A wife and mother enjoys being at home naked and having sex with her sons

My name is Jenny. I’m 38 and have kept myself in great shape by going to the gym, doing pilates, and aerobics. My husband, Jerome, is 40 and is nothing short of a stud. He is a coffee-colored black man who stands 6’3”, has rippling muscles from working out and his weekly basketball game with his friends, and has the most amazing 9” cock I’ve ever seen or felt. And I’ve had plenty of cocks. You see, my husband is not the controlling type. He has no problems sharing my body with anyone I want because he knows that would only be fucking, not making love. We are very secure in our marriage and our love for each other so extramarital sex is not an issue.

We have two sons. Sean is 17 and Ethan is 16. They are great kids. They get good grades, never get into serious trouble, and have good friends. They both are growing up to be very good looking young men and look to be on their way to growing as tall as their father.

Jerome found out early on in our relationship that I was sexually submissive, at least for him. I never felt submissive in my other relationships before Jerome, but things are different with Jerome. He just has such a confidence and swagger to go with that awesome body, that I just melt whenever I’m around him. Even after almost 19 years of marriage.

Jerome always loved it when I dressed up really sexy, if not totally slutty. He loved showing my body off to others and preferred to have me wear as little clothing as possible out in public. Jerome absolutely forbade me from ever wearing panties or a bra underneath my clothing. Sometimes I would go out wearing either a bra or panties as outer wear like wearing a crop top and sexy panties or a lacy bra with a very short skirt. Hell, we’ve even gone out on the town with me wearing a mostly see-thru negligee. At home, he preferred that I be naked at all times. Not only did Jerome always want to see my naked body, he liked having the easy access to it and we would have sex frequently anywhere around the house.

That all changed, however, once the kids got past being toddlers. We didn’t think we could trust that young kids wouldn’t end up saying something about their mom’s boobs or something that would raise a bunch of questions. So, unfortunately, we had to curtail the at-home nudity. I still tried to be as sexy for Jerome as I could by not wearing a bra or panties at home and wearing sexy clothes.

Now that the boys are getting older, Jerome has been saying that he wants me to get back to being naked at home. We discussed the ramifications of that with having two horny boys around all the time. How would they handle seeing me naked all the time and seeing their father and me in sexual situations in plain view around the house?

There was only one logical way to handle it. We would have to allow the boys to enjoy my body as well, if they wanted to. Frankly, I don’t give a shit about it being incest. I don’t know what the big deal is about that. There are really only two issues that matter: 1) that the boys never have to do anything they don’t want to do; and 2) it’s technically illegal because the boys are still underage by a little bit. That meant that we need to get their solemn promises to never tell anyone about any sexual things they do with me while they are underage. Once they turn 18, I won’t really care who knows what we do. It still won’t be anyone’s business what we do in the privacy of our own home, but at least they’ll be considered consenting adults under the law.

So once Jerome and I figured all of this out, it was time to spring it on the boys and get their opinion of the whole thing. If they thought it would be too weird to see me naked around the house, or me having sex with their father or their brother, or anyone else for that matter, then we just wouldn’t do it and Jerome and I would have to wait until they are older or when they’ve gone off to college. Whether or not they wanted to have sex with me wouldn’t make or break it. If they were okay with me being naked and sexual but they were against incest or wouldn’t be turned on by their mother’s body, that’s perfectly acceptable. Again, they would never have to do anything they don’t want to.

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