A submissive’s descent to deeper fullfilment

I first met Eleanor, when I was working as a site security guard at a sports complex. She was a volunteer First aider working for the Saint Johns ambulance service. She stood 6′ tall weighed around 150 lbs, had shoulder length blonde hair. Her figure was striking with her trim waist and protruding tits. I later found out they were 38 B.

A film company was filming a TV special, so extra security was needed at the sports centre; you know the kind of thing, over rated stars trying to rescue their careers by getting TV coverage. It was being filmed in front of a live audience, so security was just as important as was the presence of the Saint John’s Ambulance service. At the end of the filming, the TV Company announced they would like to thank the following, The Saint John’s Ambulance service and here to accept a bottle of wine for their efforts is Miss Eleanor Smith. I watched as she walked forward and could not help but think she was much too good for the likes of me. She accepted the wine and left. Next for his excellent management of our security needs this bottle goes to, Mr. Ray Francis. I stepped forward and spoke quietly to the presenter, saying I could not accept the gift because our company rules forbade it. However I would be glad for them to pass it on to the first aiders on my behalf for all their hard work.

Again Eleanor came forward and collected the second bottle of wine. She smiled and mouthed thank you to me as she left. Once the stars had left, I began my usual routine and walk round the building securing outside doors. As I passed the first aid room, Eleanor called me in. “thanks for the wine” she said “have you got a corkscrew?”

my sense of humour kicked in as I replied “Of course I have, I am a male after all”

“No I mean a real one” she quipped.

“Of course its real, I am not made of rubber” I challenged.

“No, No, I want to open this bottle of wine to share with my staff” she retorted.

“Oh ok I will scrounge one from catering and be back soon!” I offered. When I returned, we stood in the First aid room, had a drink of wine and a cigarette.

A lump of ash fell from the end of the cigarette, it landed on my thigh. With out a word, Eleanor got up came round my side of the desk and lightly brushed away the ash, making sure she contacted my soft penis. It jerked as she brushed over it. I said “I will give you six months to stop that”. She smiled and returned to her seat.

As I started to leave to finish my rounds, she asked “Want some company on your rounds?”

“Ok, if you’re finished here.” I replied.

“Well I have to come back here to run my colleagues home, but if anything happens at this late stage they can contact me through your radio” she said. So we walked out of the room and down the corridor. As we approached the back of the building, she grabbed my hand and pulled me into a storage room. Next thing we were kissing, her hand feeling my prick hardening to her touch. I returned the compliment by squeezing her right breast. Suddenly a noise attracted my attention to back out in the corridor. Having checked what caused the noise, I found the cleaner just walking away from us.

I asked Eleanor “What wine do you prefer?”

she replied “Librafraumilch, why?”

“Well next week I will bring you a bottle for you to share with your staff and a separate bottle for you and me!” I answered.

What I did not know was fates conspired against me and because of my experience I was sent to a different site the following week and for the next four weeks was kept busy away from the sports centre. I thought Just my bloody luck.

By :niteowl2003

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