A mother catches her daughter being dominated

atherine was finished doing the dishes. Her daughter
Sandy had just come home from the mall with her new
friend Linda and doing things in the bedroom. She
didn’t really approve of Linda much. She seem to be
part of a gang and had a bad attitude; always bossing
Sandy around. Sometimes she just wanted to slap that
kid. As she hung up the towels, she decided to go up
and see if the girls wanted some cookies. She walked up
the stairs and saw the door slightly ajar so she peeked
inside to make sure she didn’t interrupt something.

She saw Linda standing bend over with her arms on the
back of the bed. Her pants were down too her ankles in
back and she saw her daughter on her knees behind her
with her face in her ass. She was shocked at the sight
as she heard Linda tell her to do a better job or she
tell her mother she was her slave and whip her ass in
front of her.

Linda was pleading in back between the mounds as
Catherine watched on and listened to her daughter voice
in Linda’s ass. She knew she should walk in and tell
both of them off but her legs just wouldn’t move. She
had fantasies of this herself on many occasions and now
she was seeing it in right in front of her eyes and her
own daughter. Her own pussy was getting wet watching
wishing it was her down there behind her.

“Slut, bend over and prepare your ass for a whipping.”
Linda demanded.

Sandy got down on her face and knees with her ass
pointed towards the door as Catherine gasped at the
sight of her daughter ass. Linda bent down and started
slapping her ass globes as Sandy started counting the
spanks between ouches and thanking her. She watched her
ass turning pink as Linda ferociously slapped them
without regards to how much they hurt. Her ass was
moving from side to side as Catherine reached down and
started rubbing her own pussy watching them.

“Crawl around and bark slut. If you please me, I’ll let
you lick my pussy tonight.” Sandy commanded.

Sandy started crawling and barking with her rosy ass
wigging in back as Catherine started rubbing her pussy
harder. She was watching so hard she didn’t even notice
Linda who was now looking at the door. She immediately
stop and walked away as fast as she could hoping Linda
didn’t see her as she went back down the stairs in the
kitchen. Her own pussy was soaking wet as she got a cup
of coffee and sat at the table trying to maintain her
composure and the events she had witness. After a
couple of sips, she saw Linda at the kitchen door.

“Would you care for a cookie and coffee,” she offered,
trying not to show any emotion.

“Not really,” said Linda taking a seat at the table. “I
saw you playing with your pussy after I spanked your
daughter. She’s such a slut. Like her mother I

Catherine turned red at the words. How dare this girl
talk to her this way and especially about her daughter?
She was about to say something when Linda continued.

“And to think, her mother was playing with her pussy
the whole time she was being punished. That makes you
more a slut than her. I’m going to enjoy spanking your
ass.” She teased her smilingly.

Catherine was steaming but wet between her legs at her

“I suggest you go home right now young lady before I
call your mother and tell her what you were doing
here.” She managed to say.

“She already knows. Besides she likes to spank her too.
Now be a good little girl and stand up and remove your
clothing. It’s going to be a lot harder if I have to
get up and remove them myself.” Linda demanded.

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