A sister snuggles up in her brother’s bed one night and wakes up to the strangest sensations

I lay in my bed, shivering slightly in the cold late
autumn night. It had been a very warm day, but tonight
was unseasonably cold. Probably only about 39 degrees
outside, and not too much warmer inside. In theory I
could turn the heat up, but my mom and twelve-year-old
brother, Brady, were out of town with one of Brady’s
swim meets, and the thermostat had a security code on
it and I couldn’t turn it up, despite the cold.

I was fifteen, I thought. I shouldn’t be having to put
up with this.

Finally at about 11:00 I got tired of trying to stay
warm and thought of a different idea. I pulled on a
pair of panties and a t-shirt (I normally slept nude),
and walked down the hall to the bedroom of my thirteen-
year-old brother, Matt, where I knocked on the door.

I heard his still boyish voice come from the other side
of the door. “Yeah?”

“Can I come in, Matt?”


I opened his door and crept inside. In the faint light
from the window, I could see Matt covered almost
completely by his blankets.


“What do you think?”

I grinned a little while shivering still. “Well,
look… I can’t sleep cause I’m freezing my ass off.
Can I… well, can I sleep with you so that we can both
stay warm?”

“Uh… well, ok, sure.”

“Good. Move over.”

Matt scooted over and I pulled back his blankets,
joining him under them. At first it still felt cold,
but after only a couple minutes I warmed up and was
soon feeling nice and toasty.

“Oh, this is much better, Matt… thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Hannah,” he said, sounding a little

I laid on my back, my brother facing the wall of his
bedroom, and eventually drifted off to a nice warm

At some point later, I don’t know for sure when, I woke
up. I didn’t know why, but I was awake. I laid there,
totally motionless, wondering what had woken me up when
I suddenly became aware of my brother’s hand moving
along my arm.

I wondered why he was doing this and couldn’t figure
out how I should handle it. I mean, it didn’t feel BAD
having him touching my arm. It wasn’t any really big
deal. Perhaps he was sleeping and just doing so in his
sleep? That was cool, I guessed. No big deal.

Just as I started to doze off I felt my brother’s hand
move again and heard him whisper softly, “Hannah?
Hannah, are you awake?”

I said nothing, just continued to act asleep.

Very slowly Matt moved his hand off my arm and down to
my stomach. He moved his fingers gently up from there
until they brushed against the underside of one of my
breasts. He shifted his weight a little and slowly
traced his fingers up until his hand was completely
cupping my breast.

Well, now… this had my attention! I wanted to stop
him, but frankly it DID feel good, and he was certainly
keeping me warm, so I suppose I didn’t have too much to
complain about. Besides, it was kind of sweet in it’s
own way. I laid there in this half-asleep state,
wondering what else Matt had in mind to do.

It wasn’t too terribly long before I found out, as he
removed his hand from my breast and whispered, once
more, “Hannah? Hannah, wake up.” Ignoring him I
remained motionless.

Matt shifted around a little behind me and this time I
felt his fingers stray down to my panties. My pulse
jumped into high gear at this point. I’d had some
experience with boys, but it was mostly limited to
making out and one of them feeling my breasts, just
like Matt had done. None had ever put their hands
anywhere near my panties, despite what they might’ve

Matt first moved his hands along my stomach and then
along the waistband of my panties. I wondered if he was
going to try to slip it inside, but apparently not. All
he did was my his fingers along the surface from the
waistband and down slightly to the top of my pubic
hair. It wasn’t much, but it felt pretty nice.

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