A young man’s love goes tragically wrong

I fell for Becky the first time I saw her way back in high school. I was a senior and she was a junior that had just transferred in from another part of the state when her family moved here. She was walking with Lucy, a gal I had dated once the year before. Becky was blond, blue eyed, big chested, and cute as hell. She wasn’t what most guys would call a hardbody, she was a little overweight, not fat mind you, just not California bikini material. She had thick black glasses and braces but something about her pulled me to her, she was just that cute.

I walked over and tried to introduce myself but Lucy pulled her away saying, “Take a number Kevin, several guys have already tried to give her their number, besides we’re late for class already.” I watched as they walked down the corridor but my heart smiled as Becky twice looked over her shoulder and smiled at me as they hurried away.

I kept looking for her and two days later as I pulled out of the school’s parking lot, I saw her walking down the sidewalk with a stack of books in her arms. Quickly pulling over, even though it was a no parking zone, I pushed open the passenger door and asked if she needed a ride. She looked back and forth then smiled and jumped in, shut the door and fastened her seat belt. As I pulled away, I said, “Ok, where am I taking you? By the way, I’m Kevin. Kevin Foster. And you are?”

“Becky, Becky Collins, unless I’m in trouble with my parents, then I’m Becky Annette Collins” she said with the sweetest sounding laugh. “I probably will be since I just missed my bus. I live over on Shady Lane, just across from the park, know where that is?”

“Sure do,” I said, “I grew up here. When my parents moved here, most of this town was orange groves, now look at it.” Just then the light turned yellow so I had to stop. Who pulled up next to me on my right but Jason, a guy I had raced before? He revved up his engine, wanting to race. I had beaten him several times but the last time he beat me. I have a Honda Civic that I have tricked out. Jason held up his hand, five outstretched fingers, signifying $50 bucks on our race. Jason didn’t know it but I had just installed a new head, larger turbo, intercooler, re-flashed the C.P.U. and added a Snow vapor injector system and sticky pro-street tires. I flashed him the double five for $100. He smiled and nodded thinking his Lexus was going to whip my ass.

Becky asked, “What’s going on?”

I said, “Hang on girl, we’re about to have ourselves a little race.” Becky gave me a funny look but held her books tight as I watched the light and cross traffic closely. Traffic didn’t always stop on red. The light turned green and Jason jumped out, right in front of a gray sedan that slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting him. I had to drive around his back end which gave Jason the advantage. By the time I hit third I had caught up to him and was passing him and in fourth was pulling away nicely. In fifth, I just squeaked through the next light which caught Jason on the red.

I pulled over to wait for Jason and my payout. Becky got out and was bouncing around and said, “That was so effin awesome. I loved it.” She pulled me to her and kissed me on the lips and said rather bashfully, “That made me wet.” I didn’t know what to say, just then Jason pulled up.

“Kevin, you mother . . . What in the hell did you do to that thing? You went past me like a bolt of lightning.

“Oh, I just gave her a little tune up,” I said as I held out my hand to receive my payout. Jason begrudgingly took out his wallet and paid me. As we got back in my car, I asked Becky, “Ok, Sweetthing, where should we spend this?”

She looked at me then said, “You mean, like on a date?” I had a big smile and nodded. She was silent and I was afraid she was going to say no. As we approached her home, she said, “I’ll have to get my parents’ permission first, but I’m hoping they say yes because I’d love to go out with you.” Getting out of the car, she walked around the front of my car then back to my window. She opened her notebook, wrote down something as I rolled down my window and handed me a piece of paper with her phone number on it. She handed it to me saying, “I’d kiss you but not in front of my parents’ house. They’re pretty strict with me.”

I was determined to find a way to get to know her parents and get them to like me. Becky and I became an item at school and spent a lot of time getting to know one another. Her mother Carol worked for an insurance firm and her father David was an aerospace engineer. I decided the direct approach was my best chance so on Saturday, I went to the mall and purchased a box of See’s Finest chocolates then stopped at the florist and picked up two nice bouquets. I walked up to Becky’s door and rang the bell, nervous as all get out. Her father answered the door and said, “Can I help you young man?” eyeing the candy and flowers I was carrying.

