A Mother in Training

Emma Jones realized that she was a submissive when she became a mother. From almost the time her daughter first began to speak, her love for her girl was so strong, she felt almost compelled to obey her every wish. She wasn’t a total pushover, as she often knew where to draw the line. But sometimes she surprised herself with the requests she found she couldn’t refuse.

As time went by, her daughter grew bigger and even more beautiful. And more and more, Emma came to realize what the force was behind her submissiveness. She was in love with her daughter. And she was now having fantasies about becoming her 11 year old girl’s sex slave.

One afternoon, 34 year old Emma asked her daughter, Elizabeth to tidy up her room. ‘Lizzie’ though, was in petulant rebellious mood and ended up sitting on her bed, doing her nails instead. Wearing nothing but a pink t-shirt with ‘Princess’ emblazoned on it, and a pair of panties, Lizzie felt every bit the pampered royal personage. Daddy doted on her, and she was beginning to realize the erotic sway she held over her admirers.

After a while Emma went back to check on Lizzie’s progress and asked her why she hadn’t even begun to tidy up her room. “Why don’t you do it yourself, since you want it done so badly?!” the girl haughtily retorted, and blew her fingernails dry.

Emma was stunned by her 11 year old girl’s brazen defiance. Yet her submissive nature was aroused by being bossed by her increasingly assertive daughter. Her piercing brown eyes, sly grin, along with her smooth shapely legs added to her allure. Not to mention those recently sprouted puffy little buds peeking through that ‘Princess’ t-shirt of hers. Mom’s knees begin to tremble as she sensed that warm tingly sensation between her thighs.

“OK Princess!” Emma replied, momentarily regaining her composure. She began tidying things up a bit while Lizzie sat, blowing her nails dry. ‘Now it’s time for my toes,’ the young girl thought to herself.

“Hand me the nail file Mom,” Lizzie assertively commanded. Emma was amazed at how brazenly her daughter was asserting herself over her. She reached over to Lizzie’s dresser, grabbed the nail file, but hesitated before handing it to Lizzie.

‘Dare I?’ Emma thought to herself as she stood before her daughter, transfixed by her lovely feet and toes……

“Please, let me do that!” Mom implored and knelt before her Princess, taking her feet in hand.

“Sure Mom, whatever turns you on!” Lizzie cooed with a smiling sneer. She’d suspected her Mom’s attraction to the fair sex for some time now. And now the 11 year old budding young sex bomb lounged seductively, with her mom pedicuring the toes of her right foot. Lizzie let out a sigh of satisfaction, rested her left foot on her mom’s shoulder, and caressed her cheek and hair.

‘This is the moment I’ve been waiting for’ Emma thought to herself, and gazed longingly into her daughter’s eyes.

‘Hmm…I’ve got Mom right where I want her,’ the precocious 11 year old nymphet mused as she hungrily licked her lips……

Emma did her best to keep her hands from trembling as she nervously smoothed her daughter’s toenails with the nail file. She was becoming increasingly aroused at the sight and touch of her now domineering little Princess’s soft lovely feet & toes. She wanted to kiss them and put her toes in her mouth and lovingly suck them like a baby. She wanted to surrender herself to her daughter, and be utterly possessed by her.

She finished pedicuring the right foot, and let out a sigh as Princess put her toes to her lips. Mom pursed her lips to kiss them, but her daughter moved her foot away and gave her a soft tap on the cheek.

“Not yet!” Princess teased, “first you have to do the other one!”

Princess then put her right foot on Mom’s shoulder, and pointed her left toes in her face. Mom then took her daughter’s delicately arched foot in hand and gently caressed it before beginning the pedicure.

As Mom attended to her toes, Princess grew ever more excited at her Mom’s increasing submissiveness. Not the mention the delicious feel of her loving foot caresses. She reached down and lifted up her tee shirt and placed her hand in her now dew damp panties. She ran her middle finger slowly along her moist slit, and parted her petals with her index and ring fingers. Her Mom let out a gasp at the sight of her daughter pleasuring herself, and looked longingly into her eyes.

“You like doing this, don’t you Mommy?” Princess teased as Mom put the finishing touches to her little toe. “You like playing with my pretty feet!” she continued before her Mom could reply. “You want to kiss my feet and be my lover girl, don’t you Mommy?” she said as Mom set the nail file aside and began gently rubbing her daughter’s foot.

“Yes dear!” Mom answered, barely able to get the words out of her mouth.

