After Mommy left

Since my boyfriend and I both live with our parents, our wildest sex only gets to occur when we’re left alone. So yesterday, we were super excited when my mother and brother decided to go to the store.

BD left the room to get a drink of water, and while he was gone I took the opportunity to change into my sexiest school girl skirt (no panties of course). He was very excited when he came back into my room.

I was lying on my belly, and he started playing with my ass, which I love, so I told him to grab some lube. He reached for it, but then confessed that he would much rather be teased; and since I still had teeth marks on my clit, I happily obliged and told him to take off his shirt and shorts, leaving him in only the sexy leopard print silk boxers I bought him. We never mess around in this little clothing, we’re waiting to have sex and we don’t want anything to get too hot…

BD’s favorite thing is when I just gently run my hands over his entire groin, not really focusing anywhere or applying too much pressure. Silk was something he’s never felt before, so he really dug the new sensations.

After a little while, I decide to try something a little different and flipped around, my wet pussy on his chest. I continued to play with him, lifting my ass up so he could see everything. He really liked the veiw. When his dick fell out of his shorts, I leaned forward to suck it, raising my ass and arching my back even more. This was probably the dirtiest, kinkiest thing I’ve ever done with him.

Um, for some reason I got off of him, I don’t exactly remember… but then I asked him if he wanted to turn me over his knee. Of course he did!

So, I lay down over him and he lifted my skirt and started spanking me hard, telling me how bad I was and how much I needed to be punished. The he started pulling my hair, making my back arch. He then asked me if I wanted to suck his big dick… hell yes!

He nearly pushed me off as I scrambled to my knees. He stood up, positioning his dick at my face and when I moved forward to start sucking it he grabbed my head and started face fucking me, hard. I was drooling and choking and slurping and spitting, tears running down my face. He was actually bruising the back of my throat, and it was hot.

I started jacking him a little bit, and he liked that, so I spit on his cock and started doing it faster. He said he was starting to get close and I replied he could cum wherever he wanted: all over my tits.

I kept stroking fast as I heard the gate open and the truck pull in; and I didn’t even stop when he started spraying all over me, me not even caring where it went. He rushed to put on his clothes as the front door opened.

it was a pretty good day! 🙂

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