Adventure of my wife and her lover

Julie and I had been married for nine years and were very much in love. I had had several affairs with the wives of friends of ours since we had married but Julie did not know of them.

I had always been secretly turned on by the thought of Julie having sex with another guy but had not mentioned it to her as I did not think it was a subject that would impress her. I had once had a dream in which she had been mesmerized by a guy in a wedding party at a hotel and had wandered off with him to his room where he seduced her while I had been powerless to do anything about it.

Although feeling as if I had a belly full of butterflies I did feel incredibly horny but I don’t remember feeling any jealousy.

While were making love one day Julie said that it would be hot if I was kissing her as someone else fucked her, she later wondered why she had suggested it and hoped that I hadn’t been offended. Offended? I’d felt incredibly horny, and I told her. This opened the door for further ideas and fantasies.

The last affair I’d had lasted for about two years, although we very rarely got together, it was quite exciting, meeting up in our cars and driving to a local moon bathed hilltop where we would make love in the cool fragrant countryside while looking down to the villages further down the valley.

In the late nineties, Julie and I began visiting a bar we hadn’t been to very often; I didn’t call very often as I used to be quite busy in the early evenings so Julie began spending more of her time there on her own. Inevitably, a guy in the bar began to close in on her and talk to her about musical interests that they shared. The more she told me, the more the butterflies in my belly fluttered.

Julie liked to keep in shape by swimming and visiting the gym; as a result she had and still has a lovely curvy shape which always turns heads. One evening a few months later, she come home several hours later than usual. I was not worried or annoyed by this, just curious. When she told me she’d been back to Wayne’s house I felt tingles of excitement course through my body.

Wayne was the guy who had been hitting on her in the bar, there had been a few other guys who had been making an attempt to get to know her but Wayne, being a musician had been the one who had lit her fire.

Back at Wayne’s and after a few beers and some soft romantic music she had begun to melt and they had kissed. At this point she felt she was being unfaithful to me and decided to leave. She didn’t feel guilty, but she worried that although we had broached the subject of her kissing and fucking another guy, talking about and doing were two different things.

Julie was greatly relieved when I kissed her and patted her ass after telling her I felt quite turned on by the fact that she had been kissing another guy, we undressed and made love on the floor, twice.

Julie continued to call back to Wayne’s for a beer, some kissing and to listen to his music on a regular basis while I began to realize that I had a loving faithful wife who liked to flirt but no more.

The musical evenings at Wayne’s had been going on for some time when Julie came home one night at around 1am. I was lying in bed and smiled at her as she began to undress, my heart nearly skipped a beat when she looked at me and said –

“How do you fancy spunking where someone else did twenty minutes ago?”

“Did you fuck him?” I asked her,

“Yup” she replied.

Julie got on the bed with me and told me what had happened.

Back at Wayne’s she had been feeling quite horny and had taken his guitar from him and began to kiss him, their passion for each other was rising so Julie suggested that they go upstairs. Wayne asked her if she was sure that she wanted to go to his bedroom, she kissed him, squeezed his cock and wandered upstairs.

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