A young man finds my tanning to his liking. Wonderful! – Tanning to Entertain

I know some will view this with distain.

I made a choice and I’m not ashamed to admit I enjoyed and continue to enjoy my pleasure.

When I came home from the birth of my daughter I found evidence my husband had entertained women in our bed. That is a difficult to over look or forget.

Fortunately I was able to maintain my body after the birth and I certainly had a different attitude toward my wedding vows.

I began to see other men in a way I quickly became accustom to.

I sought out reasons to delay coming home from work. I flirted, teased, found I was wanting others to admire me as the woman I was.

My body had always been my best feature. I caught men looking at me, many from the eyes down and seeing glances of my breasts. I wasn’t a freak, I didn’t breasts too large to be uncomfortable in business clothing. Just breasts that open doors with men who actually had found reason to be in my company.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to delve into dating others, or even accepting invitation for a drink after work. Well, at least not initially.

I love the sun. The warmer the better. I find it an aphrodisiac to allow every precious ray to tan by body. All of my body.

I often took afternoons off in the summer from my position as a department manager for a large local bank for credit life insurance. I could go in after hours to tally the figures.

My son who had just graduated from high school was working over night at a local newspaper. He would get home around the time my husband was going to work as a foreman for a construction company. Often he was out of town in other cities and it provided me the time to indulge myself with laying out on our deck.

My son would usually sleep until four in the afternoon so I had the privacy to do I as wished as far as what to wear.

I would usually come home, strip down to a thong, pickup my sun oil, and dark sunglasses and be on the deck by one o’clock. Sometimes ice tea, or a wine cooler would be my refreshment for the day.

I knew some of my son’s friend would often come by to go out to the local Hooter’s before he went to work but that was never before late afternoon.

I guess I was napping, laying on my back, and didn’t hear the arrival of his fiend, Kent. He must have come into the house and up to Mike’s room to get him up early. I really didn’t realize what was happening until Mike came on the deck to tell me he was leaving with Kent to go to a sporting goods store to get some fishing equipment.

The dark sunglasses was actually shielding his face and my initially didn’t know Kent was in the sliding glass door, looking at me. It was too late to show modesty so I told him to be come back before he went in to work.

Mike had seem me tanning topless a multitude of times and I guess he didn’t know his friend was watch me. As Mike and I chatted I watch Kent, smiling and showing no indication of waiting for Mike in the house.

Was I ashame my son’s friend had seen me? Should I have fake an attempt to grab a towel, which I hadn’t brought out to cover my breasts?

No. I wasn’t.

I thought about it. He was a young man. My son was 18 so Kent would be also wouldn’t he?

As I got up to get a fresh glass of ice water, the cooler air of the interior of the house caused my nipples to harden. Or was the cool air? Smiling to myself I like the idea of being seen, and hopefully admired by a younger man.

My husband was out of town, in Washington D.C., to direct the hanging of the panels produced my his company, so I had a period of time to plan my next move.

I couldn’t get Kent off my mind. I admit being almost 20 years his senior did wonders for my ego.

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