About 3 best-friend collage roomates who love each other and decide to have a realationshi

My Name is Audrey and I am a Senior in collage.I am going to high school to be a pediciatrian.I am a bbw,44DD, 5’4 long strawberry blonde hair,hazel eyes. I just turned 26 last week.My room mates Kirk and Stan are studying to be attorney’s.Kirk left a note on the fridge asking if I had plans tonight,if not he wanted to know if we can go out dancing.I called Kirk on his cell and told him that I did not have plans and going out dancing with him and Stan sounded like fun.Knowing that Stan and Kirk know that I am BI , we decided that we’d go to JP”S Bar and Grill,a gay bar.They have a decent dance floor and a good DJ.Micky is the DJ tonight,He is also a good friend of mine.Stan and Kirk are straight but have no problem being around the gay community.After class I went shopping to look for a cute outfit to go out in.I went to Macy’s.I found the cuteist tank top and matching jean shorts that showes off my nice suntan, I also bought a sexy blueish rose pattarn lacy matching bra and panties set.Vey sexy! I went home to shower and get ready,I got a call from Stan saying that they’ll be a little late, I said not to worry I still had to run home to shower and dress.Stan said ok , we’ll be there in a bit.I said ok see you then.And I hung up. I pulled up in front of the house and parked.I unloaded my bags and went straight to my bedroom.Once I got my stuff laid out on a chair I went in to start a shower.

I had just finished washing my hair and started to wash my body,I had my back toward the bathroom door and did not hear anything.But all of a sudden Kirk and Stan were both standing there naked in the shower with me.I was speechless.I knew they both loved me but I had no idea that they wanted this.Hell had I known I would have fucked them ages ago.lol..Both of them started rubbing my body at once.My hands went down to their cocks.I have seen them slightly in passing but nothing like this.MMMMMMM..I started giving them Blow jobs.They sure liked that alot.They were moaning, YEAH AUDREY SUCK THAT COCK , SHOVE IT DEEP DOWN YOUR THROAT BABY, OH YEAH OMG OHHH YEAH, OHHH FUCK YEAH BABY. Stan said Honey I want to lick your sweet pussy.I stopped sucking their cocks and bent down so Stan and Kirk can take turns licking my sweet , wet , hot dripping pussy.I started moaning YEAH STAN OH GOD KIRK YESSSS LICK MY PUSSY, YEAH OMG OH YEAH FUCK THIS FEELS SO GOOD. YEAH LICK MY FUCKING PUSSY FOR ALL ITS WORTH. OH YEAH OH GOD I’M GONNA CUMMMM.OH YEAHHH OH FUCKKKKK YEAH.

Stan stood up and shoved his cock deep in my pussy as Kirk got down and was licking my pussy from the front.Stan was pounding my pussy so hard I felt his balls slap against my ass.Stan started to moan YEAH AUDREY FUCK YOUR PUSSY IS SO TIGHT, SO HOT& WET.OH YES BABY I LOVE YOUR PUSSY, IT FEELS SO GOOD.And Kirk was moaning YEAH AUDREY I LOVE THE TASTE OF YOUR SWEET AS HONEY PUSSY, OH YEAH BABY CUM ALL OVER MY TOUNGE.YEAH I WANT ALL OF YOUR CUM.YEAH , MMMMM.SO SWEET.Stan moaned he was just about ready to cum , I said ok. Kirk was still licking my pussy as Stan was pounding it hard.I was moaning YEAH STAN cum in my pussy, KIRK LICK OUR CUM BABY HERE IT CUMS, YEAH OH HELL, YEAH OHHH FUCK MEEE I”MMM CUMMINGGGG.Kirk licked up both our cum and said MMMM I can eat your cum all day long,After Stan pulled out I turned around and started sucking Kirk’s cock and got his cock ready for my hot wet pussy.I stood up and bent down again and Kirk shoved his cock in my pussy and Stan got down and started licking my cunt.Kirk continued to slam my pussy for all it was worth.It didnt take long for him to start moaning,YEAH AUDREY OH GOD YOUR FUCKING PUSSY FEELS SO WET , SO TIGHT OH YEAH FUCK, I”M GONNA MIX MY CUM WITH STAN”S, YEAH BABY , Stan started to moan YEAH AUDREY YOUR HOT , wet pussy TASTE”S SO FUCKING GOOD, OH YEAH BABY CUM FOR ME,MMMMMM YEAH CUM ON MY TOUNGE AUDREY.Kirk and I started cumming at once with Stan licking up our cum.Stan said yeah Kirk your right I can sit here and lick cum all day long,and kirk said hell yeah.At that point we climed out of the shower and I headed off to my room to get dressed.

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