A middle aged fat lady and her husband as she enjoys their canine

I am a 42 year old lady who has recently gotten into
the K9 scene. It had been a fantasy of mine for several
years but only lately that my husband, Tommy decided and
I decided I needed a Rocky for me. I am an overweight
person who loves sex just as well as the smaller
ladies. My 265 pound body needs to be loved and my fat
pussy needs to be fucked too, just like a slimmer
woman’s does. I have very big breasts and a plump pussy
that I keep well trimmed and groomed. I love sex! Anal,
oral, or anything in between.

One of my favorite ways of being fucked by Tommy was
when we would talk about me being fucked by a Rocky or
horsy. It turned me on and I would cum so hard as Tommy
would talk dirty to me while he fucked my fat pussy. I
love being talked to dirty as Tommy fucked me. Sometimes
if I felt like it, I would let him take my ass and give
me a good fucking back there. I loved being fucked! And
I loved to fantasize about me being fucked by a Rocky as
I masturbated.

After talking about us finding a Rocky for me to fuck, we
started our hunt. We looked around and finally found
one on a site we visit a lots, called beastdating.com.
The lady we emailed said she had exactly what I needed.
A big Rocky that loved to please her. We got in touch
with her and she told us he was well trained in
pleasing her and that she would sell him to us for
$500.00. Both Tommy and myself made arrangements to go
to her house the following day and for me to try him
out before buying him. We wanted to be sure we got what
I needed, a Rocky that would satisfy my pussy and my Rocky

We arrived at the lady’s home that morning and she
welcome us inside as she introduced herself as Marie.
She was not bashful about discussing her fucking the
Rocky and brought him into the living room where we sat.
She told us that his name was Butch and that he had
serviced several ladies in the past. She took his cock
into her hands and held it there for me to see. Then
she asked if we wanted him to demonstrate his

Tommy and I looked at each other as she made him sit
down between her legs as she lowered her panties and
spread her thighs for him. She was sitting on her sofa
as we saw her smooth shaven pussy as her fingers went
to it and opened her thick lips. I watched as Butch
lowered his head to her pussy and started to lick it in
long strokes with his tongue. Damn! It was making me so
hot to watch her as his long tongue lapped at her bare

“He loves to taste me,” she said, “But he really likes
this.” As she reached for his cock as I saw it sneak
from beneath its sheath. “Watch this, but be careful.
He will slide it to your ass if you don’t watch out.”

We saw her take his big red cock and start to stroke it
as it began to grow so long and hard. His cock was
larger than my husband’s! She had her fingers wrapped
around his slimy dick as he kept licking her pussy. My
own pussy was on fire as I watched in awe of his big
sized cock in her hand.

“Now, I will show you the best part. He likes me on my
hands and knees so he can fuck both of my holes
sometimes.” She said as she got onto the floor in front
of us. “He is very good at this, just remember he has a
huge knot when it gets good and hard. It can rip your
ass if you are not careful.”

I watched as he mounted her hips from behind, placing
his paws on the sides as she reached under her and took
his cock into her hand once again. His big red cock as
so slimy looking as she guided that Rockygie cock past
her up turned ass and into her slick pussy as we
watched. My pussy was dripping now as I saw that huge
red meat going in and out of her, my fingers dropping
to my cunt as I looked on. I could see the pleasure she
was getting from his cock as it slid into her bare

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