A Tale of babysitting

So I was babysitting for this cute little kid. This was my 4th Saturday night in a row. I didn’t mind as the kid was great and the parents were nice to me. I got to go out on other nights. It is the summer so I had plenty of time to spend with friends, girls and guys alike. I am 15 and haven’t been a virgin for almost a year, Oh I’m a girl, name is Sheryl and I pretty good looking. The night I am telling you about I was wearing a pair of jean mini shorts and a printed tee shirt, one of my favorite g-string style thongs, the kind my mom can’t understand.

So anyway the baby was asleep and after checking on him I went into their study. I had found on my second week that their PC has a bunch of porn on it and seeing as I only get these little clips when I am at my house, I was loving it.

I had been on the PC for close to hour. I had passed playing with my nipples and was fingering myself from the side of my pant leg with my right hand as I was using my left on the keyboard. I was pacing myself as I still had at least 2 hours to go.

I was in that great place just before cumming when I heard a man call “hello?” “Sheryl are you here?” I calmed down a little as the guy knew my name, but I was still in a panic as the guy sounded like he was already upstairs. I turned the monitor off quickly and pulled my fingers out of me at the same time.

I turned in the seat just as a man walked into the room. He was older than the parents of the baby and looked older than my parents, but he was a good looking and in shape, for an older man.

“I didn’t mean to scare you, I am the baby’s grandfather” he told me.

“How do I know that?” I asked. He told me the names of the family members and explained that he knew my name as he had had called his son and let him know he was stopping by the house with a gift he had in his hand. I finally relaxed.

Well, I actually only relaxed for a moment as I noticed that he was staring at my tits. I looked down myself and saw that my turned on nipples were still hard, and pushing through my tee shirt. I don’t have huge tits but I do have embarrassingly long nipples. To break the silence I , like an idiot, reached out my hand and said “glad to meet you?” He shook my hand and then rolled his fingers as I had transferred the wet from my pussy. I almost died and said quickly, “oh sorry I just finish eating a caramel.’ I was praying he would smell his hand, which he didn’t, but he saw the look on my face.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

“Sure, I guess I felt funny with you looking at my boobs” I replied.

“Oh, sorry. I’ve been divorced for about 3 years and I guess I just enjoy the female body.” he stated.

The guy was so nice and I couldn’t believe that I found him attractive. I mean I always looked at good looking older men and wondered about them in bed, especially this friend of my dad’s. This guy was just as good looking, plus I probably wasn’t thinking straight as I had been fingering about 5 minutes earlier.

I don’t know why I asked but I did ask him “so have you had many girl friends since you split up?” He looked back and said “Actually no. The whole situation took me by surprise and it took me more than a year to get over it and since then I just hang with some other friends who spend time on the golf course and in the gym.”

“Wow!” I responded, “But you’ve had sex somewhere in the 3 years right?”
He laughed, and I wondered where these questions were coming from, I felt like I was putting the moves on him.

“Yes Sheryl, I have had a lot of sex” he stated and continued after checking out my tits again “but it has all been with myself” and he put up his two hands, face out in front of him.

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