A Night of Passion With My Best Friend’s Little Sister

My name’s Jack, at the time I was 27 years old, slim, muscular build and jet black hair, and I’d recently moved back to my rural hometown following a difficult situation in the city where I’d been working for 5 years prior. My closest friend, Charlie, purely by coincidence had moved back to the countryside at around a similar time. We’ve known each other for years, since we were both 9, and he was about to start a post-grad course at university and was spending some time with his family before he left again. It was pretty ideal because most of our other friends had moved away and without Charlie I’d have had no one to hang out with.

I’d often stay at Charlie’s, his family were incredibly welcoming to me and we were quite close having known each other for so long. It wouldn’t be unusual for me to stay for there for a few days at a time. He was living with his mum and his only sibling, Amy. I’d known Amy since she was born, and she’d always been a pretty shy kid, but she’d recently turned 18 and I’d noticed her start to get much more talkative. I think she was starting to get more confident and comfortable with herself as she matured. Amy was a beautiful girl, about 5 ft 6, and very lightly tanned as her parents owned a holiday villa in Spain which they’d frequent throughout the year. She had long brown hair to the length of her waist and rounded but soft facial features. Her womanly features had filled out a lot since I last saw her a couple years ago, the subtle curves of her ass and breasts made me a bit flustered when I first saw her again. I don’t normally have sexual thoughts about girls so young, but there was something about Amy that caused a bulge to swell in my pants.

I was staying at Charlie’s for the weekend, we didn’t have too much of a plan, just hit up a few pubs and maybe watch some films at his. On the Friday evening we’d just finished watching something and it was about 1am.

‘Yeah so you’ve got the spare room again, it’s pretty sweet in there since you last stayed, mum paid for it to be completely re-done . There’s even a mini-fridge!’ Charlie laughed.

‘Sounds like a hotel’ I said with a grin on my face.

‘I think it’s just because she loves you. I’m gonna head up but let me know if you need anything’.

‘Cool, night man’.

Charlie and me got ready for bed and went upstairs, and I heard his door shut as I was brushing my teeth. I was just walking across the landing to the spare room and noticed Amy’s door slightly ajar, with a lamp on inside. I peered through the crack in the door and noticed Amy lying on her front on the bed. She had a pair of blue boy shorts on that were hugging her round ass tightly, and it looked like she’d fallen asleep with the light on. I thought I should go and just switch the light off so she could sleep a bit better, so I slowly pushed the door open and went inside. She was completely naked apart from her shorts and a pair of fluffy white socks, and I could hear her steady breathing while she slumbered.

My dick started to twitch as I was taking in her lucious little body, I could see the side of her boob being squeezed in between her and the bed, and as I reached over to turn the light off a dark thought entered my mind. I could just touch her for a second to feel how soft she was, turn the light off, and retreat to the spare room and rub one out. Even better, I thought, I’ll take a few pics on my phone, and relieve myself using those. What should I take a picture of? I really liked her sweet ass, I’d love to imagine myself behind her, so I thought I’d start there. I approached the foot of the bed and looked over her body. She had nice thick thighs and it looked like she shaved her legs, the lightly tanned skin carried all the way up to the crease where her ass cheeks started. Her little boy shorts hugged her ass closely and the material went in between her cheeks a little so I could see the whole shape of her ass.

I was feeling risky, and I thought if I could snap a picture of her behind with her shorts pulled down, I wouldn’t need any more, that would give me wank material for weeks. I moved my hand and lightly grazed her thigh, she didn’t show any signs of waking. I placed my hand fully on it, feeling her warm soft skin. My dick was rock hard by this point and I really wanted to see what was under her shorts, so I moved my hand up her leg and cupped one of her ass cheeks. It felt gorgeous in my hand, like a little pillow, I almost wanted to lay my head down and fall asleep on it. Slowly, I moved my hand up to the waistband of her shorts, and started to pull the waist down, peeling the material back from her ass. She shifted slightly, and my heart stopped for a second, but she continued to sleep peacefully, and after building my courage back up I kept going. I was pulling her snug shorts down over her ass and I just started to see the crack appear. I was so turned on now that I could feel precum dripping down my shaft and soaking into my underwear.

