A Story I Never Told

My name is Lynn and what I’m about to tell you has never been shared with anyone. The events of the story happened several years ago, when I was 18, but I have to start it a few years earlier. I was 12 when I got Tobie for my birthday. I will never forget how excited I was when Mom and Dad surprised me in the middle of my party. Dad came in from the garage with a big box, wrapped with pink paper and tied with yellow ribbon. He set it down on the family room floor and called me in from the patio. All the party guests (a group of my girl friends and a few neighborhood boys) came in with me. I unwrapped the box and inside was a small puppy!

He was a light golden color, with soft curly fur.

“Happy Birthday, Lynn!”, said my Mom and Dad. “He’s a labor-doodle and will get pretty big. He’s 3 months old now”

Well, I had no idea what a labor-doodle was, but I knew he was ADORABLE! I scooped him up out of the box and held him up near my face, just looking into those beautiful eyes. He reached forward and licked my nose! This was the start of my relationship with Tobie (the name I picked for him). Over the next few weeks, Mom and I trained Tobie so he wouldn’t piddle or poop in the house. He was very smart and picked up what we were trying to teach him pretty quickly (although there were a few ‘accidents’ that it was my responsibility to clean up!).

As soon as we were confident that Tobie could be trusted not to mess in the house at night, he was allowed to sleep in my room. He started out on the floor but, after I found him trying to get up on my bed, I picked him up and tucked him under the covers with me. It was great, his warm body snuggled up against me on cold nights. Time passed and both Tobie and I grew. By the time I was 13, Tobie had reached pretty much his adult height (a good 26” at his front shoulder). His days of sleeping under the covers were done – just not enough room as he liked to sleep on his side with those long legs sticking out, digging into me!). He was regulated to sleeping on top of the covers, down by the foot of the bed. During the day, Tobie had the run of the house and his own ‘safe area’ in the laundry room off the kitchen, with a nice bed. He was never confined to this area, but could slip in there when he wanted to take a nap.

Everything changed when I started to get my periods. Tobie developed a very sudden interest in my crotch when I was having it and my panties and used pads were not safe from him. I found a pair of soiled panties in his bed one day and that’s when we started putting these items into plastic bags before they made the laundry hamper in my room. Other than that, Tobie was a perfect gentleman.

My room looked out over our back garden. There was a high stone wall between our house and our neighbors. They had a 16 year old son (Robbie) and a 12 year old daughter (Monica) as well as a female standard poodle named Rosie. Tobie and Rosie used to bark at each other through the stone wall and, when Robbie would come over to see my older brother Ben, he would sometimes bring Rosie over to play with Tobie on the back lawn.

Things went along like this until I was 16 or so. Shortly after I got my periods, I started to develop the way girls do – breasts, hips, hair and hormones! Robbie started to look a lot different from the boy that I used to see playing ball with Ben and some of the other guys at school started to find me interesting in a very special way. I was 5′ 3”, long brown hair, a pretty nice figure (sports, sports, more sports!) and freckles over my nose.

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