A Night of Passion With My Best Friend’s Little Sister

My name’s Jack, at the time I was 27 years old, slim, muscular build and jet black hair, and I’d recently moved back to my rural hometown following a difficult situation in the city where I’d been working for 5 years prior. My closest friend, Charlie, purely by coincidence had moved back to the countryside at around a similar time. We’ve known each other for years, since we were both 9, and he was about to start a post-grad course at university and was spending some time with his family before he left again. It was pretty ideal because most of our other friends had moved away and without Charlie I’d have had no one to hang out with.

I’d often stay at Charlie’s, his family were incredibly welcoming to me and we were quite close having known each other for so long. It wouldn’t be unusual for me to stay for there for a few days at a time. He was living with his mum and his only sibling, Amy. I’d known Amy since she was born, and she’d always been a pretty shy kid, but she’d recently turned 18 and I’d noticed her start to get much more talkative. I think she was starting to get more confident and comfortable with herself as she matured. Amy was a beautiful girl, about 5 ft 6, and very lightly tanned as her parents owned a holiday villa in Spain which they’d frequent throughout the year. She had long brown hair to the length of her waist and rounded but soft facial features. Her womanly features had filled out a lot since I last saw her a couple years ago, the subtle curves of her ass and breasts made me a bit flustered when I first saw her again. I don’t normally have sexual thoughts about girls so young, but there was something about Amy that caused a bulge to swell in my pants.

I was staying at Charlie’s for the weekend, we didn’t have too much of a plan, just hit up a few pubs and maybe watch some films at his. On the Friday evening we’d just finished watching something and it was about 1am.

‘Yeah so you’ve got the spare room again, it’s pretty sweet in there since you last stayed, mum paid for it to be completely re-done . There’s even a mini-fridge!’ Charlie laughed.

‘Sounds like a hotel’ I said with a grin on my face.

‘I think it’s just because she loves you. I’m gonna head up but let me know if you need anything’.

‘Cool, night man’.

Charlie and me got ready for bed and went upstairs, and I heard his door shut as I was brushing my teeth. I was just walking across the landing to the spare room and noticed Amy’s door slightly ajar, with a lamp on inside. I peered through the crack in the door and noticed Amy lying on her front on the bed. She had a pair of blue boy shorts on that were hugging her round ass tightly, and it looked like she’d fallen asleep with the light on. I thought I should go and just switch the light off so she could sleep a bit better, so I slowly pushed the door open and went inside. She was completely naked apart from her shorts and a pair of fluffy white socks, and I could hear her steady breathing while she slumbered.

My dick started to twitch as I was taking in her lucious little body, I could see the side of her boob being squeezed in between her and the bed, and as I reached over to turn the light off a dark thought entered my mind. I could just touch her for a second to feel how soft she was, turn the light off, and retreat to the spare room and rub one out. Even better, I thought, I’ll take a few pics on my phone, and relieve myself using those. What should I take a picture of? I really liked her sweet ass, I’d love to imagine myself behind her, so I thought I’d start there. I approached the foot of the bed and looked over her body. She had nice thick thighs and it looked like she shaved her legs, the lightly tanned skin carried all the way up to the crease where her ass cheeks started. Her little boy shorts hugged her ass closely and the material went in between her cheeks a little so I could see the whole shape of her ass.

By :JamieJohnson98

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