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Rod and Angie had been married seven years. They had been struggling financially the entire seven years as Rod had worked two and sometimes three jobs trying to accumulate enough money to start an auto repair shop. Everyone came to him when they had car problems and were happy to pay him to fix their cars. They knew he was honest and wouldn’t gouge them. He was also understanding of their financial problems and more than once fixed someone’s car at his own expense until they could pay him. He wa

They wanted to start a family once they had secured a financial future. Rod was a good man and he would make an excellent father. He worked hard and had finally bought a 10 acre plot of land with a building in which to start his own auto repair business. It had taken a few years to get established and pay off much of his equipment but his reputation for doing good work at reasonable prices had his business growing and he seldom worked on the side anymore to survive. He often heard many of his customers complain of the twenty minute drive to Hawthorne to purchase fuel but it had always been that way so everyone accepted it. One day Angie was complaining she was low on gas and might be calling him if she run out before reaching Hawthorne and she asked, “Why the hell can’t you have pumps at the shop Rod? I bet everyone would buy gas there and it might bring in some business that’s going to Hawthorne now”. That sounded like a good idea and he began investigating what he would have to do to accomplish it.

It took a couple of months to draw up a business plan and get together all the info to apply for a bank loan but when he had everything he went to the bank to apply for a loan to do it. The bank manager heard what he was doing and personally arranged the loan saying, “About time someone took the initiative to give this community their own gas. Be damn nice to be able to stop at your place on my way to work instead of wasting our time on the weekend to plan a trip to Hawthorne. I reckon a whole lot of people will feel the same Rod so I’m not worried at all about your ability to repay this loan. So with his personal recommendation the loan was actually approved that day. Within two months he was pumping gas to a bunch of smiling townspeople. The increased traffic was beginning to show on the bottom line. The pumps had added enough income that for the first time he had a good year and his business was flourishing. They were thinking about having a child. But then he realized his business was too good. He had work backing up and a few customers complained and he realized his business required more help. He finally had to tell Angie he needed to hire a mechanic and a guy to pump gas and help out cleaning and running for parts etc.. He just couldn’t keep up and business was picking up more as people learned they could get gas at his shop.

Jake, the mechanic he hired, was a tall powerfully built Black man that had recently lost his job in Hawthorne. He said it was due to Rod’s shop opening and the lost gas sales where he had been employed. He was highly respected as a good mechanic and Rod was glad he could hire him. His previous employer gave him a very good reference with the disclaimer, “That is if you can tolerate his back room antics. It never interfered with his work so I ignored it and it might be wise for you to also, he’s a good worker and always at work.” He wouldn’t explain what he meant only saying, “It won’t take long for you to understand what I mean, trust me”.

He was right, it only took about two days before many new faces were coming to the shop for gas and oil changes and sometimes repair work. Most of those faces were women. Some of the women customers also loved Jake servicing more than their cars and made it known in the back room of the shop on their knees and laying on their backs on the cases of oil. Rod turned a blind eye because his business had increased since Jake came to work for him. A blind eye was a small price to pay for the extra business. Jake brought in enough business to pay for his salary plus some extra easily. The man was a virtual sex machine and the ladies seemed to sense it. Before long Rod was noticing a few of his long time married customers slipping into the back room for a while with Jake and looking very disheveled and shaky when they finally emerged. Rod had the store room sound proofed one day when Jake had asked for a day off, something he had never done before. He didn’t say why and Rod didn’t pry. The man had been working seven days a week since he hired him and never seemed tired or ever complained. Whenever Rod asked him why he never asked off he’d always replied, “No reason to”, and just smiled.

Arnie, the handy man at the repair shop was country but a very hard worker with the country work ethic. He was worth more than what Rod payed him but it was all he could afford right now and he said he was happy with what Rod payed him. Like Jake he also was single and didn’t have many expenses. Angie would bring a good luch for them all every day Rod worked and sometimes when he wasn’t if she had a lot of leftovers. They were lucky to have such good people working for them, it was like the family they didn’t have yet. Arnie was friendly and the customers all loved him.

Jake had never flirted or been forward In any manner but Angie always felt uncomfortable around him, not because of anything he did or said but more because he just exuded so much masculinity a woman couldn’t take her eyes off him. He had a thin waist, muscular arms and a six pack that begged to be touched as he worked with his uniform shirt hangng open. And his big smile was magnetic, as was the large outline of his also muscular looking cock. It was easily discerned that he was thick and long and perpetuated the black myth. She always felt a sexual stirring in her pussy that disturbed her and made her nervous around him. It seemed there was always a sexual tension in the air around him and he did nothing to promote it, it just hung on him like a cloak and was impossible for a woman to ignore. She always left feeling guilty like she had just been unfaithful after being near him. Angie knew nothing of the back room couplings involving him and other women that allowed themselves to heed the sexual stirrings he caused within them. Angies love for Rod and system of values would never allow her to pursue those stirrings that she was plainly aware of.

