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“Huh!” I could tell he was close, so I got off his lap.

“Babe?” He looked up from his cock, and gripped it through the rubber. “Why’d you stop?”

I already had my panties up, so I could pop a squat. “Get up,” I pulled the rubber, “Cup on my face, I want it on my face.” It took him a while, so I tried licking, and sucking his balls, but that helped.

“Uh, yeah. Such a pretty face, uh!” He held onto the handicap bar, and gave me a facial. Just like a porn star, but while I was down there, I fixed my bar, and buttoned up my top.

“Huh!” I got up, and unlocked the stall door, while he was fixing up his pants.

“Babe, don’t go out like that!”

I saw a boy, over by the urinals, but he stopped jerking it, and looked away. I giggled, and ran out to the hall, before he could follow me, but I didn’t want to was it off. I went into the girl’s room, and went right to the mirror. I kinda want to swallow it, but then again, I know he’s probably got all kinds of STDs from all the sluts he’s been banging, and I’m not a slut like them, but I knew that he was a sure thing, and I finally joined the club.

The ex virgin club, but he didn’t finish me off. So, I pulled up my skirt to get my fingers inside me, looking at the streaks of cum still running down my face until Tracy came in.

“Oh my god, it’s true?” She ran in, “Who was me?”

“Who told me?”

“Never mind that, everyone saw you running through the halls with that stuff all over your face.”

“Mh!” I just rubbed myself harder, and closed my eyes.

“So, how was it?”

“Nh, not as good as I expected. I can do better with my fingers, but. Huh, I never want to wash my face again.”

“Yeah, he blew a pretty big load, but how big was his dick?”

“Big enough, huh! Bigger then my fingers, but it doesn’t bend, or, huh! Hold up, ihn!” I put my elbow down to steady myself, and wiggled my fingers together so they spread out, and really stretched me wide open. “Huh, 3 fingers.”

“Huh!” I blinked, and looked back over my shoulder, when I saw her in the mirror with her pants open. “Tell me, tell me who’s giving out facials in the boy’s room.”

“Huh, any boy’ll do it if you just take off your bra. Flash them a little titty. Uh!”

“Uh huh!” She turned her shoulder on the wall to twist around, and get her arm up the back of her shirt, but that just made her pants slip down her hip, and show the side of her panties. Stretched tight with her hand in there, and her knuckles sticking out, I shivered, and stuck my middle one out. Inside me, watching her middle one inch in and out, but just one. That made my other two pinch back together, so I could twist them back and forth.

“Huh!” She pulled her shirt up, and when I said a little titty, I ment it. She doesn’t even need a bra, but if I move over, I can squeeze my bra without my elbow slipping off. “Huh, uh!”

“3?” I shook my head, and looked back at her reflection, but now she had her pinky, and pointy finger sticking out the sides of her crotch. The other 2 pumping out, and then she started fapping so hard, she must really be slapping her pubes, and her pants slipped down almost to her knees.

A little sweat ran down my forehead, which just reminded me, and when I looked up, I looked so much like a porn star, I started cumming, and I forgot to take a deep breath, before my womb started quivering too hard to let me. “Snh!” The last thing I saw was my lips pull back, and my teeth. My perfect straight white teeth since my braces came off, so I could smile again, and a boy would smile back without looking all scared that they would scrape them, or pull his pubic hairs when they got caught in them if I put it in my mouth. “NYRH! Huh!” Finally I could breathe, and I clutched at the sink for something to hold onto. “Uh fgh!” My twitching twat sucked at air, gaping, and clenching shut, but I needed both hands to hold on, and that just let the fluid run out, and roll down my legs. My panties were soaked, but he gush was over as soon as I slammed shut, spasming inside, and trying not to fall down on the filthy floor.

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