A wife becomes pregnant by her husband’s black boss

Glory loves black cock. Married to her husband Danny for eleven years. They met straight out of college. Plans to start a family were held back until Danny finally got the position he wanted at his job. He’s making good money now and his wife was ready to start a family. That’s until Danny found out he couldn’t conceive a child. After longs talks about adoption they finally forgot about having children after a couple years.

Danny’s boss was invited to dinner one evening. Mr. Blackwell is a middle aged black man. Danny was kind of turned on when he noticed his boss flirting with his wife. Danny invited his boss over for dinner a few more times watching his wife get cozier with his boss each time he came over.

Finally, Danny confronted Glory about the way she was coming on to his bosses advances and ask her if she was turned on by this black man. She finally confessed to her husband that she always wondered what it would feel like having a big black cock inside her pussy. Danny and Glory fantasized about her fucking his black boss for the next several months. Danny even went out and bought a big black fake cock for his wife to play with.

Glory decided to take it one step further when the boss was invited for dinner once again. As they sat of the sofa, the boss started resting his hand on Gloria’s thigh. A few minutes later and they were locked in a heated passionate kiss when Danny went out into the kitchen to mix new drinks.

Glory winked at Danny when he returned and he knew that Glory wanted to fuck his boss. Danny being a gentleman pretended he was going to check on something in the garage as his wife continued to seduce his boss on the living room sofa. When Danny returned he found the sofa empty. He slowly walked up the steps to the second floor to find his lovely wife embraced in a hot passionate kiss while seated on the edge of their bed.

Her blouse was loose and she was unbuttoning his bosses shirt. Danny’s cock got hard as he watched the scene. Danny paced the hallway for a couple minutes and peeked back into the room only to see his boss sucking on one of Gloria’s hard nipples. Her head was tilted back and she held her hand on his bosses head as a moan of passion escaped her lips.

Danny could hardly take in what he saw and turned away from the room again. He poked his hand inside his pants looking down at the floor almost afraid to look back inside their bedroom. When he did he got the shock of his life. Glory was down on her knees wearing just her heels, garter belt and stockings sucking on his bosses black cock. Danny’s eyes widened when he saw how long and thick his bosses cock was. Glory was sucking him like a whore in heat cupping those huge massive black balls in her dainty little hands as she devoured that long black stick.

Danny stroked his cock trying to imagine what it must have felt like getting his cock sucked by a married white woman. Danny watched the action and turned away again to stroke his meat so they wouldn’t hear him in the hallway. Danny didn’t want to cum yet so he stopped playing with himself and poked his head around the corner of the doorway again.

Glory was on the bed now getting her pussy licked by his boss. Her legs up high in the air as his boss tickled her clit with his tongue. Danny could see that massive black cock throbbing below waiting for the moment it would find it’s way between Gloria’s pink married pussy lips.

Danny’s cock was pressed against the material of his pants as he listened to his wife’s groans. His boss took his time to get her worked up and started moving upward until his cock was positioned between Gloria’s thighs. Danny watched as his boss held Gloria’s legs back and slipped his thick cock head between the crack of her wet pussy lips. He watched as his boss teased her a few times before inserting his cock between her pussy causing Glory’s body to tense up from the pressure of having such a huge object stuck inside her pussy.

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