A story about a woman who can’t say no to any dare

I was 36, and I knew what I was doing. Or at least I
thought I did. My friend John had talked me into this;
it was really perverted so it appealed to me.

I can’t remember when I first started getting a thrill
out of doing things that grossed everyone else out, but
I’m sure I must have been very young. My first memory of
“grossing” out my friends was when I was 12 and let some
boys talked me into fucking a Rocky in front of them in a
vacant lot.

Believe it or not I’m pretty good looking with well-
defined muscles and a pretty face. So why do I do some
of the things I do? I can’t answer that question other
than to say the thrill is so important to me that I’d do
anything to feel it.

I guess that was why I was standing just outside a
holding pen for Komodo Dragons in South Florida looking
at the monsters crawling around in the mud. The place
was one of those ramshackle roadside affairs that
promised the strange and unusual. Only today they were
really going to offer something strange.

Yes, I’d been talked into doing something really strange
and my heart was pounding in my chest as my body shot
tendrils of energy through my thighs up to my cunt in
surges of excitement. I squirmed nervously as John led
me to the gate of the holding pen.

I was going to let myself be fucked by a Komodo Lizard,
and I was going to have an audience. I didn’t really
care if the men surrounding me watched or not, all I
wanted to do was prove a point to my friend John. He
dared me to do this, thinking that I’d be so grossed out
that I would refuse. Well, was he going to be surprised.

A filthy older man stood by the gate and eyed me as I
approached. I looked at the old geezer and stripped off
the maxi coat I was wearing to reveal my shapely body in
a neat little number from Fredrick’s of Hollywood. I
knew that my sexy clothes would be worthless by the time
I was done here, but they made me feel good.

The dirty old man swallowed and his eyes looked like
they were popping out of his head as I passed him to
enter the pen. I noticed that he had a big lump in his
trousers that proved he wasn’t past it, even if he was
old and dirty.

The men ranged around the pen started calling out lewd
encouragements, telling me how hot I looked and that if
I wanted to change my mind they’d give me the ride of my
life. I smiled at them and said, “Maybe when I’m done
here, we can see if yours is as big as Mr. Komodo
Lizard’s.” They roared with nervous laughter as I walked
over to stand in front of one of the big lizards.

The head handler said, “Move very slowly, don’t startle
the beast or he might bite you.”

I looked the reptile in the eyes and then slowly knelt
down to the muddy ground and positioned my ass to face
the beast. As my hands sank into the mud and as the
filthy mud oozed up between my fingers I swallowed and
thrilled to the excitement of the taboo act I was about
to commit.

Then things happened very quickly. I felt a flicking
tongue slap against my ass cheeks and the slithering
sound of the reptile moving close. The handler said that
the lizards had an incredible since of smell and that he
thought the big lizard could smell my arousal. Well, it
was true that I was aroused, but I was scared shitless
too. This big lizard that was smelling me was twice my
weight and probably dangerous to boot.

Then I felt scaly flesh above my back and I braced
myself. I’d already pulled my panties down and had been
wiggling my ass in the reptile’s face, so when I felt
his scaly flesh moving up over my back I knew what to

The beast gripped me and the next thing I felt was
something slimy pushing against my slit from behind. I
reached down and felt a long slithery shaft and
positioned it at my opening. I could hear the men making
grossed out noises, groaning in disgust as the lizard
found my opening and thrust into me.

I continued to kneel on all fours as my big Komodo
Lizard gripped me tighter and began to thrust in and out
of me. It was strange kneeling there in the filthy mud,
knowing that a reptile was fucking me for all to see.
Knowing that the beast would probably end up cumming in

Its length was amazing, from the feel of its penetration
I estimated that he was probably 10 or 12 inches long.
The reptile was slipping in and out of me faster and
faster now, and I felt myself getting ready to cum. The
beast’s rhythm was intense, and his reptile dick was
pushing so deep into me that he was hitting places that
had never been touched before.

I was really into this now, the feelings of lust and
excitement were overpowering me, I was screaming at the
beast, urging him on to fuck me harder. Out of the side
of my vision I could see some of the men had pulled
their cocks out and they were beating off in time with
my lizard lover. Some of them were looking at me in
disgust, and still others were urging me on with lust in
their eyes.

My knees were now at least 6 inches into the mud and I
couldn’t even see my hands. I think my whole back was
covered in mud from the underside of the beast as he
humped me faster and faster. I could just imagine what I
looked like, and that image made me cum with a howl!

I saw fireworks behind my eyeballs, and I could feel my
cunt contacting again and again as I came hard on the
reptile’s thrusting cock. I’m not sure if he could tell
that I was cumming, but he didn’t last much longer
either. Before I was completely down from my own orgasm,
my beastie-lover came.

I don’t know if you know this or not, but Komodo Lizards
shoot about an ounce of cum when they orgasm. So you can
imagine what a mess I looked like when that beast came
in me and kept fucking me wildly. It was shivering and
shaking and jerking above me, making hissing noises, and
it’s toenails dug in cruelly on both sides of my body he
humped me.

Then it was over and the beast collapsed on top of me,
pushing me face first into the muddy yard. I could taste
reptile feces and felt the gooey mud being forced up my
nose. I couldn’t breathe, and struggled beneath the
beast to get away.

Everything was about to go black when suddenly the
weight was gone from above and I could raise myself out
of the mud onto hands and knees. Apparently some of the
men had come in and pulled the big ugly beast off me
when they realized that I was in trouble.

I gasped for breath for several minutes then finally let
the handler pull me to my feet and lead me out of the
muddy pen. Men were looking at me with wide eyes, some
of them were clapping, and some were exchanging money,
obviously having bet on whether or not I’d go through
with it.

I was completely covered in reptile mud, and you
couldn’t tell if I was black or white as I limped to my
friend’s car. I was fast realizing, that the lizard had
made me sore, and I mean more so than I’d ever been

But sitting down in the passenger seat of John’s new
Porsche, all covered in reptile scum, was a special
treat for me. It kind of made me feel better to know
that I’d gotten a little back at him for daring me to do


What I didn’t tell you before, was that our deal was;
that if I followed through with this fare, then he would
have to do whatever I wanted him to do, or give me the
deed to his house. Well, my imagination was really
running at top speed as John took me home for a shower
and then a bath, and then another shower.

Can you guess what I planned to ‘dare’ John to do?

By :AB2010

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