A Mother in Training

Emma Jones realized that she was a submissive when she became a mother. From almost the time her daughter first began to speak, her love for her girl was so strong, she felt almost compelled to obey her every wish. She wasn’t a total pushover, as she often knew where to draw the line. But sometimes she surprised herself with the requests she found she couldn’t refuse.

As time went by, her daughter grew bigger and even more beautiful. And more and more, Emma came to realize what the force was behind her submissiveness. She was in love with her daughter. And she was now having fantasies about becoming her 11 year old girl’s sex slave.

One afternoon, 34 year old Emma asked her daughter, Elizabeth to tidy up her room. ‘Lizzie’ though, was in petulant rebellious mood and ended up sitting on her bed, doing her nails instead. Wearing nothing but a pink t-shirt with ‘Princess’ emblazoned on it, and a pair of panties, Lizzie felt every bit the pampered royal personage. Daddy doted on her, and she was beginning to realize the erotic sway she held over her admirers.

After a while Emma went back to check on Lizzie’s progress and asked her why she hadn’t even begun to tidy up her room. “Why don’t you do it yourself, since you want it done so badly?!” the girl haughtily retorted, and blew her fingernails dry.

Emma was stunned by her 11 year old girl’s brazen defiance. Yet her submissive nature was aroused by being bossed by her increasingly assertive daughter. Her piercing brown eyes, sly grin, along with her smooth shapely legs added to her allure. Not to mention those recently sprouted puffy little buds peeking through that ‘Princess’ t-shirt of hers. Mom’s knees begin to tremble as she sensed that warm tingly sensation between her thighs.

“OK Princess!” Emma replied, momentarily regaining her composure. She began tidying things up a bit while Lizzie sat, blowing her nails dry. ‘Now it’s time for my toes,’ the young girl thought to herself.

“Hand me the nail file Mom,” Lizzie assertively commanded. Emma was amazed at how brazenly her daughter was asserting herself over her. She reached over to Lizzie’s dresser, grabbed the nail file, but hesitated before handing it to Lizzie.

‘Dare I?’ Emma thought to herself as she stood before her daughter, transfixed by her lovely feet and toes……

“Please, let me do that!” Mom implored and knelt before her Princess, taking her feet in hand.

“Sure Mom, whatever turns you on!” Lizzie cooed with a smiling sneer. She’d suspected her Mom’s attraction to the fair sex for some time now. And now the 11 year old budding young sex bomb lounged seductively, with her mom pedicuring the toes of her right foot. Lizzie let out a sigh of satisfaction, rested her left foot on her mom’s shoulder, and caressed her cheek and hair.

‘This is the moment I’ve been waiting for’ Emma thought to herself, and gazed longingly into her daughter’s eyes.

‘Hmm…I’ve got Mom right where I want her,’ the precocious 11 year old nymphet mused as she hungrily licked her lips……

Emma did her best to keep her hands from trembling as she nervously smoothed her daughter’s toenails with the nail file. She was becoming increasingly aroused at the sight and touch of her now domineering little Princess’s soft lovely feet & toes. She wanted to kiss them and put her toes in her mouth and lovingly suck them like a baby. She wanted to surrender herself to her daughter, and be utterly possessed by her.

She finished pedicuring the right foot, and let out a sigh as Princess put her toes to her lips. Mom pursed her lips to kiss them, but her daughter moved her foot away and gave her a soft tap on the cheek.

By : rboy

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