Adventures with Mel the older sister

My sister looked at me and laughed, we were in my bedroom and it was late and we were very drunk.

“Go on then take them off!”

I looked at my scruffy well worn jockeys and shrugged.

Wait that’s jumping ahead. I need to go back a while and explain why we were in the situation we were in. Let me introduce myself and my sisters.

I’m James and I’m thirty eight, in pretty good shape, although since giving up regular Sunday league football I’d gained more than half a stone. To be fair though those eleven pounds were not all on my belly, but I knew I should get some exercise soon. Oh yes! and I have brown eyes, the only one in the family that does. My Mum and Dad used to say I was adopted, which wound me up pretty good, they were joking of course, but at seven or eight that was a nightmare that wouldn’t go away.

Annie’s thirty three, blue eyes, she’s pretty tall, long legged and skinny. Not scrawny skinny, but just adequately covered. I think she’d prefer it if I said she was “Willowy” rather than skinny, but she’s my kid sister, so she’s always been skinny to me. “Scraggy Annie” we used to call her when she was little, which considering she was as tall as me by age eleven shows how thin she was. She is dark haired, which she keeps long, just as it was when she was a kid and she tans easily.

She’s intelligent, but not pushy or aloof about it. She has the worst taste in music, ever, ever. She’s good at racket sports and plays a mean game of table football, she’s not bad on a real pitch either. At eleven and onwards when all her friends started to develop little puppies under their tops, Annie didn’t and as far as I can recall that’s still the case. Guess Mother Nature had to compensate for the big titted ladies around and Annie got the short straw. She’d had her fair share of pain about it from the boys and some of the girls, but she just shrugged it off.

I bet, if she wanted too, she could be snapped up by the fashion agencies, except she loves her job and here life as it is. Anyway as kids we never played Show Me Yours, or Doctors and Patients or anything like that. We saw each other naked often, especially at bath times and such, but we never seemed that interested. I think we had a pretty good childhood. Holidays on the beaches, endless sun, Ice Creams, chips. That’s how I remember it anyway.

We have an older sister: Mel or Melanie, married with kids, great husband. They have a manageable mortgage and go in for all the festive trimmings come Christmas, which is where we usually end up.

Good old, sensible, down to earth Mel. She has great big boobs and a curvy figure, Annie reckons Mel stole her boob genes, as she’s so over generously provided for. We both loved her dearly, but she is so bossy with us we regulated our visits to once or twice a year to keep it bearable. Mum said she suffers from Older Sibling Syndrome!! Mel is forty three but looked mid-thirties. So much for kids aging you! I try to phone Mel monthly or else I get my Mum on the phone saying Mel’s worried about me as I never call.

Meanwhile Annie and I are still unattached and ended up living at opposite ends of the country. We see each other two or three times a year and alternate between each others houses. I’m a website designer in the South East and I’m doing OK.

Annie works in the oil industry up in Aberdeen, real techy stuff. She goes out on the platforms and has a team of guys working for her. She’s doing really well and I don’t blame her for going where the work is. Quite often she’ll swap a visit for me up there, if she’s got to come to London for a meeting at the Companies Head Office, although it’s usually sleep and run for her, but we get time to chat and share a glass of wine and a meal.

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