“You like watching me play with my little pussy ‘cuz you’re a lezzie and want to make love to sexy little girls like me, don’t you Mommy? You want to be my love slave and worship my sexy feet and kiss my hot little girl pussy and make me cum all over you, don’t you Mommy? Well Mommy, don’t you?” Princess demanded with a wicked triumphant smile on her face.

“Oh yes, yes, yes!” Mom answered her delightfully dominating daughter. “Yes my Love, I’m a lesbian and I want to be your lover and please you and worship you, and kiss your little pussy and make you cum all over me and let you do whatever you want with me! Please, please, please let me worship you my dear sweet precious Princess Angel!”

These words of sweet surrender were music to the ears of Mommy’s Little Princess as she presented her freshly pedicured feet for worship.

“Very well then, you may worship my feet now, but only if you promise to be a good Mommy and do whatever I say, is that understood?”

“Oh yes my Princess, I promise to be good and do whatever you say! Please, please let me be your love slave and let me worship you and serve you and please you! Oh I love you so much!” Mom pleaded with tears welling up in her eyes.

“Very good Mommy!” Princess smiled approvingly at her Mom’s words of surrender and devotion. “You may now worship my feet!”

And with that, Princess placed her feet before her Mom, and reveled in her triumph as Mom began kissing her feet with loving slavish devotion. And as Mom’s sweet tender kisses turned into a ravenous feast of heels, toes and soles, Princess returned to pleasuring herself……

Princess ran her finger along her moist slit while Mom greedily sucked on her toes. “That’s a good Mommy!” she coaxed her love slave along as she rubbed her clit to orgasm. “I bet you wanna taste my hot wet little pussy, don’t you?” Princess teased as she caught her breath.

“Oh yes my Princess, please let me kiss you there!” her Mom pleaded.

“Very well then” Princess answered and removed her feet from Mom’s mouth and stood up over her. “Now put your hands behind your head and pull down my panties” Princess instructed.

Mom then began pulling down her 11 year old daughter’s panties down with her teeth, taking in the sweet musty scent of her sex. Her nose brushed up against her lips which were smooth, save for a few newly sprouted silken hairs. Mom was trembling with desire as her daughter’s moist pre-teen pussy stood inches away from her.

“You wanna taste my pussy, don’t you Mommy?” Princess chirped. “You wanna be my pussy licking slave girl, don’t you?” she continued.

“Oh yes, Princess!” Mom replied, looking up at her young mistress. “I’m your lezzie slave girl, and I’ll do anything to lick your sweet little pussy and make you cum all over me!”

With her panties down to her knees, Princess looked down at her Mom who sat kneeling before her with pleading puppy-Rocky eyes. “OK then, you can lick my pussy, but first you have to be a good little Mommy slave and kiss my ass!” And with those words, Princess turned around and stuck her round butt cheeks up to her Mom’s face. Mom then began planting her daughter’s cheeks with loving devotional kisses.

“Good girl!” Princess cooed with approval at her Mom’s slavish devotion. “Kiss my ass, and tell me how much you like being my lezzie slave girl!” she continued.

“Oh yes Princess, I want to be your love slave more than anything!” Mom answered, and took hold of her daughter’s butt cheeks, spreading them apart. With her daughter’s asshole staring her right in the face, Mom received her next command…

“Lick it!”

With Mom’s tongue circling her asshole, Princess began fingering herself to another building climax. “That’s a good girl Mommy, lick my asshole like a good little obedient slave!” Princess coaxed her Mom along as she felt herself getting closer to the edge. Then her Mom buried her face in between her daughter’s cheeks, and licked her slit from behind. As her daughter leaned over the bed, Mom stuck her tongue between her lips and found it’s way to her love button.

“Oh yes Mommy…good girl…lick my pussy…suck it…oh yes…that’s it… oh yes…that’s a good Mommy slave…lick it good…make me cum…YES!

Mom lapped away at the sweet nectar of her daughter’s sex as Princess shuddered in orgasmic ecstasy. As her climax subsided somewhat, she turned around and faced her kneeling Mom and grabbed hold of her hair. Princess then ground herself in her Mom’s face, covering it with her love juice as she climaxed yet again.

“Good girl!” Princess cooed, as her last set of orgasms died down. “Now it’s your turn to cum for your Princess, since you were such a good devoted little lezzie slave girl!” she continued, and then ordered her Mom to stand up and strip naked. She then had her Mom go over to her desk and lean over to receive the first of many rewards…..

Princess had her Mom hold onto the back of the chair in front of her desk and look at herself in the mirror above it.

