A Sister’s Love

Sarah arrived home early after school at 3:31 pm. She had expected to stay at soccer practice until at least 4:30 pm, but practice was canceled since the coach was sick at home. As the brunette walked through the front door, she called out, “Steph, I’m home.” Sarah heard no answer from her sister. “Steph, are you here?” the 16-year-old called out.

Sarah’s 13-year-old sister, Stephanie, went to school only a few blocks from their home, so she walked home every day after school. Since the school day ended at 3:00 for Stephanie, Sarah knew that she would be home by then.

Sarah went to the 2nd story. “Are you in here?” Sarah asked, peeking into Stephanie’s room. The room was empty. “She must be over at a friend’s house or something,” Sarah said to herself. Sarah walked out of her sister’s room and down the hall to her room. After taking off her back pack and dropping it onto her bed, Sarah opened the window to let some fresh air in. The brunette closed her eyes and inhaled. She smiled at the sweet scent of spring flowers.

As Sarah opened her eyes, her gaze drifted down to the pool in the back yard. Sarah’s eyes widened when she saw Stephanie lying down on her back in one of the pool side chairs, completely naked! Sarah hastily covered her mouth with both hands to keep from crying out and letting Stephanie know that her sister had caught her naked. “I’m an hour early,” Sarah said to herself. “she probably feels that she’s safe from getting caught ’cause I’m usually not home at this time.”

Sarah was mesmerized by her sister’s naked form. She had not seen Stephanie naked for years. The brunette noted how much Stephanie had grown since then. Stephanie stood 5’0″, several inches shorter than Sarah. Stephanie’s body had developed some very nice curves, including a small, but beautiful, set of breasts. Sarah’s brown eyes moved up and down her sister’s body, then stopped between Stephanie’s legs. The 13-year-old had been developing downstairs as well, her pubic mound now covered with tiny, brown hairs. “God, she’s beautiful,” Sarah said. “Did I just say she was beautiful?” Sarah asked herself, surprised by what she had said.

Sarah could see that Stephanie had no tan lines on her body at all. “She must do this every Friday,” said Sarah. “It would certainly explain the nice tan she’s getting. Sarah’s breath caught when she saw Stephanie caress her small breasts. The 13-year-old gave her tits a squeeze and she arched her back in bliss. Sarah just stared at her sister while she played with her breasts, completely oblivious to her 16-year-old sister watching her every move. Sarah could feel her own nipples hardening, pressing against the cotton of her bra. Sarah knew that she should not be watching her sister like this, but she was frozen stiff, unable to avert her gaze from the view that her sister was giving her.

Sarah watched as Stephanie’s right hand started moving down her body. Stephanie’s hand moved down her flat stomach, over her pubic mound, and down her right leg, caressing her soft skin. Sarah had started pulling on her left nipple through the fabric of her school uniform, eliciting soft sighs that were not loud enough for her sister to hear. The 13-year-old moved her right hand back up her leg toward her young sex. Stephanie spread her legs and rubbed her hand over her vagina, causing Sarah to gasp in shock. After several moments, Stephanie brought her hand from between her legs to her mouth and sucked several fingers into her mouth. With Stephanie’s hand away from her crotch, Sarah could clearly see her sister’s snatch. Her lips were bright pink and very wet. The rest of her body was completely dry, so Sarah knew that the wetness was not just water from the pool.

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