Clearing my throat, I said, “Mr. Collins, if I may sir, I would like to talk to you and your wife if you have a few minutes to spare?” He stood there looking me over suspiciously for a moment then motioned me in and called his wife. I could see Becky peeking around the corner down the hall. He led me to the living room.

Carol was a doll, about 5’5″ maybe 120 lbs. very attractive and I walked over to her and handed her the box of chocolates and the bouquet of flowers and said, “I can see where Becky gets her beauty from.” She blushed then smiled at her husband. Then I handed Becky her bouquet and sat down in the chair opposite them.

Mustering up all my nerve, I began, “Mr. and Mrs. Collins. I don’t know if Becky has said anything about me but my name is Kevin Foster and I really like your daughter. I would like your permission to date her. My parents have taught me to treat girls like a lady. I am studying computers and auto shop and hope to go to college then open a speed shop where I can do what I enjoy doing, that’s make cars go faster. Do you have any questions for me?”

I think I took them by surprise by my frontal attack. Her father stood up and pulled his wife up and they went into the kitchen where we could hear them whispering. When they came back, her father said, “Kevin, I admire your gumption and please, it’s Dave and Carol. Just when would you like to start dating our little girl?”

Becky jumped up from the couch, a smile as big as Texas then I said, “With your permission, I’d like to take her out tonight for a steak dinner. Would 7:00 be ok?”

Carol walked over to me and gave me a big hug and said, “You’re such a sweet boy, thank you for the chocolates and flowers.” Then she turned to Becky and said, “Let’s go see what you have to wear?” and they headed down the hall.

Dave walked me to the door and out to my car. At the sidewalk, he firmly shook my hand and said, “Look Kevin, I worship my little girl. If you ever do anything to hurt her, I guarantee you’ll regret it, understand!” His hand squeezed mine so tightly he hurt me.

When I was finally able to pull away I said, “Sir, I would never do that. I’m not sure what will happen between us but I’m hoping that we can have a long and loving relationship.” He turned and walked away.

Becky and I were exclusive though I was only in college for two years. During that time, she lost a lot of weight, had her braces removed and her glasses replaced with contacts. Wow, she was absolutely gorgeous. My friends couldn’t believe how lucky I was and a few were even hitting on her. Less than a week after my graduation, we were married in the park across from her parents’ house. My parents, Tom and Jan helped us with the expenses and it was fun time with our friends and family. My parents had several rental properties and they offered us one at a highly reduced rate. It had a large shop in back which I could use for my business. Life was good.

The wedding night was even better. I was so glad we had waited to have sex though at times it was pretty difficult. As we entered the honeymoon suite, I started to reach for Becky’s dress and she pushed my hands away telling me to relax. She then began to undress me, starting with my tux coat. She then knelt down and untied my shoes, tossing them aside. She then unfastened my belt and pulled down my zipper, sliding my pants down guiding me to step out of them. The silk boxers she had picked out for me were tenting out like a circus tent and she rubbed each cheek against it lovingly before placing a kiss on the head through the fabric and slowly standing up. Becky unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off.

Becky turned around and told me to unzip her dress and I did, she stepped out, and asked me to hang it up, I quickly followed her directions. She then told me to unfasten her bustier which I eagerly did. She was still facing away from me. Then she sexily said, “Kevin, now remove my panties.” OMG. I pulled them down and I was about to cum just looking at her backside. Becky was standing there, in her white vail, her blond hair in ringlets, a white garter belt holding up white nylon stockings and 4″ spiked heels and that lovely ass I had jacked off to so often. Then she turned around and smiled and said with this seductive smile, “Does Mr. Foster like Mrs. Foster?” I couldn’t speak so I nodded. “Good, now get on the bed, I’ve been waiting a long time for this.” As I started to pull off my boxers she stopped me and pushed me onto the bed.

