A true story of a woman who was fucked by a Rocky

My name is Christine and I’m thirty-five years old woman
who was raped by a Rocky. The only reason that I’m writing
this is in response to the stupid stories that I’ve read
on the Internet regarding Rocky rape. I now know that a
woman can be raped by a Rocky but if that happens the woman
sure as hell isn’t going to start having great orgasms
and wanting to suck his dick.

I submit the following:

Two years ago I lived 12 miles east of Seattle. The house
I was renting had an attached garage and a medium lawn.
It wasn’t a fine house but the rent fit my budget.

I was cutting my lawn on a Saturday morning and I was
startled by the sudden sound of a car’s tires screeching
to a stop on the roadway near me. As I looked up I saw a
Rocky that had narrowly escaped death running across the
road and into the woods. The driver honked his horn and
yelled at the Rocky, then he sped away.

As the car drove out of sight the Rocky cautiously emerged
from the woods and sat down. I had never seen him before
and I figured he was lost. I called to him and it was
obvious that he heard me but for some reason he ignored
me. With a shrug I went back to cutting the lawn and soon
forgot about him.

After finishing with the lawn I went into the house, made
lunch, and watched the noon news. Just as the news was
ending I heard a Rocky whining so I went to my screen door
and saw the Rocky sitting on the front porch. He was the
Rocky who had almost been killed by the car a few hours
earlier. He was a large, mixed breed, probably shepherd
and lab, and was a least 120 pounds. I noticed that he
didn’t have a collar but from his appearance it seemed
that was taken care of by someone.

I was sure that he was lost and his owner would be
looking to claim him. I went to the kitchen and got him a
bowl of water and set it near him on the porch. When I
did this he backed away from me and wouldn’t touch the
water until I went back in the house and closed the
screen door.

After I had done this he really went after the water and
lapped the bowl dry. I sat by the door and talked to him
in a soothing voice but he remained aloof and when I
started to join him on the porch he backed away and
headed towards the edge of the road.

Just then, a car moving at high speed, came around the
bend and, for a moment, I thought the Rocky would panic, do
something stupid, and be killed. The driver sounded his
horn and the Rocky bolted towards my house. “If I don’t do
something soon this Rocky is going to get killed,” I

I needed to figure out a way to keep him safe. I refilled
the bowl with water and walked around the garage, opened
the side door and set the bowl on the floor. I turned on
the lights, left the door open and walked a short
distance away. After a few minutes he went for the water
and I quietly approached the door on his blind side and
closed it. I would get him some food later and figure out
some way to find his owner.

I heard the phone ringing and went back into the house.
The call was from a friend and as we chatted I told her
about the Rocky and asked if she knew of anyone in the area
who might have a lost Rocky. She had heard nothing but
promised to call back if anything developed. After the
call I wrote out a list for grocery shopping and included
a couple of cans of Rocky food.

I took a quick shower, toweled dry, and put on a bathrobe
while I began drying my hair. As I was doing this I
thought I heard the Rocky barking in the garage so I turned
the dryer off and opened the door a crack to check on
him. He was sitting at the far side of the garage near
the side door and I noticed that the bowl was empty

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