A teasing aunt gets caught in her own game

It was the wee early hours of Friday morning — 12:20 AM to be precise — when I finally threw in the towel and slipped from the bed, grudgingly accepting that sleep was not going to come easily. It usually didn’t when my husband was out of town, as he currently was and would be for another week. Oh, well. I had a good book in the family room. Better to read a few chapters then spend the next several hours tossing and turning.

I went to the closet, grabbed my old terry cloth robe, slipped it over my teddy and made my way out of the room. Moving furtively so as not to wake Nathan — my nephew — I crept down the hall, descended the stairs and made my way through the kitchen towards the family room.

The first thing I noticed was a light coming from the family room door.

“That darn kid,” I muttered under my breath, thinking he’d gone to bed without turning off the lights again. It wasn’t until I rounded the corner of the family room that I realized he was still awake. Then, even as I was opening my mouth to speak, my eyes glanced over to the television and caught sight of a well endowed young woman down on all fours — doggy style — with a large cock stuffed up her pussy.

I gasped slightly, not out of shock or disgust, mind you, but out of surprise. After all, my nephew watching porn in the family room wasn’t exactly what I’d expected to see.

I must have stood there several seconds before I realized that he hadn’t yet seen me and, with a little luck, I could sneak out of the room without him even knowing I was there. So, with as much care as I could manage, I turned and eased from the room, making my way carefully back through the kitchen. It wasn’t until I reached the stairs that I stopped short and asked myself that one little question that would change my life . . . ‘You’re not really going to let him off the hook just because he’s your sister’s son, are you?’

Okay, before I go any further, a bit of background seems to be in order. My name is Brandi Waters, I’m 35 years old and people tell him I’m quite attractive. I’ve always taken real good care of myself, doing my best to maintain a body that’s been turning male heads — and a few female ones — since well before I graduated from high school Understand, it’s not that I’m conceited or stuck on myself or anything like that. The simple truth is I’m hot, I know it and I love flaunting my assets whenever the opportunity presents itself.

As a matter of fact, it was the flaunting and teasing that helped me land my husband. Ted — he’s my husband — is ten years senior to me and very high up the ladder of a large multi-national corporation. The bad part of his job is that he travels a lot, often on extended trips, like the four week trip to England he’s currently on. The good part is we get to attend a large number of social events and parties, as well as do a considerable amount of entertaining on our own. And let me tell you, in my book partying ranks right up there with flirting and teasing, and you already know where I stand on that.

Now you might think this a bit strange, but Ted was never bothered by my flirtatious nature. In point of fact, he encouraged it, knowing full well how beneficial the perfect mate could be to a man’s career. And if I do say so myself, I have no doubt that Ted owes at least a portion of his success to my innate ability to know just which buttons to push, and which people to push them on, if you catch my drift.

All in all, things were just about perfect . . . until Nathan came along.

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