Angie thought she and her husband had a good sex life. Angie didn’t have a whole lot of sexual experiences before she met Rod and compared to the other guys she had sexed Rod had exceptional equipment. She was as satisfied as possible considering her husband’s lack of skill at lovemaking. His idea of foreplay was to kiss her and finger her pussy until she was wet enough to enter her. More often than not, as he lay snoring beside her, she would finish off herself what he started. Rob had never complained so she thought he was happy sexually. They didn’t have kids yet but that was by design. She took care of her body and had always attracted admiring looks. And she made sure to do her Kegels to keep her pussy nice and tight for her man, at least that’s what she told herself. The truth was she did it for her own pleasure because of Rods normal thickness. She had encountered a thicker, shorter cock than Rod’s before they had met and knew the blessing that being able to give a mans cock a tighter hug could induce in her. Rod had been hinting lately that they should maybe bring others into their bed by making jokes etc. She had laughed it off pretending he was joking but she wasn’t entirely sure he was joking. It hurt her feelings thinking he needed more, that she wasn’t taking care of him as a wife should, especially since he was not the best equipped stud in the world and she faked her orgasms more than she actually had them and all the while him squirting his joy inside her unsated need.

One night not long after he hired Jake Rod came home and seemed distant all night. He seemed worried about something. He also seemed to have his hand on his dick more than usual. When they went to bed she finally asked him what was wrong. “Aw nothing, just thinking about something”, he said sounding like he didn’t want to discuss it.

She persisted asking, “Well it must be something cause you haven’t said ten words all night. Did something happen at work today?”

“Well, yes and no. I was in the office with the door shut and the light off taking a break because my head was hurting when I heard something that sounded like someone moaning. My first thought was someone was hurt. It sounded real close though so I turned around in my chair and I saw the air vent for the furnace and it sounded like it was coming from it. I was going to put my ear against it and see if I recognized what it was. As I bent to listen I looked into it and found out that it’s a dual vent and goes into the storeroom also. You can look right through it into the back room. Well, Jake had this white woman back there stripped completely nude and was pouring the black coal to her and she was literally out of control hunching and yelling about how big his dick was and everything. She must have cum a hundred times and then began begging him to cum saying she had to get home and fix her husbands dinner. Well in a few more minutes I saw him grab her by her ass cheeks and begin fuckin her really hard and deep, just pounding her pussy and she was screaming so loud I thought I was going to have to go back and shut her up. Then she began screaming how much he was cumming in her white pussy and her ankles crossed behind his ass and she kept pulling her pussy up into his cock as he kept spewing and spewing. My god Angie, she sounded like he was splitting her open but she kept grinding her pussy up against his fat cock and moaning, begging him not to stop, moaning how hot his cum was. Then they kissed and the whole time their tongues were entangled she kept hunching like she was trying to get his cock to spit some more cum and I figured she wqs using her pussy to milk his long dick dry. Then he got up off her and pulled his cock out of her and my god Angie he was over a foot long at least and as thick as a beer can or more. His whole black dick was covered in thick milky white cum and it was slowly running like in waves down his fucking huge cock. She rolled off the oil cases and dropped to her knees and sucked his cock clean, didn’t leave a drop of cum anywhere on his dick or balls. He was getting hard again when he made her stop. He had to help her up and then she couldn’t hardly walk when she tried to, kept falling over like her legs were giving out. He’d done fucked her till she couldn’t walk”, he said. And then she almost walked out without her dress on naked as hell before Jake helped her put it on. Then she kissed him and left.

“That sounds really hot honey. Oh my god Rod does he do that often? Are you sure you should allow it, can’t they hold us liable if he hurts some woman in the shop? Did you know he was fuckin women back there? Why did that bother you so much though,”, she asked, trying not to breathe hard or show how hot she was as the throbbing in her body became a hard pounding that created a yearning ache in her pussy. His description of Jake’s dick and the woman’s reaction to his fucking her with it excited her and held her interest more than she wanted to admit. She remembered the animal attraction she felt when around Jake and imagind how she would feel to succumb to those urges and feel what the women in the back room enjoyed so deeply. She found herself wishing it had been her to discover the vent and its viewing portal.

“Well it just got me to thinkin Angie. I know I can’t make you feel like he did that woman, I guess all the women he fucks for that matter. After seeing that married woman with him it made me think that maybe someday you might go looking for a Jake if I don’t keep you satisfied and I know you fake it a lot of times honey. Here that woman probably loves her man but he just can’t give her what she needs and so she’s over at the shop getting her pussy reamed by Jake’s black cock and fretting she isn’t going to have her man’s meal ready for him. Watching the pleasure he gave her I can understand why she was there. It looked like her whole body inside was crawling with feelings and sensations her mind and body couldn’t cope with. It was like she was trying to escape her own skin her pleasure was so intense in her pussy. I..I..can’t describe how bad I want to make you feel like that Angie. I love you honey and I want you to feel like she does with him, you deserve it baby. There’s not a better wife than you in the world honey and its not fair that you can’t experience that kind of pleasure. It’s just….just that I want you to feel like that Ang, and would give anything to be able to give you what she found with his big cock pistoning inside her. It scares me honey, knowing I can’t possibly create that kind of extreme pleasure in your body and mind too I imagine.”

