A Shared Fantasy

My wife Lia and I have been married for seven years. She is an Asian lady 22 years old 5’tall and weighs 125lbs. My name is Junior and I am much older at 41 stand 5’10” and weigh about 190lbs.

Lia is a very beautiful lady and has perfect C cups and really great perfect nipples with areolas the size of quarter and her nipples long when hard. She has a very beautiful body that every man looks at whenever they see her walk by. She highlights her hair which is normally black but over the years has lightened up to a brown with blondish and reddish highlights.

This is where our fantasy begins.

During our first two years every time we go anyplace together I always seen men of all ages staring at her. I can tell what is going through their minds just by the expression on their faces. At the mall I have been away from my wife and while she is looking around I have over heard men saying to each other what they would like to do with her. Whenever I over hear guys talking about the things they would like to do with Lia I get aroused. Sometimes to the point that I would love to go to the restroom and masterbate.

One night after some serious love making I asked Lia if she ever fantasizes about anything. She responded “yes but I like to keep them secret”. After some brief discussion she told me that” she sometimes fantasized about having sex with two men”. This really caught my attention since I have overheard other men discussing what they would like to do with her. She said “she could never do it but it makes her very hot and wet when she thinks about it”.

Lia then asked me what my fantasy was and I replied, “ I want to see you have sex with another man, a stranger or casual acquaintance. Someone that we don’t have to worry about running into in our area”. Lia then replied, “you know I could never do it”. I said “yes it’s just a fantasy”. I said,” even if you could let someone have sex with you without me being there and just tell me about it later”. I told her that my true fantasy is just knowing she is giving one of the best blow jobs in the world to a stranger does it for me and that in my fantasy she doesn’t even have to fuck him. The thought of her kissing, making out and touching another man and letting him see her naked was enough. Throw a blow job in the deal and I could explode.

After that little discussion we started using her vibrator or our fingers when making love to simulate that another man or two was having sex with her. This really fired our relationship up. We had some of the best sex ever. We also started watching movies while making love. Most of the movies were swinger or cheating wife type movies.

Over the next several months we discussed a lot and tried a lot of different things. We went to a “Social Club” (swingers club meeting) and the theme was red. I convinced her to wear a thong under an Asian silk robe and I wore a matching silk robe with briefs. We both agreed that if we met the right man or couple we may have a threesome or foursome but no more than that. We danced a couple dances and fondled each other through our robes which were mostly open in the front and revealing most of her tits but was just not ready to take the next step of having sex with anyone else. We also went to a nudist camp which turned out to be great, met a lot of nice people and one couple tried to hit on us and the guy did manage to feel Lia up for a couple hours as we all sit in the conversation pool but once again nothing further than that. We stayed there three days but just didn’t get up the courage. The thought of the stranger feeling my wife up was enough to help us make love the rest of the weekend.

By :jrwolfman11

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