A teen abduction, gang rape

I slid my dick across her stomach and back and forth
over the puffy nipples from her budding 19 year
old titties. Within minutes I was spewing my load over
her chest, a pearl necklace for a young teen. Her eyes
were as glazed as her entire body: she was gleaming wet
from spunk, jizz, sperm, cum. Her stomach, legs, and
arms were wet. Her slightly hairy pussy lips were
dripping with cum. She kept licking her lips trying to
get the drippy sperm off and out of her mouth. Her hair
was matted wet, her eyelashes coated and her ears full
of goo.

This nineteen year old was covered with the sperm of
twelve men who had taken turns fucking her mouth and
sweet little cunt or simply jerking off on her.

Her arms were tied to the bedposts as were her spread-
eagled legs. She had stopped fighting after being
dicked and unloaded on dozens of times. All of the men
— me included — were so turned on by raping this
little bitch that we found we could cum two or three
times, it was such a hot sight.

Me, this load was my fourth because, well, let me back

Earlier today cruising the mall parking lot I spotted
this little bitch, long strawberry blonde hair, skimpy
red halter top, short shorts that barely covered her
teenie ass. Little cunts like that make me want to fuck
the shit out of them because young cockteases grow up
to be big cockteases. Little girls like her needed to
be fucked, forced to suck and showered with sperm,
treated like the little whores they look like.

I watched her walking closer to where I was parked as
she left her friends, equally dressed like dirty little
sluts but she was the one I had my sights on, alone and
walking slowly, ears covered by headphones.

I made my move as soon as she passed my car. I flew out
the door, grabbed her, my hand over her sweet mouth and
pulled her into the car. A few slaps shut her up while
I quickly pulled out my dick and jerked it while my
hands ran over her body, under her shorts where I felt
the thong (fucking whore!).

I yanked her top away to reveal those sweet titties,
the nipples involuntarily hard. Within seconds I jerked
a big load of cum onto those tits and ordered her to
rub it in and then lick her fingers clean.

She was so scared and crying, she did as she was told.
I made the little slut suck my dick clean as I demanded
she tell me her age, even as my cock was in her mouth.

She managed to mumble “19” which made my dick
instantly hard again as I rubbed it all over her little
face, now actually the slut the advertised herself to

Long story short, I gagged and tied her and drove off
to the meeting place where 11 guys were waiting, each
who paid big for the privilege of raping a teenie girl.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching them break her cherry and
make her cry, deep fuck her raunchy little cunt mouth
and jerk load after load of cum into her 19 year
old face.

This would go on all night until the little whore was
sore in every hole, gagged time and again by big dicks
and finally the recipient of a gang jerk, each of us
spurting one more hot load of cum onto her 19
year old face, body and hair.

After that, she was dazed looking up at all of us as we
gathered around her once more.

“No,” she whimpered.

“No baby,” I said. “We’re not gonna jerk off on you

She looked hopeful.

“No,” I said as I held my dick close to her pretty cum-
covered cheeks, “Not cum…”

And I began to piss straight into her 19 year old
face as all eleven other guys did the same: face, hair,
titties, pussy.

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