“Now stick your ass out and spread those legs!” Princess commanded.

“Yes Princess” her Mom replied as she arched and did as she was told. Her daughter then stood behind her and began rubbing her Mom’s soft yet still firm round bottom. At the age of 34, Mom still had a hot body with a pair of firm round 34-D breasts, whose nipples were now perking up with arousal.

“Mmm…nice ass, Mom!” Princess exclaimed as she gave her twin cheeks a good hard squeeze.

“Thank you Princess” Mom answered as she began to moisten at her daughter’s touch.

“Yes, and your ass is all mine, isn’t it Mommy dear?” Princess continued and gave her Mom a good hard smack on the rump.

“Yes Princess, my ass belongs to you” Mom sighed, as she felt herself going weak in the knees. The more her daughter took control, the more Mom’s arousal grew.

“That’s right Mommy, your ass is mine, and I’m the boss now, got it?” Princess proclaimed and emphasized her authority with a good spanking. “I’m your darling Princess Angel and you’ll do whatever I say, wont you Mommy dear?” the 11 year old girl continued, turning her Mom’s cheeks a bright rosy pink hue.

“Oh yes my Princess Angel, I’m your slave and I’ll do whatever you want to please you!” Mom answered with a tone of complete surrender in her voice. Her hot wet pussy was fairly begging to be touched as Mom gave herself over to her daughter’s possession.

Princess sensed her Mom’s arousal at being so dominated and possessed by her. She noticed her erect nipples as the musky scent of their sexes intermingled and filled the room. She reached around and cupped her Mom’s full breasts in her hands.

“You love being my slave don’t you?” she teased and began pinching her Mom’s pert nipples. “You’re all hot and horny from worshiping my feet, kissing my ass and licking my hot little girl pussy aren’t you? Your pussy is getting all hot and wet from getting your ass spanked and nips pinched, isn’t it Mommy?” Princess whispered in her Mom’s ear. Mom could only let out a sigh and moan while nodding yes.

“Now show me how much you love me & love being my obedient slave!” Princess whispered and ran her tongue along her Mom’s ear. “Play with that hot wet pussy of yours and cum for me Mommy!” she commanded. And with that, Mom put her hand between her quivering thighs and began fingering her dew damp slit.

“That’s it Mommy, fuck yourself and show me how much you love me… that’s it…good girl!” Princess encouraged her mom.

As Princess exhorted her on, Mom furiously rubbed her throbbing clit. And as her Mom neared the point of climax, Princess grabbed a firm hold of her Mom’s hips, and began grinding her own smooth wet slit along her butt cheeks.

“That’s it Mommy…cum for your little girl…cum for your Princess…cum for me Mommy…that’s it…good girl!”

Mom exploded in a series of earth shattering orgasms, as her daughter’s hand joined hers between her quivering thighs. It was all Princess could do to hold onto her Mom to keep her from collapsing on the floor.

Never before had Mom felt such an intense feeling of sheer pleasure. She felt a sense of inner peace and contentment at having surrendered herself so utterly to her daughter. As the aftershocks of her orgasms coursed through her body, Mom knew that from now on, she would be her daughter’s devoted and loving supplicant. She would revel in her submission and servitude to her delightfully dominant daughter, as her Princess would delight in having her own Mother for her compliant and dutiful love slave.

As Mom stood weak-kneed and catching her breath, her daughter turned her around to face her. She put one hand to her Mom’s face & the other between her legs.

“Did you like cumming for your little girl Mommy?” she asked while gently stroking Mom’s face and running her fingers through her damp pubes.

“Oh yes my darling Princess baby, I loved it!” Mom sighed.

“I can tell!” Princess smiled as she brought her hand from between her Mom’s thighs and licked her love nectar from her middle finger.

“Mmm…you taste yummy Mom…here, have a taste!” Princess stuck her finger in her Mom’s eagerly waiting mouth. Mom lovingly sucked on her daughter’s finger and savored her own juices, as Princess slowly thrust her fingers in and out of her mouth.

“That’s it Mommy, suck on it like a cock! Only your cock-sucking days are over now that you belong to me! You’re my pussy-eating lezzie slave girl now and are strictly for girls only, right Mommy?” Princess said and took her finger from her Mom’s lips. She then grabbed hold of Mom’s hair and pulled her face up to hers. “Right Mommy?” she repeated.

“Oh yes my Princess!” Mom sighed as she looked longingly into her little girl’s eyes, “I belong to you and you alone!”

Princess smiled and reveled in her conquest. “Good girl! That’s what your Princess likes to hear!”