I pulled her shorts down even further and caught the first glimpse of her butthole. It was light brown around the outside and lightly pink in the middle, with a few very small light hairs. I’d never seen such an innocent butthole before and the sight blew my mind. It was small and tight looking, and I noticed her musky scent in the air coming from her exposed hole. I continued pulling her shorts down and the bottom of her pussy lips came into view. They were plump, and I noticed goosebumps forming as the cool air came in contact with her lips. Just a little bit further to go I thought, as I tugged further on her shorts. Gradually, I slipped her shorts down even further to expose the rest of her pussy. She had thick-ish lips, and her pink slit was quite neat looking, although not totally symmetrical. I noticed she had some pussy hair just above her clit, she clearly hadn’t started shaving it yet, it was light brown and quite sparse, and was a huge turn-on for me at the time.

Her girlish musk grew even stronger now that her ass and pussy were both completely exposed, and my heart was pounding by this point by the situation. Her shorts were now down to her mid-thigh, with everything exposed. This was probably the most enticing sight I’d seen in my life, this cute teen, with her little tight butthole and delicate pussy in full view. I’ll cum so hard over this, I thought. I took my phone out and lined it up with her holes to get the perfect picture. I pressed to take the picture, and shit, I left the flash on and hadn’t put it on silent! The flash burst and lit up the whole room, and my phone made a loud snapshot noise.

‘Hmmm, huh?’ Holy shit, she was awake, I’d really fucked it now.

‘J-Jack? What are you doing? Why am I naked? Are you taking pictures of me?’

‘I-no I was, I didn’t mean to…’ I was fumbling my words, I didn’t even know what I was trying to say, how could I explain this?

‘Show me’, she said.


‘Show me the picture you just took!’.

This was incredibly embarrassing, I went into my gallery and opened the picture, and there she was. Lit up by the flash, butthole and pussy in full view, pictured in perfect detail. Even though I was fearing for my future at this point, my dick was still rock hard, and I was pretty upset deep down that I’d be losing this amazing picture.

‘What do you think?’ Amy said,

‘What do I… sorry, what?’ I was getting more confused by what was happening.

‘Well, is it what you wanted?’ She didn’t seem angry, weirdly. She actually seemed like she was trying to tease me a bit.

‘I mean, I’ll be honest, it is turning me on right now’.

‘Yeah? What’s your favourite bit?’ Amy said, she was biting her finger, and giving me a sensual look in her eyes.

‘You can tell me, I’m interested to find out what made you sneak into my room, pull my shorts down, and take a picture of me. I think it’s the least you can do after perving on me’. She was smiling a little bit now, and my fear started to fade.

‘Well, I really like your butt, it’s nice and round, and your asshole looks beautiful’.

‘Hehe, wow ok. Tell me more, what do you like about it?’

‘I love the tiny little hairs, and how gentle it looks’. I sounded like an idiot now but I was speaking entirely with my dick.

‘Damn, I never knew you were this dirty, Jack’. She said, softly.

‘Close the door’, Amy said.

I couldn’t believe I was getting away with this, I walked over and shut her door to, she hadn’t even pulled her shorts up, they were still half-way down her thighs. She was looking me right in the eye while her behind was still on full display.

‘Do you want a closer look?’

‘Come on, get down here, I won’t bite’.

I was trembling with how horny I was, and got down on my knees, I moved my face close to her ass, taking in her girlish musk once again.

‘If you could do anything right now, what would you do?’ She playfully asked me,

‘I… I want to taste it, it looks so delicious’.

She flipped her hair to the side non-chalantly, and said,

‘Well, I’m going to lie here, and whatever you decide to do, I won’t tell. You can get up and leave, or you can stay her for a bit with me, I don’t mind.’

‘Touch me’.

Well that was it, that was consent as far as I was concerned. I moved my face closer to her ass, until I was about an inch away from her hole. I stuck my tongue out and pushed it onto her asshole. There was a slight tang, and I could feel the texture of her ridges. My dick was begging to get out of my pants.

‘Ohh, mmmmm’. She cooed gently,

I moved my tongue in circles around her asshole, coating her rim with saliva, savouring her taste, the sweet taste of my friend’s little sister. I pulled back, and started swilling up some spit in my mouth. Once I had a good amount ready, I spat a large glob of saliva right on her waiting hole. She giggled and let out a long satisfied sigh.

