A wife of over thirty years agrees to satisfy her husband’s desire

She moaned from deep down in her belly. ‘Wait, NO! Not yet. I’m not ready yet.’ She whimpered the last through clenched teeth as the cock stretched her ass far beyond anything she had ever had there before. ‘NO, don’t move! It hurts. ‘ ‘I am not moving.’ said the stranger whose cock was now buried to the hilt in this redheaded bbw’s rather plump, wide-spread ass.

She was starting to sweat. A glistening sheen of perspiration covered her entire body as she strained to take the full ten inches of cock that she had allowed to be placed in her ass.

Twelve hours earlier. ‘Okay, okay’ she said. I know I agreed to do this for you and I am going to go through with it.’ Her name was Katelyn and she was a fifty’s woman who had been married to her High School sweetheart for over thirty years. She was about 5’8′, slightly plump with natural 44 C breasts that drooped a bit without a bra, because of their weight.

She had red hair, though she was actually a natural blond, but had gone gray early. Her entire family went gray by the time they turned 35. She liked sex, though not as much as her husband, but she did not like receiving oral sex. She did, however, love to suck cock.

Katelyn enjoyed light bondage and allowed her husband to take all the nude pictures of her he wanted. She had even gone to a professional photographer and had a set of ‘Bedroom’ pictures done in various poses, though none of them were nudes or topless. Her husband, Patrick, had been trying to get her to do a threesome for nearly twenty years, but she always rejected the idea. Last Saturday night they had gone to a party at her best friend’s house and all of them had had a good time.

They had planned on spending the night instead of driving home, so they were a bit drunk. After everyone else had left, Pat asked Kate’s friend, Chet, if he wanted to see Katelyn’s tits. Chet was going through a nasty divorce and hadn’t seen a set of tits in a long time, so he said ‘sure.’

Katelyn was sitting on the couch. She had worn a loose fitting, deep plunging ‘vee’ blouse and her bra did not cover her breasts very well. Pat had noticed Chet sneaking peeks at her tits whenever she bent over to sit down or put something on the coffee table. Chet could nearly see her nipples and he felt his cock stir a few times, though he had never considered the idea of fucking her before.

Pat walked over and sat down beside Katy and put his left arm around her shoulder. Without warning, he shifted his weight to pen her right arm behind his body, and grasped her left arm with his left hand so it could not move. Then, he calmly reached over with his right hand, reached down into her cleavage and popped her right breast completely out into full view.

Kate squealed and struggled, but could not get away. Her large, plump breast was fully exposed to Chet’s view and he just smiled and stared at it. The nipple, which was pink and about ¾ of an inch long was surrounded by an aureole the size of a silver dollar. It stood straight out and looked like it needed sucking. Pat asked Chet if he wanted a taste, and he said no, but thanked Pat for the wonderful show.

Soon after they went to bed and slept all night. The next day on the way home, Katelyn told Pat not to ever do that again, as it made her feel used. Later that week they had been talking about why Patrick wanted to share Katelyn with strangers and he explained that the idea made him hard as a rock and, well, happy.

He wasn’t a happy person by nature, but the idea of watching Katelyn sucking some stranger’s dick, or seeing her getting fucked made him extremely happy. When he was done talking, she had said nothing. The next evening after dinner, Katelyn had told Pat that she would agree to try a threesome, but that Pat had to set it up and it had to be in a hotel in the next city over.

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