Abbey becomes anally submissive to her boss.

Abbey wandered the large downtown building a week prior to her first day of work. She was in complete awe of the environment. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was to land such a great job at a young age.

When she walked by her future office, she saw a woman there, mid 30’s, packing her things into a large box. The office still had its furniture and computer, but all of the personal belongings were already packed. The woman had a bitter look on her face, with mascara stains around her eyes from crying.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” Abbey asked with sincerity.

The woman flashed a look that showed complete disdain. It was like the woman felt a mixture of anger and pity towards Abbey.

“So you’re the new girl, eh? Here to replace me? You’re prettier than I expected.”

Abbey looked dumbfounded. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I had nothing to do with…”

“Spare me the ignorance, sweetheart,” she said angrily. “I’m not dumb. I’ve served Mr. Kraus for years, I was loyal to him, and this is how he treats me? Well fuck that.”

“There must be a misunderstanding,” Abbey replied, trying to calm the situation. “I don’t work here yet. I don’t start until next week. I’m not involved with any dispute you have.”

The woman grabbed the box of her belongings and walked towards the door. Fury was written all over her face. When she stood in front of Abbey, her eyes looked over the much younger woman, and there was still disdain in her eyes.

“There’s no misunderstanding here. You’re the new girl. If you’re stupid enough to work here, then you deserve everything you get. I hope you enjoy it.”

She walked passed Abbey and headed towards the elevator with a sense of liberation.

Abbey couldn’t understand what just happened. Her moment of pride and achievement was ruined by a stranger’s bad day. She watched as the elevator doors closed and the woman left, never to return. The small office was Abbey’s now. She stepped inside and looked around. Her very own office.

Office Skirt & High Heels

Two months later. Abbey waited in the lounge of the man who hired her, Mr. Kraus. Oddly enough, she had only met him a few times. He was an aloof figure, in his late 40’s, with a commanding presence to him. A part of her wished she could spend more time getting to know him so that she could learn his secrets to success. She wanted to be his apprentice. But that seemed unlikely at the moment since he was always busy and avoided talking to her.

“Mr. Kraus is ready to see you now,” the secretary said with a friendly smile.

“Thank you,” Abbey said, smiling back.

She walked into the office and closed the door. She immediately felt intimidated by the boss’s stern presence. The office was large and elegant, and he sat behind his desk, watching her enter. It was only the second time she had ever been there.

“Good morning Mr. Kraus,” she said meekly.

“Morning. Please, have a seat.”

Abbey sat down properly with her back straight and her hands on her lap.

“Nice place,” she said nervously.

“Thank you. But I obviously didn’t call you here to talk about my office.”

Abbey felt nervous, but held it in. “Oh, of course not.”

“The reason I called you here is because I wanted to talk about your job performance thus far. You’ve been here for roughly two months and I feel it’s time for your evaluation.”

Her fingers started to move and her toes clenched inside of her shoes. She was scared, but she didn’t want to show it. The thought of being let-go so soon was terrifying to the overly ambitious young woman.

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