‘Mind if I take another picture?’ I asked,

‘Like I said Jack, do whatever you want to do, I won’t stop you’.

I took my phone out and snapped another picture, this time her little asshole covered in spit, there was so much it had started dripping down over her pussy lips. It was glistening on the flash and there were bubbles forming around her tasty hole. I put my phone back in my pocket and plunged my tongue back in. This time, I wasn’t holding back, I plunged my tongue deep into her ass and started ravashing her. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide, causing her asshole and pussy to open slightly. This allowed my tongue to enter inside her ass even further, and my nose was jammed deep into the crack above her hole. Amy gasped as my tongue entered fully up into her. The taste became more pronounced and I was fully entranced by her girlish scent. My hands were rubbing, squeezing, and spreading her ass cheeks as I continued to spit on and tongue her hole. It was extremely wet by this point, and I was making a real mess of her innocent rear, but I was loving every second. Slurping, sucking, kissing and licking that little pink butthole.

‘This is the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen, Amy’.

‘Hehe, thanks. You seem like you’re enjoying yourself’ She looked over her shoulder and winked at me. Holy fuck, I thought, my dick might just explode right here.

I ate her ass for quite some time, about 20 minutes, her breathing got faster, and I cleaned her out real good. I became accustomed to her ass, but I knew I wanted more.

‘Can you turn over?’ I asked,

Amy flipped onto her back, and spread her legs for me in the soft light of her lamp. I took a moment to take in what I was seeing. She had smooth, supple legs, bent at the knee, and her thighs were thick and hairless. She had subtle curves to her waist, and a cute little belly button in the centre of her flat stomach. Above, she had small and tight tits, slightly bulging. She probably had some growth left in them, but for now, and for me, they were perfect. Her small pink nipples were sticking out, and had clearly hardened after the intimate tonguing I’d been giving her. Amy’s shoulders and neck were perfectly smooth, and even her arms seemed perfectly proportioned to the rest of her. Her face was flushed, and pink in the cheeks. She was hot, and very slightly sweating. Her mouth was slightly parted, and I could see a longing, sensual look in her eyes as she lay there presenting herself to me.

‘Is this okay?’ She said,

‘It’s perfect.’

I still had the residual taste of her asshole in my mouth, slightly tangy, a hint of sweat, and her enticing musk on my breath. I wanted to explore her further, so I lowered my face down to her pussy, and began to kiss the insides of her thighs. When I’ve been with girls before, I found it drives them wild to tease around the thighs first, to tease them into what’s going to happen next. I kissed and licked her thighs, sucking on her warm skin. I nibbled and bit, and left some bite marks close to her pussy. Amy continued to moan softly, and her pussy lips had parted since I’d started my exploration of her body. I could see drops of girl cum dripping down from her hole, over her freshly licked asshole, and running down the back of her ass cheeks. She gripped the back of her legs and spread herself further for me, a natural reaction to the pleasure I was giving her. I paused.

‘Jack, don’t stop, that feels so nice’, she purred as I pulled back for a moment.

I wasn’t about to stop there, I moved back in front of her pussy and stuck my tongue right into her dripping pussy hole, I caught a load of her girl cum and dragged my tongue up her slit and over her swelling clit. This tasted different, a bit more tangy, but less of a musk and more fresh. She tasted sweeter than any other girl I’d been with. I gladly took her wetness into my mouth and swallowed some. I put my fingers onto her outer lips and spread her pussy, it parted for me, with sticky residue forming strands of pre-cum in her little hole.

‘I don’t want to hurt you, is this your first time?’ I asked,

Shyly, she said, ‘I’ve never had sex, but I have used a dildo, I broke myself in long ago. As long as you’re gentle, I’ll be okay.’

I stuck my tongue back inside her hole, licking up and down her slit, I dove into her clit and started rubbing it up and down with my tongue. Amy really started responding to this and moaned quite loudly. I heard her gasp and she covered her mouth with her hand to stop the rest of her family hearing the despicable acts we were getting up to. My tongue was moving rhythmically around her swollen clit, rubbing it up and down, moving around the outside and I sucked it into my mouth. She was truly delicious, and before long my entire mouth and chin was coated in her silky precum. My nose was buried deep into her sparse pubic hair while I licked and gnawed at her little pink pussy. I withdrew from her and moved further up to look at her.

