About a woman who after divorcing, found her sexuality in the arms of a younger man

Laura was 42 years old and had just discovered her sexuality and hunger for good sex. No, she was not a virgin at 42, she had been married for over 20 years in a loveless and almost sexless marriage. Ask Laura what she thinks about girls being virgins when they marry and she will tell you that is just what they SHOULD NOT BE! From her own experience Laura would tell you that she believes all women should have two or three sexual experiences before ever marrying. Virgins have no idea if the man they marry is a good lover or not, they have nothing to base comparisons on.

Laura had been married 18 years before ever deciding to go see a doctor to see what was wrong with her. She had spent weeks trying to find a female doctor not wanting to go to their family doctor in case her husband found out. Besides Doc Travis was a male and older than dirt, she didn’t think he would be of much help to her. She felt only a woman doctor would understand these feelings she had been fighting with for years.

Laura had an appointment with a lady doctor in another city. She was very nervous and really didn’t know how to go about trying to explain this tenseness, feeling of anxiety, feeling of…she just didn’t know what it was she was feeling. Maybe it was nothing more than depression and she had been suffering with it for years.

It took the lady doctor about 15 minutes to finally coax Laura into explaining in detail exactly how she felt and why she felt there was something wrong with her. She finally got Laura to talk about her sex life with her husband. At first Laura skirted around the questions, saying things like it’s OK, I suppose and so on. When the doctor had finally gotten it all out from her she had five words for her….YOUR HUSBAND IS A LOUSE!

“Laura there are a few men, thank God only a small percentage who are much like your husband appears to be. They find sex is a necessary evil, one that is used for procreation so must be dealt with. His always jumping right from the bed into the shower shows that he can’t wait to get the feeling of sexual contact off from him.” Laura had tears in her eyes, she was both thankful that she now knew what she had suffered from all these years was nothing more than a high state of sexual frustration she had been feeling. Plus she was sad for all the wasted years she had spent never knowing. “Laura normal men do not just stick their dicks into their wives when it gets hard, cum and leave immediately for the shower, I swear to you.”

She asked Laura if she masturbated. Laura had never touched herself there other than washing herself, she had been taught that was a very naughty thing to do when younger. The doctor gave Laura a video on masturbation when she left and told her to go rent some dirty movies and watch them.

There was no way Laura could rent a dirty movie. She lived in a small town with just one video store and everyone knew everyone. She had never been in an adult store in her life but she was going to stop at the big Purple Building she passed on the highway coming here. The Velvet Touch, adult book, movie and toy store for the sexually minded clients. She bought two videos and hurried home to see what she had been missing all these years.

The doctor had told her to make sure she watched the masturbation video first. The kids were still in school as it was still early morning and her husband was at work so she had the privacy of the house to herself for the next five hours at least.

Laura was wet before the video got to far along, she began touching herself as was shown in the video. She played with her nipples and found much to her delight that it really turned her on, she could feel a heat building and throbbing in her pussy from the attention she was giving her nipples. She enjoyed feeling her fingers inside her pussy, but she found that rubbing her clit slowly in a circular motion was the most enjoyable feeling she had ever felt. Then it started, the tenseness in her body, the urgency to finish. Her clit was hard and extended, she rubbed harder and faster, she was full of cream by now. Her breathing was labored and she had never felt anything so wonderful in all her life. Her climax both surprised and pleased her, she had never felt anything so good and she felt good, relaxed and eager for more.

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