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A few years ago my wife and I joined an adult cinema who operated in North London by membership only; it was a great time in our lives because under the British censorship laws you could not see a stiff prick on film legally where as members clubs like “Charlie Browns” got round the law by being an artistic venue; therefore erect pricks were art not porn.

We discovered the cinema by word of mouth having had it recommended to us by mutual swingers; but I better explain; whilst my wife and I were not by the truest sense swingers we were Dom male and sub female partnership and in the course of those activities we came across not only swinger groups but also private members clubs dealing with such fantasises.

My 28 year old wife was five seven tall medium build with raven hair and 38C breasts; her cunt was always shaved freshly each day and frequently she had to pass my own inspection before she was allowed to dress; such was the regime I demanded from her.

I for my part stood six foot two tall slightly overweight but not what you could call fat or podgy; Without blowing my own trumpet (Wow there is a challenge (Trumpet is one of the rarer English slang names for cock)); I had staying power and usually could fuck or suck for an hour or more without coming. My eight inch cock was moderately thick and uncircumcised.

Well the first time we attended Charlie Browns we loved it right away; even despite the severe cost of joining; membership was £100.00 for life membership and every visit as a couple was £25.00; if I wanted to attend alone without my wife then it rose to £75.00 for that visit. The actual cinema was luxuriously decorated with well maintained carpets and typical cinema seating only these allowed the arm rests to be raised out of the way.

On that first visit we entered the hetro-sexual auditorium as the building boasted three theatres; Gay, straight and Lesbian films were shown in their own auditoriums. Even in the semi gloom of a darkened room we easily found our eyes adjusting and saw only maybe a maximum of ten men sat in the seats; we ignored them all and chose to sit three rows from the back and rather centrally.

Karen my wife was wearing at my insistence a wrap over skirt and blouse beneath her full length coat and no underwear. I motioned for her to remove her coat and folded it up neatly beneath the seat as we settled down to watch the film. The screen showed a coloured woman tied down to a bed; her legs forced wide apart by a metal bar which was cuffed to her ankles and her tits which were the size of large melons were bound tight by purple rope. Her nipples rock hard in stark contrast to the bulging tit flesh. Then a white guy with a more than average cock (I would say about nine or ten inches) slipped it between those black mounds of human kindness and began a tit fuck.

The visual aspect of a long white cock head keeping appearing between those chocolate brown tits was something to behold and I felt my cock harden quickly. Karen breathed heavily as she pointed out this was the first time we had seen a film showing such hard cocks and in fact it was our first inter racial film anyway. I slipped my hand under the hem of Karen’s skirt and parted her legs; the vee at the top of those legs already slick with her cunt juice; so much was she turned on. Just then out of the corner of my eye I saw we had attracted a little attention from one of the male audience as he had moved to the end of our row and was now some six seats away from Karen. I whispered into her ear that we had company and she should open her top five buttons on her blouse but not reveal too much tit to start with. She stole a quick glance at our company and slowly but clearly began undoing the buttons on her blouse.

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