‘We can’t tell anyone about this’ She moaned,

‘You could get in serious trouble’.

‘I want you so badly Amy, I’m willing to risk anything for you at this point’ I said. She smiled.

‘Well, you best take your clothes off then’ She said,

Amy helped to pull my shirt and trousers off, and together, we slipped my boxers down, unleashing my rock hard cock. Pre-cum was leaking out the tip, and running all the way down the shaft, and the head of my dick was so swollen, I don’t think I’d ever seen it this size. I looked deep into her dark brown eyes, and I couldn’t resist any longer her slightly parted mouth. Her lips looked so luscious, and I moved in and planted my mouth straight onto hers.

Our tongues intertwined, saliva moving around inside our mouths, and I felt the rough texture of her little tongue pressing against mine. We nibbled each others lips while I explored her body with my hands.

‘Mmmm, what’s that taste? It tastes funny’ She said,

‘That’s your asshole baby, that’s your scent’, I said.

‘I’ve never tasted anything like it, but it’s turning me on so much’ Amy purred.

I gripped her waist and reached around to her soft ass, squeezing it, and playing with her cheeks. My finger found its way back to her asshole, which was still wet from earlier. Amy moaned into my shoulder while I rubbed her soft curves, with my tongue deep in her mouth. I was feeling bold, so I withdrew,

‘I’m going to put my dick in your mouth now, and you’re going to suck it for me’. She didn’t protest, and willingly opened her mouth to accept my rock hard cock.

I pushed my dick inside her mouth, and she moaned gently, enveloping the head of my dick with her soft lips. She stuck her tongue under my foreskin and moved it around the edges of my head, stimulating me, and licking up all the precum that had gathered there. I moved my dick further into her mouth until she’d taken the head and most of my shaft, I could feel the head of my dick resting on her tonsils. My foreskin was fully pulled back now and she swilled her tongue around my cock, sucking it, and enjoying the precum leaking out of me.

‘You look so beautiful’, I said, as I started to move my dick in and out of her little mouth, filling her with my passion. I fucked her mouth for about 10 mins, holding her hair back like a ponytail, desecrating her youth, and feeling her tongue on the underside of my balls. She licked my balls ravenously, and coated them in her spit as she took my dick deep into her throat. I was getting really horny now,

‘Who’s a little slut?’

‘Me baby’

‘How does this dick feel in your little teenage mouth?’

‘It feels so good baby, I want it all’, she was playing along nicely as I slowly fucked her face. Her muffled moans sounded around her room, and I was praying no one could hear me violating her innocent body this late at night. I thought this was enough foreplay, I had to feel her. I pulled my dick out of her mouth, a long strand of spit still sticking to my dick broke off, and I lowered my swollen, wet dick, down to her dripping entrance. I don’t think she could have been more turned on than this, her pussy lips had swollen, and her slit was bright pink, throbbing, and begging for a deep fuck. I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her wetness, she moaned some more, and both our precum mixed together, coating her pussy and my shaft.

‘I want to pound this little pussy more than anything else in the world right now’, I said, and then planted a wet kiss right on her cheek. She simply moaned, and buried her face into my shoulder. I moved my dick down to her waiting hole, and started to slowly ease it inside. We were both so wet, it slipped inside easily, and her tightness enveloped my dick. She gasped sharply, and dug her nails into my back. Her legs wrapped around my ass as I eased my dick deeper inside her sweet teenage pussy. Finally, I hit the hilt, and my balls rested snugly on her asscheeks, my swollen hard dick fully inside of her. I paused at this point, balls deep, and moved my hand up to her neck. I gripped her soft neck and stuck my tongue deep into her mouth again. I was in pure ecstasy, and I had no concerns other than making this teen mine. We tongued each other gently for a while, before I pulled my dick out to the head, and pushed it all the way back into her. Amy moaned into my mouth, and the warm, wet, tunnel of her pussy was like heaven to my erect dick.

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