A young man meets a woman with an interesting kink

I had just turned 21, and thanks to a generous neighbor who gave me a damned good job and some guidance, and my own work ethic, I was able to afford a pretty nice apartment. I worked my ass off Monday thru Thursday as a foreman for his roofing company. He supplied me with a company truck, small expense account, and a crew that made me look good.

It was on a Friday in June that I met Dana. I had gotten up at my usual 4 am, knocked out a little paperwork for Monday, gone to the grocery store after I’d gotten my laundry started, put the groceries away, I finished my chores, and went to grab some lunch. I had a couple beers with my lunch, and decided to go to the pool in the apartments, and see if the lifeguard was hot enough to spend some time on.

I was big time disappointed in the lifeguard…he was a little taller than me (6’2″), a little lighter than my 210 lbs, but he was pretty cool, and was really good with the kids who were geeked to have the pool open, and just a few more days left in the school year. I’d been there about an hour, about a half hour before I’d have to go back to my place to refill the big Yeti growler with beer when she strolled into the pool. She made small talk with Joel (the lifeguard) while he checked her in, and she made her way over to where I was, taking the table next to the one I was getting drunk at.

I introduced myself when she looked my way, and offered her a beer out of the growler. She told me her name was Dana, and grinned mischievously when she declined the beer, and proceeded to mix herself a Sapphire and Sprite. She looked about 35, but after a few minutes of conversation, she let it slip she was 42 (she actually said she was old enough to be my mommy), and had been divorced for 18 months. She has brown hair, down to her shoulders, in a really sexy style that’s classy as hell. Her one piece bathing suit revealed a nice body, with a pair of good solid C cup tits, a firm tummy, slim hips, a bit of a bubble but, and a set of legs that were outstanding. Her face looked a lot like Miss Elizabeth, from the old WWF Wrestling days, but, because of her sunglasses, I never saw her eyes while we got to know one another.

We talked and I found out her husband left her after 9 yrs of marriage, after they’d found out she was unable to have children. She said she’d been crushed to find out that news, as she’d always envisioned herself a mom. Her dickhead husband couldn’t handle not being a dad, and made it out to be the reason for the split. Fortunately for her, her uncle is a damned good divorce lawyer, and her employer(!). While she wasn’t set for life, her settlement allowed her to live modestly, but quite comfortably. She admitted that thanks to a little therapy, and a few “happy pills,” she was dealing with the 1-2 punch of infertility and divorce as well as could be expected.

The pool was filling up with kids, and our privacy was being encroached upon with the kids who’d been filing in quickly after the school buses had dropped off their cargo. We were having a really good conversation, and she was rather impressed with my story and situation, what with me being 21, but having been employed for 7 yrs, and making enough of a wage to afford my own place, especially in the complex we lived in, which weren’t exactly cheap.

My cell phone rang, and it was my supplier, with bad news that a shipment we expected Monday would be delayed. I was mad, but it wasn’t the suppliers fault; the manufacturer had fucked up and wouldn’t be able to deliver until Wednesday. I told Dana about the situation, and that I had to go and rearrange things for Monday with my crews to keep the boss happy. Before I split, I told her that it would only take a couple hours to sort out, and then asked her if she would like to continue our talk over dinner later.

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