A threeway fuck followed by their first doubles sexfight – Indian Fuck Club

Having finished the business at the new club site in Northcote, one by one I dropped the Indian women off from my hired Minibus. Finally, Ina the 20-year-old shop assistant departed outside the Indian grocery store she worked at, and that left only Saanvi 56, who had just sex fought Priya for the CEO position of the club, and Vanya, the 18-year-old who was attending the prestigious Catholic girls’ school, Sacre Couer.

It was Vanya who first noticed and said, “Aren’t we going in the wrong direction?” Fifteen minutes later we were in the CBD having cafe lattes in a small exclusive cafe on fashionable Collins Street and I had started my pitch. “No one else in the club must know of this meeting as it would destroy the club,” I began. “I arranged the drop-offs so that you two would be left as it’s only you two that I want, and only you two I think are capable of doing what we will discuss.

Please, please keep this discussion secret, even if you decide not to be part of what it offers.” Both lent forward striving not to miss anything I said, which I took to be an acceptance. Saanvi’s appearance was like what the French-based Indian porn star Indiana Fox would look like in 30 years when she too was 52.

Both Saanvi and the porn star Indiana were not attractive being long-faced, hook-nosed, and for Indians having thin and lank hair. Furthermore, Saanvi was wearing spectacles and like the Indian porn star Indiana, but unlike most of the Indian women who were in the club, was not solid. She was a firm almost thin-bodied, short-haired, 92 pounds and 32 26 32 with long legs on her 5 ft 2-inch frame.

She wore little makeup and for today was dressed in that staple of north Indian Indian fashion: the Anakarli suit. Vanya was also slim but even shorter, long-haired, round-faced and wearing her blue summer school uniform. Saanvi was from Patna and Vanya from Indore, so both were similarly toned being from the north and lighter-skinned than the South Indian club members.

I furtively looked around as though looking for spies. “It’s impossible that any of them would shop here, but I can’t be too careful,” I whispered, drawing them further into my web, making them feel fellow conspirators.

“Yes,” said Saanvi, “Not enough taste to shop here. It’s too exclusive.” I nodded my agreement before continuing.

“From what I said at Northcote you both know that the club is going to generate large income and the profits distributed between you and the other 12 gold members: the original members. To simplify things, I am setting up a Trading company that handles all the payments and receipts from the many activities the club will have. Australian law requires 3 shareholders. It will be you two and me.

“I see,” said Vanya, “But why is that special and dangerous to the club?”

“Because my 2 co-directors will be paid a directors fee of 30% of the income before profits are distributed back to the Subcontinent Indian Railway Sex Club for division between the 14 women shareholders.”

“You mean 30% of the profit not income,” queried Vanya.

“No, 30% of the gross income. We need a lot of cash to dress you two properly.”

Vanya explained the difference between income and profit to Saanvi and both the ears and nipples of the 52-year-old pricked up. “You mean Vanya and I get far, far more than the others. Just for us to spend on ourselves.”

“Yes,” I replied, “and its perfect. Apart from you two being the best women in the group, Vanya handles the finances of the club and, after you beat Priya and become CEO of the club, you will sign off on the books. No one will know what’s happening except us three.

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