A trip to the nurse’s office

I am a 16 year old girl (well in the story anyway) and just need to write and tell you what happened to me last week. Since it happened I can’t keep my fingers out of my pussy as I am so damn turned on every time I think about what happened.

I am in high school, but I was at the elementary school helping the stage manager build some sets for a school play. Anyway while moving one of the sets I tripped and a screen broke as I fell on top of it, and with my great luck a nail broke free and went right into my upper thigh. People ran over to help me up and when they pulled the set of me everyone saw this 4 inch nail pull out of my leg and blood appear in the tear of my jeans.

They got me up and the stage manager had one of the older kids help me to the nurse’s office. I guess that there is some rule that the nurse needs to be at the school while the afternoon programs are going. Anyway we walked into the nurse’s office with a towel held against my thigh. I had gone to the school years before and I expected to see the same old white haired nurse. To my surprise out of her office walks this 30 something, pretty, big busted woman in a white uniform.

The kid helped me over to the treatment table and the nurse excused him and told him to go back to the stage. She looked at me and said “now that doesn’t look to good does it?” I was in pain and responded “it doesn’t feel too good either.”

She told me to slip off my jeans, which I did. I was left with just my dirty yellow tee shirt, that seemed to have more dirt where my boobs had been up against the sets than the rest of the shirt, and my panties on. I had kicked my sandals off to get my jeans off. I looked down and couldn’t believe that today of all days I had put on a real skimpy thong on.

I grabbed the towel and put it back on my leg and covered myself a little

The nurse told me to move the towel so she could see my cut. As I did she looked up my leg and said “well there is a change, I don’t get to see thongs here at this level.” If I was embarrassed realizing what I had on a few seconds earlier, I sure did now.

My leg was still bleeding so she took my hand with the towel and put it back on my leg. She looked around looking for supplies I guess and surprised me when she asked “Are you sexually active?”

“Excuse me” I asked.

“I need to know if I need to wear gloves or not?” She responded. Wow that question came from left field, but I relaxed when she explained.

“Well, I’m not a virgin but I have only had one guy and I am his first… does that mean I am active?” I said in a meek voice.

“Yes that means you are active, but it sounds pretty low risk to me, and I hate gloves.” She said and continued “I use to work in a GYN office, there you always had to wear them.” She let that last sentence just hang there, she glanced at my leg, well actually I almost thought she was looking between my legs, but I thought it was probably my imagination. “Let me get some supplies” she said and went into the front room. I heard some cabinets open and close and then it sounded like the door lock.”

She walked back in with her hands full, and said – “I locked the door, don’t want anyone walking in while you are sitting there half naked.” I looked at her and said “thanks.”

She took out a gauze pad and took the towel off my leg again. She used the pad to wipe up the blood and then used some liquid soap to do the same, she kept going higher on my leg as the blood had spread and even though she was very professional about it my body was reacting.

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