gentle with us.”

Chelsea came over, stroked Tina’s face, and said “Of course I’ll be gentle with you, I promise. You’ll adore giving your innocence to me.”

Amy came over, and stroking Carly’s face, she said, “And I shall be gentle with you too, my dear. I’ll make your first time a wonderful time.”

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