A Witch’s night in

Thunder rumbled outside the stone hut deep in the forest. Within, the young witch Guinevere– or Gwen as she prefers to be called–was putting the finishing touches on her makeup: a layer of sparkling gloss atop a coating of deep violet lip stain. She set down the gloss and picked up the inky pencil used to draw on her sharp eyeliner. Her eyelids were decorated much like her lips, shaded in glistening purple. She added beneath the outside corner of her left eyes a small star with the eyeliner. Admiring her handiwork, Gwen couldn’t resist chewing on her lip and offering her reflection a flirtatious wink.

The witch rose from her seat, smoothing down her black dress. The simple article featured long, wide sleeves, a short skirt that barely extended a third of the way down her thighs, and a deep neckline that would have left her navel exposed were just a few inches further. The open front gave a generous taste of the witch’s generous bust. She fluffed up her shoulder-length black hair and picked up the candle from her dresser. Fully dolled up, she made her way towards the door to her date.

With the creaking of an old wood door and the soft sounds of bare feet against smooth stone steps, Gwen descended the stairway hidden beneath her home. What awaited her at the bottom was a large, stone double door covered in runes. The witch whispered the secret words and the doors slowly opened themselves. A rush of air pulled into the opening doors snuffed the light of Gwen’s candle, though the witch was unfazed. She had been here many times before. She set the candle down and stepped inside, her bare feet met with the cool, nearly ankle deep water that filled the room.

The circular room was rather large, about ten feet in diameter, and pitch dark. The gentle splashing of her steps was the only sound that echoed through the chamber. That is, until the ancient doors closed themselves behind her with a resounding thud. As soon as the doors closed, the room’s floor beneath the water began glowing brightly. The pale blue light refracted through the water, casting dancing patterns all over the walls and ceiling. Moments passed. Then, something—or some things—emerged from the water. Four long, tentacular appendages with phallic ends swayed idly in the still air, dripping in the water they emerged from. The slimy tendrils glistened with whatever oily fluid coated their surface, all seemingly pointing towards the center of the room where the witch stood.

Gwen smiled. “Hey baby. Been a while.” She cooed. One more tentacle emerged much closer to her. The dripping thing had a heavy scent to it, but not wholly unpleasant. It coiled around her vicinity, prodding it’s tip into her hair. “Hm? Oh yeah, I cut it ages ago. It’s growing back in now.” The witch explained, turning to face the tentacle exploring her. She wrapped her hand lightly around it, bringing it close to her face. “Oh I missed you…” She breathed, planting a kiss along the underside, following up with a long lick. She could feel the cock twitch in her hand and against her tongue. She moaned softly at the taste it was so familiar yet so missed. It was almost nostalgic. She wrapped her lips around the head, slowly sliding down, keeping her tongue pressed up to the under side.

Gwen bobbed her head up and down for a few moments until she felt the lower lengths of the shaft start to reel back. She took this as a sign and let the cockhead go, a few strands of mixed drool and slime keeping her connected to it for a few seconds longer. She took a deep breath and wiped her mouth before the tentacle guided itself to press into her chest. The witch giggled. “Oh? Guess you missed these too huh?” She teased, pressing her breasts together against the tentacle. The slimy appendage let itself slide up and down, enveloped by her bust. “Mm… get back up here.” Gwen goaded. The tentacle obeyed, sliding up into the witch’s mouth. It slid up and down, between her tits and between her lips. The tip prodded at the back of her throat as Gwen bobbed her head in a complimentary motion. She massaged her chest, fondling herself as she held the tentacle between her tits while it slid against her.

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