A pretty new teacher has a few things to teach her mentor

The mid-August sun was glaring boldly through the windshield as Kayla Redmond maneuvered her way through the morning traffic on the first day of her new job. Today was the day for teachers to get ready for the upcoming school year; however, preparation time was precariously short. The next day, the school would be full of students, and Kayla would face the challenge of teaching math to groups of sixth graders who most likely would prefer to still be hanging out at the local pool. She felt a nervous feeling deep in the pit of her stomach and hoped she was up to the challenge. Student teaching had gone well, but there had been another teacher in the classroom to offer guidance, and now she would be completely on her own. Kayla sighed as the school came into sight, swerved her red Honda Civic into the parking lot and sat for a moment collecting her thoughts before heading into the mellowed brick building that was Jefferson Middle School.

At barely twenty-two years old, Kayla was a mature and responsible young woman, a fact which must have been obvious when she met with personnel. She came across as very competent and intelligent, but she was also free-spirited and sparkling with vitality——a very intriguing combination. Kayla was tall and slender with long blonde hair with honey-colored highlights and enormous green eyes fringed with long lashes. She had a delicate bone structure with high cheek bones and a very infectious smile consisting of perfect white teeth. Her breasts were firm and high, and her legs were long, almost appearing to go on endlessly when she wore short shorts. Today, she was dressed professionally in khaki slacks and a green summer sweater that still managed to emphasize her perfect, round breasts. Her hair was gathered in a clasp at the nape of her neck and fell in soft waves.

Kayla inhaled deeply, grabbed her new Coach briefcase (a gift from her parents) and headed into the school. She blinked when she entered the somewhat dim interior after being in the bright sunlight and made her way to the principal’s office.

Mr. Gibson, the principal, was a slightly rotund man with thinning gray hair and had been a principal for almost his entire adult life. He was kind and fair and well-respected by the faculty. He smiled benignly when Kayla entered his office and waved her into a chair opposite his large, cluttered desk.

“We are so happy to have you join us this school year, Kayla,” he said warmly. “I have a folder here detailing your schedule. You will have five math classes throughout the day and a free period for grading papers and lesson planning. Your classroom is waiting for you—–its room 212. Melissa Martin is in room 214, right next to you, and I’ve asked her to show you around and be your mentor. I think you two will get along famously—-she can answer any questions you may have.”

Kayla thanked Mr. Gibson and shook his hand before navigating her way through the school hallways in search of her classroom. Fortunately, it was relatively easy to find, and Kayla spent the next two hours arranging the desks the way she had planned, stacking books neatly on the shelf and making a simple, yet colorful, math bulletin board. Finally, she sat down to rest, stretching her long slim legs in front of her and looking around her classroom with pride.

Chapter Two

In room 214, Melissa Martin sat sorting math worksheets she had just Xeroxed. She felt stimulated by the start of a new school year. It always reminded her of a fresh box of Crayola crayons—-fully sharpened and ready to take on a blank canvas. Melissa was intelligent and conscientious and loved teaching. At 25, this was the start of her fourth year teaching. She was a natural-born teacher and was well-liked by her students. Melissa took her career very seriously, and it was the center of her existence. Studious, serious, and a bit shy, she needed to unwind some, but never seemed to be able to loosen up. Even her boyfriend, Glen, was a serious type and certainly not a help in that area.

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