“Rod, I promise you I will never cheat on you behind your back baby. It would take more than a big dick to get me away from you. Don’t you know I love you baby. There’s more to life than sex honey, there’s love and that’s what we have sweetie. You take care of my pussy just fine she assured him”, thinking a white lie was better than hurting him by telling him the truth.

“Well now that ain’t all baby. I want to tell you everything. You see, while I was watching them I realized that my dick was hard as nails, and it really got me hot seeing his black dick in that white woman’s pussy. The way she reacted, I mean craving his dick and all, just hunching all crazy up into that black dick even though her screams were so full of pain I knew she felt ripping had me needing to cum so bad I had to jerk off in the trash can. Afterwards I got to feeling kinda perverted and guilty after I had shot a nut in the trash can thinking about what that gal was feelin and all. It was like I was cheating on you or something. You gonna be mad about that honey”, he asked her seriously?

“Hell Rod if I saw something like that I’d have been thrashing my pussy too. Shit idda thought something was wrong wth you if you hadn’t beat off watching that. I tell you what, next time he’s terrorizing a woman’s pussy you call me and we can fuck while we both watch them. We need to liven our sex life up anyway”, I said laughing nervously. She wanted to watch Jake fucking and see his black meat but she didn’t want Rod to know that she was willing to take a chance of being caught fucking him in the office just to see Jakes black dick. She made it seem she just wanted him to have her there to leave a nut in when he got so hot.

“You serious, you’d fuck me in the office while we watch them fuckin. Yeah that would be hot. You can see his damn dick and see what I’m talking about too.”

“That might be fun baby, I ain’t never seen a black dick before. Maybe I’ll get all hot and take you home and fuck you all night after I suck you off while we watch them.”

“You think it will make you hot seeing Jake’s dick baby? I ain’t gonna have to worry about you being one of the women fuckin him in the back room if you watch him fuckin am I”, he asked with a serious tone in his voice that expressed the actual worry he held that seeing Jakes dick would incite her to fuck him behind his back.

“Rod how can you think that baby? I could never fuck someone you work with, no, you’d just have to go out and find me a big dicked black guy from somewhere else to fuck this cute ass with his big cock if I get all enthralled with big black dick”, I said flippantly while pressing my ass towards him trying to look all hot. Then I scolded him, “You damn fool. Just because I see a dick doesn’t mean I can’t resist fucking it baby, you just remember, I LOVE YOU!” As she walked away she thought to herself, but that doesn’t mean I can’t play with this tight pussy thinking about it. It would be nice to see what she’d been fantasizing about anyway.

A few times the next week Rod came home telling how Jake must get his dick sucked at least once a day maybe more. She wanted to scold him for not calling so she could see his dick but she knew she didn’t need for her husband to think she was too eager. She was sure If he knew how he was piquing her curiosity and fueling her imagination as he described how eager the women sucked the cum from his big black dick; while describing how he cum so much they had it cumming out their nostrils and spewing from around his dick, he would keep his mouth shut.

What Angie didn’t know, was that was precisely exactly what her husband wanted to do. After watching Jake and his women so many times, he realized that he was substituting his wife for those women in his mind and was regularly filling his trash can thinking of her sucking and fucking his employee’s huge cock. He wanted to approach his wife and tell her how turned on he got thinking of Jake fucking her and to have it out in the open but he knew she would never agree to fuck and suck Jake if he suggested it. He also knew she would be hurt and angry if he allowed her to even know he wanted something so outside their marriage vows. How could he expect his wife to understand how he could possibly tell her he loved her and in the same sentence suggest she might enjoy fucking a guy with a huge cock while he watched? Worse, how could he explain such an unnatural desire to watch her fuck someone else, when he couldn’t explain the emotions driving that unnatural desire to himself much less her. All he knew was that his dick was never harder or his need to touch it more urgent than when he had those thoughts of her beneath Jake wildly hunching her tight pussy up into his gargantuan black dick while screaming how much she loved it.

Not getting the response he wanted from his wife as he told her of the oral sex he decided to take it up a notch and actually call her to the office and let her witness what had gotten him to have his crazy need. Maybe she will be affected that same way and want to fuck Jake he thought. The next time the beautiful, classy blonde married woman was having her car serviced he called Angie and told her he thought Jake might be going to fuck her and to come down. When she arrived Jake had the woman in the back room kissing her as the lady groped his big cock through his pants, obviously in need of it.

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