After hours pool party

After hours pool party

It had become traditional that every Saturday night was adult time at the local members only swimming pool, most neighborhood kids had better things to do besides watching all the old geezers swim laps oh but little did they know.

Alice and Jim were regulars for adult night and they were anything but old geezers Alice and Jim are high school sweethearts who grew up had 2 lovely daughters and have successful careers. While using the pool to stay in shape they got turned on to adult night thru other neighbors, kind of like a mixer with people with similar interest away from kids and a way to decompress from a long week.

Let me first describe Alice in her late thirties she could pass for 10 years younger, at 5’5” her measurements read like a playboy bunny 38D 28 36 brunette with an ass to die for or at least drool on which Jim does quite often.

Jim on the other hand is 6’2 225lbs blond works construction and has muscular arms, with a bit of a paunch but still in great shape with big hands and a great smile.

Alice and Jim have always had a great sex life in fact their daughters had wished it wasn’t so good with all the moaning and groaning, that was until recently as they have started taking an interest in what their folks do in the bedroom.

The daughters Julie 17 and Sally 16 are a combination of their parents both tall slender with great tits 34Cs and wonderfully shaped asses. Being so close in age they shared everything from clothes to boyfriends to their most intimate fantasies.

It started the same as it usually did every night Alice and Jim would wait until they thought the girls were in bed asleep before beginning their nightly escapade. On the agenda tonight is the classic cheerleader quarterback theme to include costumes, Alice the cheerleader needing cock so bad that she waits under the bleachers for her quarterback boyfriend to fill all her needs.

To make it more risqué they leave their bedroom door open and start out in their closet. Alice starts out waiting for Jim to sneak in and take advantage of the head cheerleader right before the big game, Jim slides the closet door open and steps in leaving the door cracked to simulate the open bleachers.

After several minutes of necking Jim goes for second base and slides a hand up Alice’s shirt getting a hand full of Alice’s tit, Alice returns the favor with a moan and a hand on Jims fly starting to undo the laces restricting his pulsating love muscle in his ball pants. As Jim strokes Alice’s supple tits he begins removing her sweater and as it slides off over her head Jim bends down and begins a air attack on her nipples sucking one then the other before putting his face in-between both and placing lots of little butterfly kisses all over her wondrous globes.

As Jim continues his boobatration Alice gets Jims fly open and pulls out his 81/2 inch fullback stroking it to full attention Jim helps Alice get his pants off as he slides his hand up her leg and pass her skirt, she grabs her skirt and pulls it back down like she is unsure of letting this football player get any further but after continued assertions she finally succumbs to the pressures and allows Jims hand to approach her panty covered wonderland.

Jim’s made use of his large hands by pulling aside Alice’s panties and running a finger along her slit then slowly working his middle finger into her honey pot causing her knees to buckle making them move out of the closet and fall on to the floor after a quick look to the door to see if anyone heard they continued their lovemaking.
At this point Jims pants were off and Alice’s top was crumbled on the floor in the closet, laying Alice on her back Jim ran his tongue in between Alice’s tits leaving a thick trail of saliva as he sat up he lifted a muscular thigh over Alice’s tight tummy laying his tool on top of his wet trail. Using her hands Alice cupped her breast together folding over and covering the cock now sliding up and down on her chest.

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