A Teen Submission to Lesbian Encounter

I was not sure if this should go in this section or fetish– as this is pretty light compared to the others in this section– I really liked writing this – so I plan on writing more-

Amy had just started her junior year in High School. Although most people thought she was pretty or cute, she was so shy that she hardly had friends and hadn’t really gone on dates that were one on one; they were usually with a few kids together.

As the school year started Amy was in gym class with both juniors and seniors. After the third class Sue had noticed the shy girl and wondered if she had just identified her newest submissive slave. Although this behavior isn’t usually seen in high school, Sue had already developed into a dominant lesbian. Last year’s submissive was older than Sue and had graduated. It had been weeks since Sue was serviced the way she wanted to be, and taking a shot at Amy was now very important to her.

At the end of the next gym class Sue walked up to Amy at her locker and started to talk with her. She was just talking about general stuff and the girls were soon walking back to the classrooms. Sue asked Amy if she wanted to come over to her house after school and study together and “hang out.” Although the hanging out part made Amy nervous, the studying part was fine with her. So she agreed.

The afternoon went quickly and before she knew it Amy was meeting up with Sue by her car. Amy didn’t have her own car and liked the idea that she might have a friend that had one.

The two girls got to studying and then Sue asked “Amy, are you good with researching stuff on the Internet?” Amy replied “Yea, I do it all the time.” Sue made a joke about her response and Amy was blushing and trying to reword that “I mean I am on the Internet a lot..” But Sue just kept ribbing her.

When that embarrassing moment was done with Sue asked “Well can you research something for me on the PC, I suck at finding stuff?” Amy said “sure.”

“Well my sociology class is discussing personality traits and my topic is… (she looked on a piece of paper like she didn’t remember) the ‘Submissive Female.’ Do you think you can find stuff and like just give me an overview of what it is all about?” Amy knew nothing about the subject so she closed her own book and asked “do you want me to do it now, I am just about done with my own work?” Sue told her yes and Amy jumped onto the PC.

Sue let the girl get going and then asked “Do you want something to eat- I could go fix us something to snack on while you are checking shit out?” Amy told her “sure” and Sue took off. She only did this so Amy couldn’t turn to her and ask her a question on the behavior like “are you sure this is what you mean there is wild stuff out here” and would have to read more instead of stopping.

By the time Sue came back into the room Amy had a half page of notes. Sue put down a plate of PB&J sandwiches made into little squares, and a couple of sodas. “Take a break, have you found out anything yet?”

Amy took a bite and said “yea, I don’t know how you are going to use too much of this in school though?” “Why?” asked Sue.

“Well” Amy began “There is this whole dominant and submissive behavior out there, it is like you have to have them both for the relationships to work.” Sue tried to give her best questioning look.

Amy shrugged her shoulders and continued “it’s like one of the people enjoys bossing the other person and the other one enjoys being bossed around and gets satisfaction pleasing the other. Does that make any sense to you?”

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