A straight woman is sandwiched by two dykes at the movie theater

We had our eye on the single woman sitting in the back
of the dark theater. After a half hour I told my
girlfriend and lover, Donna, to get up and go to the
bathroom. Then, when she returned… to go and sit next
to our target.

She did and nothing happened so I waited a few minutes
and did the same thing… sitting two seats away from
the woman. This made the woman nervous and she stood up
to change her seat.

That’s when Donna got up and blocked her way. When the
woman turned to come my way, I stood up and she was
trapped. We closed in on her quickly and began feeling
her up…Donna on her tits and me fondling her crotch.

The woman twisted and turned but couldn’t speak as we
were in the theater and she didn’t want to cause a
scene. It wasn’t long before the woman submitted. They
always do. Donna had her blouse open and her bra up…
feeling her tits…tweaking her now hard nipples.

I undid her jeans and yanked them down around her knees
and slipped a hand under her panties and began feeling
her already wet cunt. The slurping noises were drowned
out my the movie audio so I fingered her to a quick
orgasm as Donna sucked on her tits.

Then we turned her around and pushed her over the back
of the seat. Donna quickly got out her strap-on dildo
and put it on as I went around and got in front of the
woman. She bit her lip as she felt Donna’s dildo
pushing against her cunt.

I undid my slacks and shoved them down as Donna shoved
her hard rubber cock up the woman’s soaking wet twat. I
took her head in my hands and moved closer so that she
could see my cunt. She turned away but I slapped her
face gently and said, “Eat me fucking cunt, bitch! Lick
my fucking cunt and get me off while my lover fucks
your fucking snatch.”

She had no choice and licked my cunt until I came all
over her face. She had two orgasms from Donna’s big
dick and then we let her go.

She pulled her jeans up and fixed her blouse. Then she
quietly left the theater.

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