A young woman meets a mysterious man who promises to fulfill her deepest desires

I huge thanks to Cherry Brown for choosing the theme for the story and helping me with it. She deserves much of the credit for how it turned out. I hope you enjoy.

The air was stuffy, hints of smoke, sweat and beer all mingled together in an almost intoxicating perfume. It was warm inside, a blanketing warmth that made you forget the chill winter night outside once you came in. Music was playing through the speakers hanging on the walls, loud up-beat music, the kind that made you dance to it without intending to, the basses sending small vibrations along the bar.

A young gentleman entered the bar, dressed sharply, and glanced around at the sparsely occupied tables, mostly groups of elderly men drinking beers. He spotted a group of three young ladies chatting over glasses of white wine, but after quickly studying them, looked away. He sighed heavily and walked over to the long wooden bar where two older men were sitting separately, nursing a beer, and watching a game on the flat screen TV. On the other side of the bar were two bartenders, an average looking older woman who was pouring a beer, and a very attractive younger woman who was mindlessly polishing glasses.

“What can I get you?” The older woman asked as the man removed his nice coat and hung it on the back of the bar stool before sitting down. The bartender was in her late forties with long dirty-blonde hair and a curvy frame. She was wearing a dark apron that was low enough to keep her generous cleavage mostly exposed.

“A pint of whatever you have on tap and a shot of Jameson please.” He said and the older woman nodded. She finished filling the glass she was holding, setting it down in front of the man sitting on the bar next to him, then grabbed another glass and started filling it from the tap.

“Jenna, can you get the gentleman a shot of Jameson please.” The older bartender asked the younger one.

“Sure thing Irene.” Jenna said and grabbed a shot glass.

“Thanks.” The man said as Irene set down his beer and studied Jenna. She was tall, with a lithe figure and long dark hair which flowed down her back. She was wearing a tight black tank top with deep cleavage, accentuating a pair of round perky breasts, along with tight dark jeans, beautifully hugging her tight little ass, and a pair of black leather boots. She ran a hand through her hair, then picked up the glass.

“Thank you.” The man said as Jenna served him his shot. He gave her a warm smile, then grabbed his beer. He took a long swig, getting a good look at her breasts while doing so, then set it down and looked away. He cleared his throat, catching a whiff of her perfume, then looked back towards her. “Slow night?” he asked, trying to sound casual.

“Yeah, I guess.” Jenna said shrugging and looked at him. “What about you, long day?” she asked casually in return.

“Yeah, something like that.” The man said chuckling and grabbed the shot. He raised it to Jenna and drank it, setting down the empty shot glass with a satisfying clack.

“Another?” Jenna asked dutifully and the man smiled up at her.

“Sure…Jenna is it? But only if I can buy you one too.” He said and gave her a cool grin.

Jenna couldn’t help but smile as she shook her head, looking at the man sitting in front of her. He was handsome and stylish, his dark hair cut short and a trimmed beard adorning his face. He wore a buttoned black shirt, dark blue slacks and had a fancy looking watch on his wrist. Jenna studied him curiously, toying with the idea that he might be the one and found herself nodding. “Yeah, the thing is, I have this rule. I don’t let people I don’t know buy me drinks.” She said with a smirk.

By :starrynight

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