A sexual encounter with his office lady

When I got transfer to chennai I left my family in my home town and joined there. I was in a idea of of finding a good house after getting it bringing the family there. In our head office ladies were more than gents. I heard lot of stories about them from my friends. One day when my friends were telling about a lady name Lakshmi she crossed us with a hesitating look. In that evening when I was waiting for the bus she came to that bus stop and smiled. I casually said hello. Then she introduced herself as Lakshmi and by slip of tongue I told I heard about you. She told that she heard the comments what my friends were passing about her. I told , “you should not bother about other’s comment and don’t get hurt by their gossip.

During our casual chat she asked about my family and I told I am in search of house in Chennai . She told there are good houses in her area and if I came there she will help me to find a house. She gave her address and invited me to visit her house on Friday evening because Saturday was holiday for us. On that Friday after office I went there . The time was about 5.30 evening. She introduced her hubby and two boys. Her hubby was looking like her grandfather and her first son was doing engineering college and second was doing sixth standard. She provided tea for me and we had a casual chat with her hubby and sons.

The boys during chating asked mama shall we go for a movie in near cinema hall. I told I have go to my room. But she asked me stay in their home and can go next morning . Since they forced me I agreed. She told , “ I will also come with you for the movie”. My self , Lakshmi and her 2 sons went for the movie. In the theatre she sat next to me. When the movie started and after 15 minutes I felt a pressure on my pant and it was her hand pressing my pant where in side my cock was sleeping. She whispered in my ear don’t feel shy put your hand on my back and she changed her position and took my one hand and sourrounded her and placed on her breast. Oh her boob was big and my full hand covered only half of her breast. She slowly unzipped my pant and held my cock with my under garment. She bent slowly and kissed my lips gently. By this time my cock got fully erected and I was helpless. After movie we went to her home and had dinner and after dinner we gents were laid in hall and she went to the bedroom and told that she has some writing work. I felt sleep and suddenly I felt chillness on my manhood. I thought I am dreaming but suddenly when I woke up I saw her and she was sitting beside me and holding my cock in her hand ( normally I never any thing under my lungi in night). When I opened my eyes she said ssssshhhhh. come to my room. We entered her bed room and immediately after entering she hugged me tightly . She was a bulky short and very fair lady. She removed her pallu and I could she two big hanging milk containers. She has already removed her blouse and bra before she came out. Her breasts were milky white and size of big water melon. Her belly was big but at the same time the navel was so deep that even a full size cock will easily buried in to it.

She sat on the cot and I was standing in front of her . She removed my lungi and I am completely naked in front of her. My cock got erected and hanging like a pendulum near to her face. She smiled and kisses it. With one hand she holed it tightly and with other hand she pushed the skin covering my cock tip. She kissed the tip and I could feel a shock in my body. Then she started sucking my cock. She is a nice cock sucker and I was about burst . Holding my cock in her mouth she started licking my cock with her tongue. I was totally under her control at that time. I made her to stand and removed the saree and petticoat and now she is totally nude. The heaven between her thighs were cleanly shaved and bulged. I made her to sit on the cot and kneeled down in front of her. I opened her legs wide and I could see a pink rosy tunnel between her thighs. I put my tongue on that and brushed that. She was excited at that time. Now I started fucking her rosy pussy with my tongue and by this time my hands were playing with her boobs. I felt the love juice coming from the cunt and it was salty and sweet.

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