A young man’s love goes tragically wrong

I fell for Becky the first time I saw her way back in high school. I was a senior and she was a junior that had just transferred in from another part of the state when her family moved here. She was walking with Lucy, a gal I had dated once the year before. Becky was blond, blue eyed, big chested, and cute as hell. She wasn’t what most guys would call a hardbody, she was a little overweight, not fat mind you, just not California bikini material. She had thick black glasses and braces but something about her pulled me to her, she was just that cute.

I walked over and tried to introduce myself but Lucy pulled her away saying, “Take a number Kevin, several guys have already tried to give her their number, besides we’re late for class already.” I watched as they walked down the corridor but my heart smiled as Becky twice looked over her shoulder and smiled at me as they hurried away.

I kept looking for her and two days later as I pulled out of the school’s parking lot, I saw her walking down the sidewalk with a stack of books in her arms. Quickly pulling over, even though it was a no parking zone, I pushed open the passenger door and asked if she needed a ride. She looked back and forth then smiled and jumped in, shut the door and fastened her seat belt. As I pulled away, I said, “Ok, where am I taking you? By the way, I’m Kevin. Kevin Foster. And you are?”

“Becky, Becky Collins, unless I’m in trouble with my parents, then I’m Becky Annette Collins” she said with the sweetest sounding laugh. “I probably will be since I just missed my bus. I live over on Shady Lane, just across from the park, know where that is?”

“Sure do,” I said, “I grew up here. When my parents moved here, most of this town was orange groves, now look at it.” Just then the light turned yellow so I had to stop. Who pulled up next to me on my right but Jason, a guy I had raced before? He revved up his engine, wanting to race. I had beaten him several times but the last time he beat me. I have a Honda Civic that I have tricked out. Jason held up his hand, five outstretched fingers, signifying $50 bucks on our race. Jason didn’t know it but I had just installed a new head, larger turbo, intercooler, re-flashed the C.P.U. and added a Snow vapor injector system and sticky pro-street tires. I flashed him the double five for $100. He smiled and nodded thinking his Lexus was going to whip my ass.

Becky asked, “What’s going on?”

I said, “Hang on girl, we’re about to have ourselves a little race.” Becky gave me a funny look but held her books tight as I watched the light and cross traffic closely. Traffic didn’t always stop on red. The light turned green and Jason jumped out, right in front of a gray sedan that slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting him. I had to drive around his back end which gave Jason the advantage. By the time I hit third I had caught up to him and was passing him and in fourth was pulling away nicely. In fifth, I just squeaked through the next light which caught Jason on the red.

I pulled over to wait for Jason and my payout. Becky got out and was bouncing around and said, “That was so effin awesome. I loved it.” She pulled me to her and kissed me on the lips and said rather bashfully, “That made me wet.” I didn’t know what to say, just then Jason pulled up.

“Kevin, you mother . . . What in the hell did you do to that thing? You went past me like a bolt of lightning.

“Oh, I just gave her a little tune up,” I said as I held out my hand to receive my payout. Jason begrudgingly took out his wallet and paid me. As we got back in my car, I asked Becky, “Ok, Sweetthing, where should we spend this?”

By :R69runner

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