I moved myself into the middle of the bed and Becky crawled up and straddled my legs, pulling my cock out of my boxers and took me into her mouth. She began to suck it at the underside of the base and slowly moved her way up. It was agonizingly wonderful. Then she got to the head and her tongue circled it like an ice cream cone. I could feel the heat of her pussy on my feet and wanted her to move up so I could get my cock into her pussy. I had trouble but I got out, “I’M . . . GOING . . . TO . . . CUM!” and Becky’s mouth dropped down to my pubic hair, my cock deep in her throat as spurt after sticky spurt coated her tonsils and she swallowed every bit.

She raised her head and smiled, it was a wicked smile and she asked, “Did you like that Kevin?”

Out of breath, I smiled and said, “Fuck yea! God babe, that was fantastic,” never giving a thought as to where she had learned to do that.

“Great,” she said, “Now let’s see how well you can do.” As she hopped up next to me and pushed me down to get my head into her crotch. Her pussy had been freshly waxed, a condition she kept up during our entire time together. I had never gone down on a girl before though I had watched some porn and had an idea of what I should be doing. Thankfully Becky wasn’t shy about telling me what she liked and where she wanted me to lick or suck. She told me to stick two fingers in and rub her G-spot while sucking on her clit. I was like a kid in a candy store and even tried new things like fingering her ass while sucking her clit. Man, that really got her orgasming. Becky was running her fingers through my hair as she pushed my head down tighter to her pussy. She was arching her butt way off the bed as her orgasms were becoming almost non-stop. I thought that any second the management would be there to tell us to be quiet. Thankfully no one showed. After a massive orgasm, she pushed my head away and motioned me up, we made out for a while then she asked me, “Make love to me, please?”

I didn’t need a second invitation. I quickly moved up and she guided me into her silky wetness. O.M.G. did she feel good. We made love until early morning then cuddled up and drifted off into the most wonderful sleep I’d ever experience.

Becky had gone to work at the same place as her mother, the insurance company. Just a few doors down was a gym and spa called Sweet Springs. She asked if she could join as they offered discounts for people in the same building, reminding me that she needed to stay in shape. My business hadn’t really taken off yet so I was working for Abasco, keeping their servers up and running and doing my speed work nights and weekends. Eventually things started to pick up. I was spending a lot of evenings working on guys cars and Becky and her girlfriends were either in the house gabbing or they’d go out for drinks and dancing. She had become besties with Jackie and Wendy from the gym who were married to brothers from Barcelona, Antonio and Paulo.

I wanted to start a family but Becky didn’t, she kept telling me that the time wasn’t right. We had been married almost six years and the last year our sex life had seemed to have slowed to a crawl. Granted often I wouldn’t make it to bed until well after midnight, me due to my car work but then again, on ladies nights she went out dancing with the girls. Becky didn’t come home until the bars closed at 2:00 A.M., sometimes later, then she’d jump in the shower before climbing in bed and went right to sleep. If I even suggested some play she’d say she needed her beauty sleep and turn away from me.

I was working on Fred’s car one night and trying to get a bracket off, I needed a hammer because he had used Locktite on the bolts so I asked him to hand me one. Instead of handing it, he flung it at me, it hit the ceiling and came crashing down right in the center of my laptop keyboard, smashing it to bits. Let’s say I was rather pissed. All my customers custom tunes were in there as well as my personal ones. Fred kept apologizing and offered to buy me a new one. He said, “I’ll pick you up here tomorrow right after work and take you to my uncle Joe’s. He’s got an electronics store you won’t believe. There’s some junk but he’s also got a lot of state of the art crap that I’d bet you’d love. Hell, maybe he can even fix it. Bring your computer and the power supply.”