Princess took her Mom’s face in hand and kissed her full on the lips. Mom felt herself weaken again as their lips locked tightly and tongues danced in each others mouths.

“Oh my baby, I love you so much” Mom sighed as they unlocked lips. “I love you more than anything and I’ll do anything to please you. I’ll be your devoted slave and promise to obey you in all things, and let you do whatever you want with me!”

“That’s right Mommy!” Princess cooed. “You’ll do anything I want and will obey me in all things. Now down on your knees, and thank me for letting you be my slave!” she ordered and coaxed her Mom down to her feet.

“Thank you Princess, oh thank you, thank you, thank you!” Mom repeated as she knelt before her daughter and lovingly kissed her feet.

“That’s enough now!” Princess ordered. As her Mom looked up at her from her knees, Princess had something else in mind for her supplicant.

“We’re going to have to do something about that furry bush of yours” Princess mused. “You do want to be a good little girl, don’t you Mommy?” she teased while running her hand along her smooth slit.

“Oh yes!” Mom replied, sensing what her daughter had in mind.

“Very good, now follow me” Princess instructed. But as Mom began to get up, Princess motioned her to stay down on her knees, and had her follow her to the bathroom on all fours. Once in the bathroom, Princess had her mom sit on the edge of the bathtub and run some hot bath water.

With Mom looking at her in nervous anticipation, Princess reached into the medicine cabinet and handed her a pair of tiny scissors. “You know what to do!” Princess said with a grin. And as mom began trimming the moist hair from between her legs, Princess got out a jar of shaving gel and a Lady Gillette razor. Mom’s transformation to her eleven year old daughter’s devoted little girl would soon be complete……

Mom nervously snipped away at her furry bush, getting as close as she could with her trembling hands. When she had finished to her daughter’s satisfaction, she spread her legs and waited. Princess approached her with shaving gel and razor in hand and knelt before her. The bathtub had filled up with hot water, and Mom turned off the faucet.

“You want to be my little girl don’t you?” Princess asked as she dipped her hand into the bath.

“Yes Princess” her Mom answered, her voice trembling with nervous and eager anticipation.

“You want to have a nice smooth little girl pussy for your little Princess to play with, don’t you Mommy?” the young girl continued, and splashed water between her Mom’s legs.

“Oh yes my Princess, I want you to make me your little girl and play with my little girl pussy and make me cum for you!” Mom sighed as the hot water ran down along her already hot and wet waiting pussy.

Princess dipped her hand in the jar of shaving gel, and applied a healthy dollop to her Mom’s pubic mound. The young girl’s hand lingered on her Mom’s swollen outer lips, teasing them with her fingers. Mom let out a soft moan as her secretion of love nectar mingled with the gel. Now it was time to finish the transformation, as Princess dipped the razor into the hot bath water and began her work.

Mom let out a high pitched gasp as her daughter gently ran the razor along the v-shaped patch of stubble just above her lips. “Hold still now!” Princess ordered as Mom trembled almost uncontrollably. Mom did her best to keep still as she braced herself on the edge of the tub.

Princess then applied the razor to her Mom’s inner thighs. She’d save the best for last she thought and rinsed off the razor in the bath water. “Now open wide!” Princess coaxed as she prepared for the final touch. Mom spread her legs as wide as she could and waited for her daughter to apply the razor to her eagerly waiting outer lips.

Mom let out a cry of ecstasy as her 11 year old Princess slowly shaved the hair off her outer lips. The mild stinging sensation coupled with the feeling of being transformed back into a little girl nearly sent Mom over the top. Princess had to momentarily stop and let her Mom’s trembling subside before returning to the task at hand. “Hold still now!” Princess commanded with a girlish giggle and pinched her Mom’s thighs, sending her Mom even closer over the edge.

Princess managed to finish the job, and rinsed off her Mom’s now bare hairless pussy. “Sweet!” Princess chirped as she admired her handiwork and ran her fingers along her Mom’s smooth outer lips. “You look just like a little girl, Mommy!” Princess complimented. “MY little girl!”

Princess then planted soft lingering kisses along her Mom’s smooth slit. “You’re my devoted little girl slave now, aren’t you Mommy?” Princess teased as she continued kissing her Mom’s quivering tulips.

“Oh yes…yes…yes my sweet baby!” Mom replied. “I’ll be a good little girl and do whatever you want to please you, I promise! Please make me cum for you my angel, please, please, please!” Mom continued to plead, as she sat quivering at the edge of orgasm.

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