A Nude Party for the Newbie

Abigail took a deep, soothing breath and closed her eyes. It was good to be away from the wet, dismal winter weather of England for a couple of weeks. She had made plans for this trip to Greece months in advance, and now that she was here in Greece she was more relaxed than she had been in quite a while. The sun high in the sky, the repetitive sound of the waves as they fell on the beach. The warm sand around her. There were beaches in the UK, but they were rocky and not comfortable for long visits. And you definitely couldn’t be naked at them. She opened her eyes to take a look over her very naked body. She smiled. She wasn’t vain but she liked what she saw. She was quite pale, like the English usually are, but her few days on the beach had given her a hint of a tan. She was moderately skinny. She had curves in the right places, and she wasn’t athlete skinny, but she had a nice body. Her blue eyes scanned over her glistening skin. They gazed for a few seconds at her B cup sized breasts. Sometimes she wished they were a little bigger, like a C, but she did like their shape. They had a nice bounce when she walked, which seemed to attract men, and her nipples easily went erect, which most of the time was a good thing, but on the odd occasion caused embarrassment. She looked down further over her flat belly, and down to her nicely trimmed bush and long legs.

Next she surveyed her surroundings. Lots of bouncing breasts, but those did nothing for her. She looked instead at the men. She had a boyfriend and was loyal to him, so she knew nothing was going to happen. Besides, he was here on this island with her and this trip was partly to celebrate their six month anniversary of dating. As has already been mentioned, she had planned this trip over a year in advance, so the anniversary was really an add on, but it was a very good one. She smiled as she thought about him. She took a look at some of the fellas down below, but all it did was make her think of how much she wanted her boyfriend, Tom.

Suddenly Abi’s friend, Samantha ran up, tossing sand over Abi as she kneeled down.

“You bitch!!!”, Abi cried out as she dusted the sand off of her body, but they both laughed.

“What’chya thinkin’ about?”, asked Sam to her friend, as she settled down on her back.

“Tom. It sucks he had to do that conference call this morning. Would of been nice to relax on the beach with him.”

“Haha. Well, it wouldn’t be here, would it now?”, Sam teased. “Would be on another beach, perhaps.”

“Yeah, I have been thinking about that actually. I think it would be good for him to get out of his comfort zone and bare it all here on the beach. I just don’t know exactly how to break him into it, you know?”

“I guess. Robert was pretty easy to persuade”, she replied. “Does Tom really need that much convincing?”

“Well, Tom has never been nude in puclic before”, responded Abi.

“Really. Is he insecure about his body?”

“I think that is implied”, said Abi, somewhat snidely.

“What about? All of the girls, the fellas, and I have seen him in a swimsuit. He doesn’t have anything to be ashamed of. He is in good shape!”, said Sam.

“Yeah, nothing wrong with him in a swimsuit.”

An enormous grin swept over Sam’s face as she looked over at Abi.

“No!!!”, she said, a bit too loudly. “Does Tom have a little willy? Is he under-developed in his reproductive anatomy? Is there more apple than banana in his fruit basket? Is there more lickin’ than fuckin’ in bed?”, she chided.

Abi blushed bright red. “NO, NO, NO!!!”

“Then why are you blushing!!!”, Sam continued.

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