I was still working at Abasco, though I really didn’t have set hours. I’d get there in the morning and check on the servers and make sure everything was running smoothly, if things weren’t, I’d have to find out what the problem was and fix it. Occasionally that meant a lot of work, Other days it was rather boring and if I wasn’t needed, I could either clock out and go home or surf the net on their direct fiber optic line. Damn I wished I could have one at home. This being a slow day, I called Fred and asked what time he planned on getting off and he said, “Hell Kev, I’m at home now, drinking a beer. When do you want to go?”

“Meet me at my place in ten,” I said and clocked out, got in my Subaru WRX and took off. Fred picked me up and we drove through the myriad of commercial buildings in La Mirada until Fred pulled up at this one with this big awning and a steel gated front door. The painted sign simply said, ‘Joe’s Electronics’ ‘No one beats our prices’. We walked in setting off a loud buzzer and there were glass display counters that had seen their better days. The place smelled of disinfectant, reminding me of the smell of a Harbor Freight. I figured he imported a lot of his merchandise. Joe came in from the back. He looked to be in his mid to late 70’s.

“Freddy my boy.” he said, his arms open wide, “What in the world brings you to see me?”

Fred hugged his uncle then sat my computer on the counter and opened it and said, “Uncle Joe, this is my friend Kevin. I kind of goofed and messed up his computer. He uses it to tune cars and it has all his important tunes in it. Can you fix it? If not can the information be saved?” Joe stuck out his hand to me and we shook then he picked up my computer looking it over. He grabbed some tools and began taking it apart. I watched, prayed, really, that Joe could repair my computer. Pulling out the hard drive he got a big smile and Fred said, “Does that mean you can fix it, Uncle Joe?”

Looking at me he said, “Yes I can fix it but young man, you make cars go faster, correct?” I nodded. “Tell me, would you want a Porsche with a Yugo motor?”

“Hell NO!,” I shot back.

Going into the back of his store, Joe came back with a box and opened it up, showing us a brand new computer. “This is the state of the art, solid state disc drive laptop with all the bells and whistles. Next Gen 32 core CPU. I can guarantee you that you won’t find a better computer unless you spend at least five times the money. She’s fast son, real fast.”

Just then a loud bell went off in the back. Joe looked at one of his security cameras and said, “Boys, I’ve got a big delivery, would you two mind assisting me unload? My helper is off sick today and I sure could use some help.” We said we’d be glad to and Joe locked the front door. The three of us went to the back loading door which had three large steel bars, each with a padlock on it. Joe unlocked them and the delivery driver opened the back of his truck. There were 24 large white boxes marked fragile / electronics on them. The delivery driver put four at a time on his lift gate and we’d dolly them inside. Once the truck was unloaded, Fred and I set them on the floor so Joe could inventory the entire shipment. Joe was singing the song, ‘Money, money, money,’ over and over.

“What’cha so happy about Uncle Joe?” Fred asked.

Joe picked up a small, about 12″ x 12″ box from the larger box and said, “These are cubic dollar bills. They might as well be gold. I get a shipment like this once a month. I can’t keep them in stock.”

“What are they?” I asked.

Smiling, Joe said as he opened another box, “These my boy, are the latest in indoor security. Lipstick cams. Motion or sound activated, color or night vision. They pan and zoom if you’re at your computer. Wireless and six month battery life. They come in a 4, 8 or 12 camera set that anyone with half a brain can hook up to a central computer within 500 feet and record to their hearts content.”

A little curious I asked, “Why the big run on them?”

Shaking his head, Joe said, “Women! Changing times! When I was young, it was the men that chased around and screwed around on their wives. Now a days, it’s the women that are chasing guys and cheating on their husbands. Hell, I have hundreds of thank you letters from husbands thanking me for getting the low down on their cheating no good wives. I also sell programs that let a guy track his wife’s cell phone telling him exactly where she is, show him every incoming and outgoing phone call and text message including pictures and videos. The same goes for her home computer. He does have to know her passwords though. I have a website I sell these babies on and between that and eBay, I do pretty well.”

By :R69runner

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