A night on the town

It was a Sat. night and hubby and I decieded to go to a local bar for a few drinks and to relax. We hadn’t been there very long when I noticed and guy at the bar who kept looking at me. He was cute so decided to give him a little something to look at. I was wearing a skirt and managed to move so it slid up almost to my panties. The next time I saw him looking I spread my legs just enough to give him a view of my thongs. He looked up and I gave him a smile to let him know I had caught him. I had the bartender take him a drink and when he received it he raised it to thank me. I motioned for him to join us and he did. He introdued himself and sat down with us. He was a truck driver who was stuck in town for the night getting his truck worked on. After a few drinks he ask me to dance and we headed onto the floor. It was a slow dance and I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my body tight against his. He soon slid his hands down to cup my ass as we danced. We were soon kissing each other and both of us getting hot. I could feel his cock getting hard and knew I wanted it. After a couple of dances we went back to the table with hubby and Jay excused himself to go to the bathroom. I told hubby i wanted to bring him home with us and fuck him. He said he had already figured that out and it was fine. I don’t think Jay quite knew what to think with hubby being there and was playing it pretty cool. I left for the bathroom and while I was gone hubby told Jay I wanted to bring him home with us so I could fuck him. I guess he was shocked at first but after seeing it was cool agreed. When i came back hubby ask if we were ready to leave. I looked at him and he told me Jay was coming home with us. We all got into the front seat and headed home. We weren’t out of the parking lot before Jay and I were making out. I slid my hand onto his hard cock and rubbed it as he slid his hand under my blouse and played with my tits. When we got home I wanted to brush my teeth and clean up a little bit. When I got back to our livingroom they were watching a video hubby had made of me fucking another guy. Jay pulled me onto his lap and kissed me as he pulled my top off.

“You are one hot slut and I’m going to enjoy fucking you”!

“I want you to fuck me and enjoy me tonight. I want to feel your cock deep inside my married pussy.” He ripped the rest of my clothes off then had me sit on the sofa as he stood in front of me and dropped his pants and shorts.

“Suck my cock! I want your hubby to watch you sucking my cock”! As I sucked his cock he reached up and opened the blinds. “I want everybody that goes by to see you sucking my cock while your hubby watches”. With the lights on and dark outside I knew anyone who came by would get a good show but I didn’t care. I wanted his cock and didn’t care who knew it. He pulled me onto the floor and told me to spread my legs as he removed all his clothes. He pused my legs over my head and lowered his mouth to my pussy. I let out a load moan as I felt his tongue part my pussy lips and slide into me.

“Talk to your hubby and tell him how it feels as I eat your married cunt”!

“Oh god! It feels so good! I love the way his tongue feels inside me. I’m going to cum in his mouth. I want you to see my juice all over his face and know that my pussy is his tonight. Oh God! His tongue feels so good fucking my cunt! I want you to see how much I want and need this. I want you to see people going by and knowing they are watching this stranger eating your wife’s pussy. Oh Damm Jay, fuck me now! I want to feel your cock in me”. He pulled me over right in front of our big bay window.

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