A Wife’s Submissive Journey

Susan and her family moved to the city and instantly
fell in love with the friendly neighborhood. She was
liked by anyone who met her and in particular the men
found her overly attractive and sexy. Sue married
young and virtually had no sexual experiences other
than those with her childhood sweetheart, Ben, who she
married. They didn’t have any children and anyone who
met Ben and Susan considered her a trophy wife, as she
was extremely beautiful and sexy. She dressed in a
very conservative manner, but always in rich and
elegant clothes, which were trendy and very

Every fall about the end of September, one of their
neighbors hosted a block party barbeque, which was
designed to welcome newcomers and also to rekindle
friendships. The function was always well attended, as
it was the one time a year that everyone could
socialize with neighbors. The Clarks who lived only a
couple doors down the block from Susan were the hosts.
The family was well known for their gracious parties
and Sue looked forward to meeting all of her
neighbors, some of them for the first time.

Nadine Clark had just turned 21 and she was an only
child, which was most likely the reason for her being
spoiled rotten. No one could argue the fact that
Nadine was overly dominating. She loved being the one
in control of everything and considered herself the
leader in almost every endeavor. The fact Nadine was a
little shorter than average and a little smaller might
have been a determining factor of her having a
inferior attitude. When her friends assumed Nadine was
not capable of being powerful and in control, she
always proved them wrong by being the strongest and
most feared.

Her parents thought Nadine could do no wrong and they
were happy to still have her living at home. They were
extremely proud of their daughter and ignored any
warning signs that she might be overly domineering.
When Nadine set her sights on something, she didn’t
let anything get in her way of achieving a goal or
winning a competition. Her smaller stature deceived
most people and she was in complete control before
anyone knew what happened. Most of her personal
relationships were with people about her own age, but
she secretly vowed to someday have an intimate
relationship with an older woman.

Nadine would look back on the planned neighborhood
gathering with great fondness even though at first she
wanted nothing to do with the party. She thought her
parents were silly for volunteering to be hosts for
the annual social event and she refused to help in any
way. What made her change her mind might have been a
fluke, but Nadine would always consider it one of her
luckiest changes of heart. After her mother pestered
her for the whole month of July, Nadine finally agreed
to help with the September party.

The two were having coffee together one morning before
Nadine went to college or her mother went to work.
“Mother, I’ll help with the damn party… just get off
my back,” Nadine complained. “You shouldn’t have
volunteered to host the bloody thing. It’s a lot of
goddamn work and you know how much I hate work.”

“You know your dad… how he thinks he’s the best
Barbequer in the world,” her mother replied. “It will
be nice having all of the neighbors around.”

“I’ll help with arrangements… with everything until
the actual party,” Nadine said. “But I’m not
socializing with a bunch of old farts.”

“It will do you good to be nice to the neighbors. Pay
some of them back for being nice to the spoiled
princess,” her mother teased Nadine. “You just have to
help with all of the arrangements and setup… not
with the actual day of the party.”

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