A reluctant drunk and very drugged wife is taken to a sex cinema to be used by anyone who wants her as the husband looks on

I had fantasised about watching Mary being used by
other men many times, it had become an obsession
almost. In role-play and sex games it had come up time
and again and I knew she also wanted it, but always
pulled back. She was “afraid of losing control” and not
being able to stop.

The idea of my wife as an all out cock whore may seem
laughable but I suspected that once she began down that
road she would not be able to stop. We both had high
visibility jobs and scandal would have wrecked our life
that was another fear for us both.

The idea to turn fantasy into action came via “Dave” in
an online cuckold’s chat room. We had talked many times
on line and exchanged pictures of our Mary and his
girlfriends. I mentioned to him we would be visiting
his home city, Manchester, on holiday and would he like
to see Mary in the flesh. I had no intention of
anything than letting him see her, perhaps even to talk
to her. But he had other ideas.

We had settled into the hotel and gone down for drinks
before dinner, I had told Dave this previously and
expected him to be in the bar. I had deliberately
encouraged Mary to dress up for this reason. I wanted
her to look as sexy as I found her and hoped Dave would
too. She had a black tight dress; low cut that exposed
her cleavage, not a huge pair of breasts but a nice C
Cup. The dress was spilt form knee to just on the
thigh, finished of with black high heels and crotch
less tights.

We sat at the bar and I deliberately stroked Mary’s
thigh pushing the dress as high as I dare, hopefully
giving Dave a bit of a show. I had seen his photo but
was not sure I would recognise him in the flesh. After
a few drinks I excused myself and headed for the
toilets, I thought that Dave might take the opportunity
to come up and say hello, he was to do more than that.
When I returned he was standing at the bar talking to
Mary and they were both chatting away quite amicably, I
panicked for a second, what has he told her?

As I came up to them Dave swung around to face me, “I
thought it was you! Remember we were at that conference
last month.”

I breathed sigh of relief and played the apologetic,
“Sorry I didn’t recognise you.”

Dave knew a lot about me from on line and soon had
become the charming funny guy that he appeared on line;
however I knew there was a harder side to Dave from his
descriptions of his sexual exploits on line. He began
telling us about a marvellous club a few streets away
that we really should go to.

Mary seemed game for the idea and we headed off, the
empty stomach and gin was beginning to loosen Mary up
and she became quite flirty with us both as we made our
way to the club. I had brought my camera and we all
posed for a couple of pics at the local sites along the

The club that we came too was impressive indeed and
Dave was obviously well known by the staff. We were
having a great time, Dave was witty and charming and
Mary was at her ease. Then the champagne arrived
courtesy of Dave. After a few glasses I noticed Mary
was beginning to giggle and slur her words; just a
little tipsy or so I thought. Mary went to the toilets
and Dave closed up to me, he extracted some of the most
revealing and dirty photos I had sent him of Mary. You
couldn’t recognise her, but I knew Mary would realise
they were her pictures. “Just play along or I show your
wife these! She doesn’t know you share them does she?”
I was stunned, what could I say.

Suddenly Mary reappeared, “Relax Nigel, you’ll enjoy

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