A mature gentleman picks up a carefree buxom hitchhiker

“What the fuck?” I thought to myself as I spied the woman hitchhiking at the side of the road. I’d never seen anybody hitchhiking in this spot on the edge of town. Geez, I hadn’t seen anybody hitchhiking on any of England’s roads for years now.

But this young woman definitely had my attention. I know all the things I’m gonna say now were burned into my brain in just a few seconds after spotting her; but with a woman like this, that first impression is something you never forget.

The first thing that entered my mind was how voluptuously buxom this young woman was. A woman with a lush curvy figure like this one was something that had inhabited my fantasies for years, and now here was one standing near the side of road on the edge of Huntingdon. I shook my head and blinked hard, not sure if my eyes were deceiving me. But when I opened my eyes, she was still there, her arm thrust out and her thumb pointed in the direction I was going. A shiver of excitement ran down my spine as my eyes hungrily roamed over her.

I’m gonna start at the ground and work my way up, much as my eyes did as they were drawn magnetically to her incredibly lush form. She wore a pair of strappy high-heeled sandals, with light-colored straps running over her painted toes with another slim strap around her ankles, sufficient to hold the sexy pair of shoes in place. Being around five and half feet tall, I could see that although she didn’t need the extra height by any means, those delicate sandals had what looked like a nice slim 4″ heel, the added lift making her legs look fantastic.

Speaking of her legs, she stood next to the road with her legs spread more than shoulder-width apart, her right arm extended for a ride while her left hand carried a big black duffel bag. I guess standing with her legs fairly far apart like this helped her to distribute the load from the duffel bag, but I didn’t care, looking at those spread legs had my cock twitching already. My eyes instinctively followed the narrowing inverted-V of her spread legs upwards, the gap between them getting smaller and smaller when all that was left was about an inch before those strong full alabaster columns disappeared beneath the hem of a faded denim miniskirt.

With her legs spread amply apart like this, the skirt was drawn taut across her full thighs, the soft-looking fabric seeming to strain against the pressure her body was putting it through. It caressed her upper thighs in a tight embrace before it too disappeared under the bottom of her sweater, the overlapping garments flowing enticingly over her wide womanly hips.

The brilliant yellow sweater hugged her ample body invitingly, molding itself to every lush curve and flowing contour. From the bottom up, it narrowed nicely as it formed to her full hourglass figure, her wide hips giving way to a sensually-indented waist. What really set her waist off was a wide brown leather belt, cinched tight over her sweater. The warm-looking leather band circling her waist looked incredibly erotic for some reason, seeming to hint at the pleasures this women’s tremendous body was capable of if that sexy belt was untethered.

My eyes continued upwards over the sexy wide belt, but not very far before the snug sweater almost overshadowed the belt, a truly spectacular pair of tits thrusting forward in a gorgeously voluptuous shelf. The yellow sweater was sleeveless with a deep V-neck that showed an incredibly deep dark line of cleavage. The outsides of the sweater’s V-neck flowed outwards as they rose to her shoulders, amply displaying a generous amount of soft-looking tit-flesh, the impressive swells threatening to spill over the plunging neckline of her top.

By :rmdexter

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