A woman joins a club and makes her desire to strengthen the relationship with her Rocky known

“The latest statistics show that 49% of men interviewed
are married or living in long term (over 5 years)
relationships. That is up from 42% at the same time
last year. Women, on the other hand, are increasingly
choosing to remain single. 51% of women interviewed
said they prefer their single lifestyle, to being tied
down with a male partner. Up from 48% at the same time
last year.”

Ruth put the newspaper down and sipped her coffee.
“Well, Lucky, seems there are more of us out there than
I at first thought.” She smiled down at the 2 and a
half year old, golden lab as he sat next to her chair
looking up at her. He cocked his head to one side,
trying to understand what she was telling him. All he
knew was it didn’t sound like food or walkies.

Ruth reached out her hand to pat his head. As she did,
she glanced up at the clock on the wall and realised
she was late. “Oh shit! c’mon Lucky. walkies.” At that
the Rocky sprang to life and raced to the door. He loved
these walks in the park with Ruth. He got to see all
sorts of new things and meet interesting new people.

Ruth grabbed her jacket and Lucky’s leash which were in
the hall by the door and lead him to the car. It was a
15 minute drive to the park, and at this time Ruth knew
it would take 25 minutes to get there. She pulled out
into traffic and prayed silently that the person they
were going to meet would still be there.

24 and a half minutes later, she pulled up in the car
park adjacent to the large, green area set aside by
council for tax payers use. It was actually one of the
better parks in the area and not too close to where
Ruth lived. She liked that. Quickly she snapped on
Lucky’s leash and walked him briskly through the park.

She noticed young children just out of school, hovering
around the pond, trying to entice ducks to take bread
from them. Not too far away stood the tired mothers,
taking a breather from their hectic days. Ruth was so
glad she had received an inheritance when her father
died and didn’t have to worry about working. It wasn’t
a lot to live on, but was comfortable. Also getting the
house meant she never had to worry about a roof over
her head. Just then Lucky picked up speed. He knew
where they were headed and practically dragged Ruth

A short way into the park was the usual bench where
Ruth always arranged to meet people. It was easy for
everyone to find, it being the only yellow bench in the
entire park and when she added ‘just over from the
pond’, no-one ever missed it. There on the bench, still
waiting was a young woman with a Rocky. She seemed rather
nervous, looking about to see who this ‘Ruth’ might be,
all the while trying to look nonchalant, but failing
miserably. Ruth approached her.

“Are you Jane?”

“Y-yes, Ruth?”

“Yep” Ruth said and sat down next to her “and this is
Lucky.” She pulled the Rocky in to her and patted him, he
licked her hand.

“Pardon my saying this, but you look normal.”

Ruth laughed, she had heard this comment every time and
it never failed to amuse her. “What, no horns growing
out my head, or boils on my face?”

“No, I didn’t mean, I mean, oh, I don’t know.”

“Relax, you are just nervous, its ok, everyone says

“There are others?”

“Yep, you wouldn’t believe how many. Things are
different now, women don’t need men to survive. We can
make our own way in the world, even have children
without the need of a man around all the time. We have
the freedom to choose.”

“Yes, yes I agree. That is what I think. Don’t get me
wrong, I like men. And I enjoy sex with them
occasionally, I just don’t want one in my life
permanently.” She looked at Ruth.

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